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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Craftivity Packet for Thanksgiving...Yep ..That's Right...I Said Thanksgiving!! and a Giveaway!!

Hey bloggy gals!!  It’s Sunday!! Another week has gone by quickly and it’s crazy how its almost August.  I have about a month left before school starts and I feel like this is usually the time when I start getting ready for back to school…..i start doing my rounds of shopping for bulletin board paper name tags, posters etc.  I have some things ive been doing for Monday Made It ..so im excited to put that up later on this week…now I want to explain myself before I show you my latest craftivity packet…. Have you ever had a bloggy vision for an amazing packet? And then all of a sudden you forget it and you think man I hope I remember it soon bc I remember it being good! LoL….. that’s my reasoning for this!!  I had a vision for this and thought oh my goodness I better do it quick bc I know that vision will disappear!!  So I got to work as crazy as that sounds…this is a thanksgiving packet! Yes …you heard me right ladies! A thanksgiving packet…. I figured I could post this up now and you can grab it and not worry about what to do during Thanksgiving….this packet has all you need to keep your kiddies busy during this month…. It has 3 craftivities as you will soon see….

There is a turkey ( which is my favorite)…hes so cute!! To make it more fun have the kiddies write what they are thankful for on each feather!!  Another is a boy pilgrim and then a girl pilgrim… this is a wrting assignment.  You can make the topic on your own… What are they thankful for ?  What does Thankgiving mean to them? What is their fav thing to eat?  The topics are endless!!  I wanted it to be special so I made a whole bunch of crafts to suit the kiddies…. You can use the worksheets for centers as well….i have a center that I like to do just for holidays…. This way it introduces the holiday to the kiddies in a different way if they are doing this crafts and worksheets on their own. 

**This packet includes**
3 crafts - w/directions
full/half page prompts black a nd white/ primary and secondary
handwriting worksheets
spelling worksheets
word search
drawing activities
listening quizzes (for social studies grade)
acrostic poem
adjectives worksheet
and more!!

you can grab one of these at my TpT Store ... don't forget if you grab one to let me know what you think =) 
On another note, i cant believe i already have 400 followers...I just started in May and it means so much to me that people read my page and actually care about my ideas and what i have to say ...so as a thank you ....if you follow these 5 little rules...i will do a number generator on Wednesday and the winner will get my Thanksgiving Packet!  The rules to enter this little giveaway is :
1. follow my blog (leave a comment)
2. follow my TpT and Pinterest (leave a comment)
3. add me to your blog roll (leave a comment)
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5. pin one of my items from my store (leave a comment letting me know which one)

Congrats Kelly B from Busy in Kindergarten i will be emailing you the Craftivity!!

You only have 3 days! I will announce the winner Wednesday at 11 pm! Ready ...Go Go Go! =)
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday gals...and now ...off to watch my reality shows!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Awesome Linky! Tell Me More!!!

Hey all !! I usually post on Wednesdays but I saw this awesome linky and I just had to join!!  It’s from Step Into 2nd Grade and its called Tell Me More! 

I think it’s a sweet idea for everyone to get to know each other a little better…. I mean we all know were dedicated teachers but what else is going on in our lives…so im excited to share my life with you guys

First off this is me!! Michelle...in this pic..im about to zipline in Mexico....so much fun!! I love this picture...bc i look so happy... you know how when you take a picture and it just looks different. than others.. thats how i feel about this one ... im just so happy ....its prolly bc of my fabulous tan!! lol read on to get to know me more!

1. This is my honey….this august will be 5 years with him and its been awesome.. we really always have so much fun together and are always laughing ..he always makes an effort to make me smile..esp when im mad and it always works!! lol .. I have a feeling he will be proposing soon…so ill keep you posted so you gals can help me plan!! =)

2.  This is my daddy… he really is such an important part of my life…I really think id be lost without him…he always supports me even when ive done the dumbest things…seriously…really dumb things.. lol  idk what id do without him which makes me truly believe hell be living until 120 !! =)

3.   This is me playing softball college… I was on scholarship which def is a great accomplishment for me…I had worked all my life to get a scholarship and when I did ...It was such a great feeling!!  My parents went to allll my games…even if they were away…I even remember my parents sometimes taking off of work to come to the early games… that’s dedication! Lol

4.  this is my dog Diesel….my god is he a pain in my butt….he really is like a person its crazy and actually annoying sometimes lol …  i was watching a movie the other day and he was being so hyper and I couldn’t play so I put him outside my room and what does he do? He peed right outside my door….so of course as soon as I walk out I walk all over it!! It’s like his way of saying “how dare you throw me out”…he does things like that all the time ahhh!! But other than that hes such a good dog and my god was he expensive to buy …he better be around forever !! lol

5. And last but def not least... these are my sisters!! (not biological) …even though we get that we all look alike constantly… it could probably be because we wear the same color and outfits all the time lol…we would call each other and be like what are you wearing tonight ? and if someone said im wearing a skirt..wed all be like...okay let me go change i was wearing something else ...lol ..weve been bff’s since grammar school…went to the same hs ( one pic is from us in our highschool) …we went to a catholic school and we joke around this picture all the time…of course my friend and I have to have pens and pencils in our pockets and a calculator in my hand…god what a nerd! meanwhile my one friend has her skirt super short …lmfao… as you can see we always do a theme for Halloween…one year gymnasts and another 3 Blind Mice…lol we were mimes this past year but I couldn’t find pics for that…. We really are so alike its hilarious lol love them!!

And that seems to be it for now….i really think we should do this again..itd be fun to see how everyone is doing!! You should def join this linky...its a great way to get to know your bloggy gals!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fun Weekend and My Latest Creation! =)

Hey gals!! Fun weekend???   My weekend was so much fun …..i spent the weekend with my best friends….i hadn’t done that in so long!! We are always so busy with work and our other half that it’s hard to spend time with one another…but im so glad we did! We had some drinks and talked about our silly ways…hehe…  How was your weekend?  I have a Christening today so I wanted to make sure I posted before I left… and by the way…what do you get a baby for their Christening? Im so clueless…can you just give money or is that …like tacky? Lol give me your thoughts bc im lost on this one!! 

I wanted to show you my newest creation! =)    I had been wanting to make this for a while and I’m glad I did It…. Have you ever had those smarty kids that finish their work wayyyyyy too early? I usually  have a few… I feel so bad bc there are times im not exactly prepared and I’ll tell them to read the story of the week or review the spelling words…. But this year I feel like im more prepared!  I made a packet of things to give the kids to do if they are done early… Each activity will take them some time to do.  It’s def not something they can finish within 15 min.  It’s such a good thing to have on hand for this early finishers..!  Grab one of these at my TpT Store .  It will be great for the first few weeks of school.  Take a looksie and let me know what you think.  

This packet includes :
- samples
-acrostic poem (1st-3rd grade)
-writing letters
-fact families
-greater than and less than
-making lists and sorting
- nouns
-identifying parts of story
-making numbers
Def grab one of these here at my TpT Store! They are entertaining for the kiddies and will keep them working on their Writing, Math and Reading skills.  They will enjoy working on these =) If you do grab one, I do ask that you let me know what you thought and give me some feedback! It’s always nice to hear from you guys. Also don't forget to check out my new Facebook Page!  I created it about a week ago and would love some Like's .  That way you gals can keep posted on my latest ideas and other's ideas.  I like to post about some great ideas from other teachers as well!
OKAY Gals!! If you leave me a comment, I will do number generator and the winner will get this packet for free!  You must enter by 12 am tonight.  You have some time…so go and comment =) Congrats to Courtney from 3rd Grade Sprinkles i emailed you the packet.....thanks to everyone for entering =) 

Now off to this Christening and them home tonight for some reality tv.  ( my secret addiction ) 
Also Stay tuned i have some holiday theme craftivities coming up soon.  Yes i know it's wayyyyyy early but i got a vision in my head and if i don't create it now, it'll disappear!! lol                                                  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Post Dedicated to My Bloggy Gals!

Hey lovely bloggers..how are ya?   I went to the beach yesterday and im so happyI finally got the tan I was looking for lolim nice and dark I made plans to also go again tomorrow because I mean who doesn’t like to crisp up In the sun? LoL I feel like summer is going by so quick and it’s so close to Disney I can’t wait!!
Today I wanted to dedicate a post to all my bloggy gals out there We all support one another and are always there to answer a question or help one another outso this post is for all of you girls!!  First I wanted to let you know about Mrs. I's Class. She’s doing an awesome giveaway for reaching 500 followers.. What a milestone!!  That’s awesomeThere’s some really great products being given away including my newest Johnny Appleseed Craftivity Packet  So make sure you go there to ENTER!! There’s great prizes.
                                    Click Here to Enter

I also want to give some shout outs to some of my bloggy gals who love to blog just as much as I docheck their pages out they have awesome ideas and really cute crafts and freebies you can take advantage of!!


                        Enter This Giveaway Before it Ends
Sweet Times in First

Teaching With Love and Laughter

                                                            A Cupcake for the Teacher!

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Johnny Appleseed Craftivity and a Special Thanks 2 a Bloggy Gal

Hey gals!! It’s my favorite day.. Sunday I enjoy Sundays because I get to watch my reality tv. Another addiction of mine aside from blogging. Lol  I hope everyone had a good weekend I had a wedding to go to and aside from that just hung outI’ve kinda been laying low this summer I didn’t get the summer school job so ive been trying to save my pennies lol aside from that im going to Disney in a month from todayyay.so im excited for that!!  If anyone has any suggestions for Disney let me know..i used to go almost every other year as a kid but don’t know whats new and whats for adultsso let me know if you have any suggestions

I wanted to wait until Septemeber to put this up, but I couldn’t wait  I just love this !! It’s a Johnny Appleseed Craftivity Packet Look at Johnny!! Isn’t he the cutest?  This packet has everything you need to keep your kids entertained during the month of September

This packet includes:

Craftivity Stencils/Directions

2 Quizzes

Fun Facts Sheet

Writing/primary/secondary/color and b&w

Letters to Johnny

Fun recipe

Picture Flash Cards



Word Search

Def grab one of these  at my TpT Store your kiddies will love it You can attach the basket to Johnny or you can make it a separate craft .there’s a writing activity on top of the hat and behind the basket..!!
I will be giving away a free Johnny Appleseed tonight! leave me a comment with your email and I will use the number generator to find the winner tonight at 12am!! Congrats to Michelle Cooper!! I will be sending you the packet..enjoy and thanks for entering =) 

Moving on, I wanted to give a Big Thanks to my bloggy gal Caitlin from Kindergarten Smiles..I was in a panic yesterday as my printer/scanner was acting up!! I kept thinking how am I going to scan Johnny!! LoL  Caitlin told me about the one she has and I immediately got it today!! I wasted no time huh?  Anywho I wanted to say thanks girl!! And check out the printer scanner!

it was a 5 min setup and its wireless its awesome im obsessed with it.. i bought it at Best Buy if you want to check it out...

Anywho don’t forget to like my new Facebook Page as it’s still my new little baby!! Enjoy your Sunday gals!! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some Goodies and a giveaway!

Hey everyone!! Im so excited to blog today for so many reasons… I want to share with you what ive ordered from Really Good Stuff

I’ve gotten things from there before and they never disappoint!! SO im excited to share this with you all…ive been needing a library forever and thankfully a teacher retiring this year donated her bookcase… SO when I get back to school ill be painting it =)  …I also wanted a small library for myself… There are books that I pay for that I definitely don’t want the kiddies to go near… These are the books I read to them and I don’t trust them to use them on their own…is that mean? Lol   Anywho I ordered this small bookcase for these special kinds of books..
Isn’t is so cute and convenient.. I can transfer them wherever and it’s easy to label and order… Another thing I ordered are something for my treasure chest… I feel like I am constantly refilling it every few months… yes I spoil them for good behavior I mean doesn’t everyone? Lol ..so I figured id get a head jump and grabbed this for the chest…

I think these are cute enough for my 6 yr olds to love and earn!! I think they’ll love it…ill keep you updated as I get more things for the treasure chest this summer.. =) 
Finally I wanted you all to help my bloggy gal with her 100 follower giveaway!!  Im donating my September 11th packet and there are a lot of other great donations… Check her page out!!
                                               Enter Here
Polka Dots and Pencils

Check back soon as im working on such a cute Johnny Appleseed Craftivity..  Should be up this Sunday so check back gals..

Omg yes one more thing… it took me forever to actually set up my Facebook… I told you guys about it the other day but I didn’t actually set it up correctly… check it out and like…also let me know if I did it wrong …it was stressing my out so I just gave up and hoped it was ok lol Let me know if it looks weird Check it out HERE!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

9-11 Craftivity, Giveaway Winners and a Facebook Page!

hey everyone!! I hope everyone had a great 4th of july…mine was so much fun…I went to my friends bbq and we all had so much food and margaritas…def my kind of day!! Is it horrible that i can never say no to a burger?? It's just my fav thing to eat in the summer! lol Anyway, my honey and I are going to Atlantic City today again!! For those of you who don’t live around here that’s a strip of casinos…we went last week and did ok but we want to go back because we got a free room! So it’s def worth it….

I want you to check out my new Craftivity!! I think it's so cute! It's a tribute to 9-11...I feel like i don't have things to do with my kiddies around that time and it's def. something to go over or talk about....it's kind of hard to discuss with 6 yr olds bc they are so young...but as long as you talk about it and how many brave people were lost during that time..it would be nice to appreciate them and discuss it!! SO here it is ..

*This packet includes*
*2 craftivities ( patriotic hat and patriotic wreath)*
*Listening Quiz*
*Acrostic Poem*
*Word Search*
*Primary/Secondary Writing/Drawing Activties*
*Patriotic Poster*
*Coloring Activities*
*Letter to Students*

Come check it out here on my TpT Store! ...  Don't forget to leave me some comments to let me know what you think.  =)

On another note, I can’t believe how many ppl joined my giveaway… Thank you so much for entering.. the winners are

                Jessica from Mrs. Standford's Class

                        Alana from Spedmathteacher.blogspot.com


Congrats and thanks to everyone who participated!!
I wanted to let you all know I finally got Facebook for my bloggy world….Now only if I can figure out how to put it up on my page with a button or logo? If anyone knows …please help!! In the meantime come be my friend…Here’s my link…hope to see some friend requests!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monday Made It and Currently...Don't forget my giveaway!!

Hey all !! how is everyone doing?  I downloaded this new font and im realling liking it!! It’s called Swagger…go figure!!!  Anywho this is my first time linking up with Monday Made It. 

I’ve seen the amazing things people are doing and I thought…I def cant do anything like that..so I decided to start slow…I picked up block letters at A.C. Moore and some cute polka dot scrap paper  Polka Dots are my theme this year so I figured it would blend in…. I also picked up modge podge and some things that are like brushes??? Anywho this is what the beginning and ending looked like…let me know what you think?  I only did the letter C for my last name. 

 I wanted to see how it would look like first… Now that I realized it was so easy I might pick up the rest of the letters for my last name =)  I also picked up a letter P for my honey.  I made one for his mom to maybe put it around the kitchen. She's very crafty so i think she would love it! Or i just made it for our future house when we get married !! Lol Let me know what you all think!! 

 I’m also linking up with Farley for the currently.  I love doing these…it’s so fun and easy!!  Here it is    
Just noticed i still havent figured out how to get rid of those squiggly red lines under an incorrectly spelled word!! Ahh if you know how to get rid of it let me know =).
On another note Don’t forget to check out my GIVEAWAY (ends july 5th) and my new polka dot theme set at my TpT Store.  Let me know what yall think  Also keep an eye out!! I have a cute craftivity coming up for 9/11 tribute for the fall.  =)  Have an awesome 4th of July!