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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Out With The Old & In With The New!

Hey everyone!  

So today was our last day of class before we go on Spring Break!  We go back on April 8th!  

A few weeks ago a teacher friend of mine and showed me a magazine called 
R I Novelty with party supplies and cute gadgets.  I told her I didn't really want anything.  She MADE me look again and by the time I finished looking through it, I had spent $65 on my kiddies.  Great!  
Exactly what I needed, to spend MORE money!

However, when it came in I was more than happy and couldn't wait to set it up for my little ones.

Let me explain!  I have always wanted to update my "Treasure Chest".  I never got around to it and time went  just passed by.  So I decided to update it using the items in this magazine.

First take a look at the old "Treasure Chest"


Now look at the new one!!

Isn't it amazzzzzing!!

Look what's inside!!

I really went all out and am so happy I did.  In this treasure chest I got leopard fans (so cute), nerd balls, notebooks, stickers, zoo masks, necklaces, puzzles, bubbles, sunglasses and so much more!  The kids were so well behaved when they saw it because they know if they don't behave they can't get anything.  I am so excited to bribe see them behave like little angels!

Every Friday is "Test Day".  The kids take a few assessments and I grade them all in that same day.  Call me Super Teacher!  
Anywho,  the student who gets all perfect scores on each test gets something from the treasure chest and also doesn't have homework on Monday.

The kids love this incentive because they work and study hard all week to get these perfect scores.

I also give the students who have "most improved"  from the previous week a little treat from the chest as well.  

What do you use for rewards or incentives in the class room?

Check back Sunday for my latest craft.. and don't forget to enter my giveaway!  It's ending on Sunday and I have some fabulous treats to give away!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Spring Weather Writing Craftivity & A Giveaway!

Happy Sunday!!

{Warning- long post..if you get all the way to the bottom, you will NOT be disappointed}

I have been working on this packet for this entire week!  I am so glad with the turn out!  What do you think?

This is an adorable craftivity packet is full of Spring/Weather printables that will keep your little ones get excited for the Spring.  Take a look at what's included.

This  packet  includes:
*full/half/primary/secondary/b&w printables
*ABC order
*Comparing and Contrasting
*Cause and Effect Weather
*Making Words

and much more!

You can grab this packet  by clicking HERE  or drop by my Little TpT Shop to check out my other ideas!.  If you do grab it let me know what you think!  I love hearing from you. =)

Okay so I usually (when I have a new product) do a small giveaway until midnight and offer my newest packet to the winner using random generator.  Well,
in honor of my birthday month coming up ( April) I am doing  a rather bigger giveaway!


I am offering my newest Spring Weather Writing Craftivity along with my 
Earth Day Craftivity!  Here's a pic to refresh your memory on what it looks like!

It doesn't stop there!

I am giving away $10 gift certificates to each of my favorite stores!

I love both of these so much.  Target has amazing $1 bins for school.  

Follow the instructions below to enter! 

Happy Sunday all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Eggscellent" Easter Word Work - Freebie!

So I have been tutoring these girls for the past 2 years.  One is in 4th grade and the other is in kindergartner.  I only see them once a week but when I see them they are really a lot of fun.  Their mom is such a cool mom and is always incorporating hands on materials to make learning fun in their house.  

Last year, the oldest girl was learning multiplication.  Her mom tried to make it fun by involving plastic eggs.  Each egg would be a particular number for the times table.  For example, one egg would include all the "2" multiplication problems.  On one side of the egg would be the 2 times table starting with 0x2 and it would move on from there.  On the other side of the egg would be the answers but just not in the right order.  It would be the girl's job to move around the egg to find certain matches to make the problem complete.  I thought it was a great idea.  Which got me to think.  I can do something like that with ending sounds!  

  Look at what I bought!

I turned it into this...

Which then I turned it into this!

"Eggscellent" Easter Center!

I loved making these for my little ones!

I made these fun and cute recording sheets for the students to keep the activity going when they are done making words!

You can drop by my TpT to find out what's included or you can grab this FREEBIE by clicking HERE.

Don't forget to let me know what you think.  I love to hear from you. 


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baseball Bash!

It's safe to say I am obsessed with baseball.  It's my favorite sport of all time!  Maybe it has to do that I played softball my entire life and was even was lucky enough to have a scholarship to play in college! It's so much fun to watch and I love going to the games!  

With that said I knew I had to make something for baseball season!  This is my Baseball and Sportsmanship Craftivity Pack!

 Big baseball fan? This packet will be great to entertain your kiddos. It's a writing packet that is full of baseball fun. From making predictions to knowing what great sportsmanship is, this writing packet is just for your little ones! They will have a blast making the craft and writing about their favorite team!

This Packet Includes:
-writing prompts-full/half/primary/seconday/black&white
-making lists
-word search
-write it/draw it
-favorite baseball player wksht
-rhyming wksht
-class survey
-making predictions 
-showing sportsmanship wkshts

and more fun printables!

If you would like to see more on this Packet, click HERE or drop by my TpT Store to check out my other products and crafts!

Who's your favorite team?

My personally, I love the Yankees.  My favorite player was Nick Swisher before sadly he was traded to the Indians.  I was honestly devastated.  My other favorite is Gardner.  He is such awesome in every aspect!

I think Derik Jeter is amazing but I am not a "fan" necessarily.  And I'll tell you why.

When I was younger, (ehhh like 4 or 5 years ago LoL )  my younger brother and I went to a game and was really close to the players as they were on the field warming up before the game.  At this time, I was obsessed with Jeter!  So of course my brother and I were yelling out for him to sign our ball.  He was seriously 5 feet away from us.  He kept ignoring us. Like HELLO, we know you hear us.  Finally we tried one last time and said, "Jeter please sign our ball".  He literally turned around and made eye contacts with us and said, "SHHHHHHH with his finger over his mouth."  I was about 2 seconds away from crying and telling him off at the same time when Johnny Damon came over and signed our ball.  He was super nice and ugh just super nice!

What's your favorite team? Who's your favorite player?
Leave a comment letting me know your favorite team and player and I will choose someone tonight through random generator and the winner will receive this Baseball Packet.

Congrats to Success in Second Grade!  Will be e-mailing you shortly!

Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Fun with a Splash of Five for Friday!

I am doing my first ever Five for Friday hosted by the awesome Doodle Bugs Teaching!  I always see amazing bloggers link up so I wanted to give it a shot!


This week was parent's week so I wanted to get all my crafting done for the week to impress show my parents what my kiddies have been up to! 

This is what's in the front of our door.  Excuse the lighting!  It's so hard to take good pics in the halls.  It's so dark and I quickly do it because I don't want teachers knowing I am taking pics!

1. This is from Easter Bunny Craft Pack!  The top says "Bunny Talk" but you can't really see it. =(  This cute little girl wants to name her bunny "Little Rabbit" and let her dog play with him.  If only that would be safe!! LoL

2.  This is my best friend during school hours.  She picks me up when I'm sad.  Makes me comfortable when I am grumpy.  She is everything I ever want.  I find myself wanting to read books to my class ALWAYS just so I can sit in this chair.  Everytime someone walks in they laugh because they know I love it.  I was actually annoyed when I bought this chair because it was $39 in the summer! But now I wish I can buy another for home!

3.  The gifts I got my kiddies today for St. Patrick's Day.  Not going to lie I bought these in February from The Dollar Tree and they have been in my truck ever since.   I kept telling myself I had to make cute tags to attach them but I just didn't have it in me.  I think they were adorable on their own anyways.  I loved the pencils too!

4.  This is a very sweet gift from a very sweet child!  She brought me this in the beginning of the week  and it made me smile. =)  Spring can't get here soon enough!

5.  Finally, this is my adorable yorkie "teacup" terrier.  I have to say teacup because when I bought him for tons and I mean TONS of money I specifically wanted a teacup!  I was broke during college when I bought him but still told myself and kept telling myself I could afford him.  His name is Diesel and he's the brattiest dog in the world.  I know for certain hes a human trapped in a dog's body!  But he looks precious here and clearly here's ready for St. Patty's Day!

The 2nd pic is a picture of a picture! There was an extra person there and didn't think she wanted her face floating around the bloggy world!  The other two are my bridesmaids/1st grade teachers/therapists/best friends!  Teri, Keri and I took this picture last year!  LoL  Those mustaches were definitely hard to keep on but def fun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  What do you all do to celebrate?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Earth Day Craftivity Bundle!

So I have been so excited to finish this packet up and share it with everyone.  I may be early for Earth Day but the early bird gets the worm right?

Take a fabulous look at my Earth Day Pack

*Update 3/14*

I have added a bonus craft to this bundle

Here's the craft up close…

Does my newest craft look familiar?  I also used this cute craft with my  MLK Bundle.  I thought the craft would fire perfectly with this pack too!

Look at the cute little surprise behind the cute little ones!

A fun writing prompt!

This packet is seriously awesome, if I do say so myself.  It's full of really cute printables to introduce Earth Day to your little ones.  It even has flash cards for your kiddies to keep in their folder and use as a reference when going over the Earth in the month of April.

Take a looksie at whats inside: 

There's so much included in this adorable packet!

This packet includes:

-Writing prompts-full&half-b&w
-ABC Order
-Flash Cards for Recycling, Reducing and Reusing
-Word Search
-Making Words
-Write it/Draw It
-Word of the Day
-Can, Have & Are

and more!

You can grab this bundle by clicking here or go to my TpT Store and see the other goodies I have!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Lucky St. Patrick's Day Freebie!

 I have been decorating my classroom with tons of crafts lately.  It's parent's night next week and I want my room to look packed with crafts.  So I got this cute idea from my gal Teri You can check out her original post by clicking HERE

Here's my take!

My kiddies loved making them too!  Take a look at the final outcome. =)

This one in particular made me giggle!

He's a smart boy.  He's not telling anyone if he has a pot of gold. But jeez, I hope he tells me. 

So I am linking up with TBA for Freebie Fridays!

Freebie Fridays

I decided to make make the writing prompt plus a few other printables into a short but sweet FREEBIE


To download please click HERE.  

This includes the half page writing prompts in black and white, color,  and both primary/secondary lines for your choosing.

Here are some sneak peek's 

Enjoy =) 

If you do grab it, leave me a comment letting me know what you think.  I love to hear your thoughts.

Check back Sunday for one of my favorite crafts yet!