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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Creation and Don't Forget about my Giveaway!!

Hey guys!! Hope everyone is having a great week…mine is going by quick considering the day off Monday and our field trip today!! We went to a zoo and it was so much fun… the kiddies had such a great time and you could tell they totally needed a day of just having fun and relaxing… so as of today we have 14 days left…yay!!!  So excited to work on my tan!!  Don’t forget to enter my giveaway…. It’s a 15$ giftcard to  Target.  I will announce the winner on Sunday… I did want to show you my new creation… last week I created this marker holder

I had gotten the idea from pinterest.  I had seen so many versions i wanted to make it my own...So i used BIG crayons to make it more sturdy and it is... This week, I wanted to do something similar for my teacher aide but I was running out of crayons so I used clothespins instead.  I really do think it came out great….what do you think? 

Don’t forget to check out my Father's Day Craftivity !! Before the school runs out, let the kiddies do something nice for their dad!! It’s such a cute craft !!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Freebie and Another Giveaway!!

Okay so I hope everyone had a great and safe weekend!! I definitely had a great time going to at least 5 bbq’s.  It was such a great time with friends =)   It’s back to school  now which means there is only 17 days left for me !! I am aware that there are many teachers that have finished so congrats to you!!  If you still are teaching you should definitely take a looksie at my new freebie!!

Have the kiddies write and draw what they did this weekend with this awesome template!!  If you do download please leave me some love and follow me at my TpT Store

Onto my giveaway!! I’ve reached 150 followers (146…close enough) so I am doing another giveaway!! This giveaway is for $15 buckaroos to Target!! I love Target and the sales they have!! 
In order for you to enter you must follow a couple of rules first =)

1.  Follow my blog

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    After you have done all of these leave me  1 comment saying you’ve entered and  drop your email  address!!  Don't forget to tell your bloggy friends about my giveaway!!  The winner will be announced this Sunday June 3rd!! Good luck!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Giveaway Winner !!

Hey guys!! Today is the day I announce my winner for my first giveaway!! Yay!! I did the random number generator and the results are…..

Congrats Alyce!! I will be emaiing you the Target Giftcard!! Thanks everyone for entering!! Also don't forget to check out my TpT Store ...i have a cute Back to School Craftivity that is only $1..But hurry it's only $1 until 11pm tonight!! =)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Check Out my "Popping Back to School" Craftivity

Hey guys!!  How is everyone’’s Monday? We have 21 days left yay…
 I wanted to remind all of you to enter my giveaway!! The last day to enter is tomorrow so make sure you enter for the chance to win a gift card to Target!!  I wanted to let you all have a sneak peak at a Back to School Packet for only $1 !! I have been working on it for a little bit now its so darn cute...look at the pics that my class worked on!

Arent they so cute?? The theme is Popping Back into School ..This craftivity includes:

*Craftivity stencils and how tos*
*Writing assignments for k-2nd grade*

* Filling in missing patterns worksheets*
*All about me worksheet*

* Parents Phone Numbers Checklist*
*student’s survey*
*summer worksheets*
*memory match flash cards*
*write it, draw it*
Make sure to grab one of these!! The kiddies will definitely enjoy it…You can grab it here at myTpT Store... don't forget to leave me feedback and let me know what you think..enjoy!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Time Freebie!!

Hey guys!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!! I finally got somewhat of a tan! Thank goodness. I went to a racetrack this weekend with a bunch of friends It was so much fun we got to bet on ponies and get a nice tan to go with it!!  I ended up breaking even but thats better than losing!!
  I wanted to show you all an adorable Craftivity but I left it at school..so check in tomorrow for that!  In the meantime I wanted to share with you all a cute freebie!!

Every year towards the very end I feel like time goes backwards this is mainly because I have run out of ideas and things to do with the kiddies so this is a perfect activity for them to do.its also very cute!!  Check it out here in my TpT Store and dont forget to grab my Father's Day Craftivity to keep these kiddies busy also!!  It's a great gift for Father's Day...  Remember  to enter my 100 follower giveway to Target ... I will announce the winner on Tuesday...Enjoy your Sunday !

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My 1st Giveaway, Freebie and More!!! YaY

Hey guys!! The week’s almost over…phew!! It def went by quick!! It’s also suppose to be gorgeous tomorrow so im excited to dress up for school!!
I’m excited to be doing my first giveaway!!  It’s for reaching 100 followers ::cough:: ::cough::.. I haven’t got 100 followers just yet but I figured I should do it anyway!!  I will be giving away a $10 gift card to Target! How fun.. You could never go wrong with Target!!  In order for you to enter there are a couple of things you should do   

1.  Follow my ( feel free to tell your bloggy friends about the giveaway) and leave me a comment with your email address!! =)
2.  Follow my Pinterest
3. Follow my TpT Store

That’s it!! I’ll be selecting the winner on Tuesday May 22nd... Good Luck!!

I also wanted to give away a freebie

   this is a bookmark to give to  the students before they end school…it’s important to color, cut and laminate the bookmark before you give it to them.. I think this is a really cool idea …During the summer while the students read… they use the bookmark to jot down words they do not know the meaning of or are unable to sound out on their own.  When done reading they can ask for help or look up the word in a dictionary.  It’s important to use dry erase markers for this so the kiddies can reuse for a different story!! You can get the freebie here and remember to follow me!!

Finally I wanted to show you my newest creation!!

   I’ve been seeing this all over pinterest and thought it’d be amazing to do it… I did mine with crayons and im thinking of putting my dry erase markers in there since I have so many… let me know what you think… im personally obsessed and can’t wait to make more with my used up dry erase markers!! Great way to reuse =)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Linky Party... Yay

Hey guys!! It’s my first linky party!! I got invited by Teri so thanks girl!!
I’m so excited for summer.  I worked summer school last year and I was pooped by the end of it.  So I’m taking off this summer and working on my tan. I want to lay on the beach somewhere and just rest!!

 There are somethings I have planned for September and I’m excited to started slowly getting into it… first I definitely want to make this frame !! It’s so cute and it definitely will remind my kiddies to stay clean always!! This was taken from Michelle 

I also want to work on being organized this year.  That is def my main issue… I want to know where everything is and find what I need under 10 min!! I thought this was a cute way to store  books for the kids.  I got this fabulous idea from lessonplansos.blogspot.com

I am such a big snacker on my time off.  I feel like im always munchin on something. So this summer I def. want to learn how to make these… im seriously obsessed with bananas.  I can’t go a day without having 2… its weird Lol..anywho this looks definitely delish and something I want to try

Don't they look awesome?  I got this recipe from foodgawkr.com !! Can't wait to make these =)

And finally I want to have fun...my boyfriend and i are going to Disney.  I can't wait... I always had so much fun as a kid i can't wait to see what it's like as an adult. I hope everyone enjoys their summer!!

Don't forget to visit my brand new TpT Store for some Father's Day goodies!! Be my new follower... i have no followers.. lol sad!!

Bloggy Award Yay!

Hey guys!! I hope everyone is having a good week so far… I can’t believe it’s almost Wednesday!! It’s going by so quick…. !! I’m blogging today to give thanks to Jenny B. for honoring me with the lovely bloggy award... yay

YayI was really excited to start blogging so I’m really flattered that she thinks it’s lovely… so thanks girl!! Now I need to pass it on to 15 other girls and they have to 1. Follow my blog 2. Link me back to their page 3. Pass it on to 15 new girls!! Here is my attempt to pass it on :




I feel awful I can't put more or put their buttons up. My computer has frozen 3 times trying to do this ahhhh... Well congrats for getting the bloggy award and don't forget to pass it on to others =)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Father's Day Craft and Activity Woo Hoo

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and Mother’s Day!!  I can’t believe school is almost over… I have 27 days left…. Ahh!!!  I know there are a lot of other teachers that have less than a week!! Congrats to all of you!   I wanted to share with you all my Father's Day Booklet which includes an adorable craft and writing activities to go with it.  I know we just had Mother's Day but i couldn't resist.  These are way too cute and wanted to share =)  I couldn't fit all the kid's work on the bulletin board, so i posted them outside and boy did everyone love them!!  What do you think? 
This package includes
* letters to dad *
* acrostic poem *
* write it, draw it *
* crossword puzzle *
* using adjectives *
* dad's favorites *
* synonyms worksheet *
* father's day stencils *

Inside the tie, the kiddies wrote a cute little note to their dad!

How adorable are they?  The kids really had a blast making this!  They enjoyed writing letter's to their dad's and letting him know how much they appreciate him!
If you'd like to purchase one of these...please visit  my TpT Store
Also, i do ask if you do take a lil looksie at the packet please follow me!! I hope you enjoy this as much as my kiddies did!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Marshmallow Party!!

Hey guys.. yay the weekend is here and more importantly it’s Mommy’s Day weekend.. I’m excited to have a weekend where I can just relax and lay low..

First i did want to give a special thanks to Ms. Jessica for her awesome help with computer tips....I'm not that computer savvy and she was so helpful so thanks girl!!!
Next, I did want to share my crazy idea that worked with the kiddies this week.. I somehow bribed them to study !! The students usually do well on their Spelling tests each week mostly because they want a gumball added to their gumball machine. (see Gumball activity) However there are those students that just miss the 100 and get one wrong or two. I wanted them to desperately get a 100 ! So in my effort in doing so i sort of bribed them. LoL I told them if everyone in the class received a 100 they would get a surprise from me. I went home and made them something anyway. Take a look
I had a feeling they wouldn’t all get perfect scores but would make them something for trying their best anyway.  Besides, it’s not all about getting perfect scores.  Anywho the tests went and came and literally every student got a 100!! So it got me thinking…hmmm they all studied just for a surprise…. Interesting!!! Lol Anyway I was definitely proud of them and was able to give them what I promised them.  A delicious and yummy snack : Chocolate and vanilla covered marshmallow!! You have no clue how easy these were…
1. i bought melting chocolate and melted it in intervals of 30 seconds stirring in between
2. inserted a baking stick into the marshmallow and lightly dip and turn the stick so the marhsmallow is coated
3.  choose your toppings!!
I hope that was helpful and you should def try it...im going to try using strawberries net time yumm... everyone have a great weekend and enjoy mommy's day =)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trying to manage the kiddies!!

Hey guys...well as you know school is coming to an end... I feel like every year around this time my kiddies get like ancy and ready to just start summer... They start chatting up a storm and have trouble sitting down... I started this last year and it worked like a charm... I stole this idea from reallygoodstuff.com . I use it weekly and the way it works is simple: this is given to the student who has displayed self control and effort throughout the week. The person who earns this reward has the following on the back of their chair:

The kiddies feel so proud when they have earned this. It makes them feel like they have done a good job. I enjoy it because it keeps them on task and working throughout the year. What do you guys think? Have a great day =)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Organizing !!

Hey everyone I hope everyones having a great week..i  feel like mine is going so slownot sure why I find myself in the middle of the week done with everything and have to search for activities to do with the kiddies. Anywho today I wanted to organize some things around the class  great time to do it huh at the end of the year!) Anyways I bought bins a while ago and now Im putting them to use!! I have my gluesticks, pencils, markers, and more markers in their own bin!! They were once thrown in the same basket!! But I got it to look nice and organized!! What do you guys think?

 Im doing a giveaway soon as I reach 100 followers so keep an eye out for that =)   Have a great week!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fruit Party!!

Hey guys i hope you all had a fabulous week... i had a long week so im glad to rest!! 

Last week my class and I read an awesome story  " A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds".  It was a story comparing different kinds of fruits. In honor of that story we had a fruit party today in class.  I can't believe how much fruit we had.  The kiddies had 3 servings of fruit!! It was definitely a healthy day.. I wanted to post pics so you could see just how much the kids brought it.. it was definitely a great idea and i recommend the story!! Watch our for Mother's Day and Father's Day Worksheet Freebie next week!!

Omg !! Doesn't that look delicious? My favorite was the kiwi! Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Freebies!!

Hey guys!!! It's almost the weekend!! I wanted to give you some updates on things i have done this week in class... Earlier this week i was working on an estimation activity with my kiddies.. they had to estimate how many candies they thought were in jars i had displayed on a table... the student who got the exact amount got to keep whatever candy was in the jar.... boy did they love this....heres a pic of what the winners received...

Arent' they cute???

Another thing i have been working on the last couple of month's is an activity called "Wear a Word".  I saw this activity at a workshop and i thought it was an awesome idea... what it includes are high leveled words for first graders write on index cards.. i write the word in the front and the definition in the back... the selected students (i do one boy and one girl) wear these words around their neck for an entire day... i encourage them and the class to use the words in at least 3 sentences for the day... i get the words from the dictionary.... their words they can remember and pronounce.... it's so much fun... i think you all should try it once and see how it goes... here are some pics of how i do it..

I like the word on the right!! =)

Finally i want to give away another freebie!! yay!! They are mother's day coupons.. i remember when i was younger i used to give my mom coupons of things she could use like a coupon for free dish washing or free massage....i think your kiddies will enjoy this =)... i do ask if you download it... leave me a comment or try to let other's know about my page as well...i'd really appreciate it!!

Click here to get your free Mother's Day Coupon for free!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My First Freebie!!! YaYY

Hey guys!! okay so i thought it'd be totally fit if i enter my first freebie!! Let me explain this freebie first because i love it!! I've been doing this with my kiddies for a couple of years now and i think it makes such a difference.. my first few years my kiddies were struggling with their spelling and i did not know how to come up with a fun game to help them improve their scores.. i saw something online with a huge gumball and i made it my own.... and you could have yours today free!! The game i play is each students cuts and puts together their own gumball machine.. it goes on my bulletin board.. every friday the students have Spelling tests!! After i grade them, whoever has a perfect score will get a gumball glued to their machine... every week it continues until the end of the marking period.. the student at the end of the marking period with the most gumball wins!! They get to choose something from the treasure chest and are excused from homework for one day.. trust me ..they love not doing homework!  You have no idea how much they love this game.... the game makes them more confident and proud of themselves for working hard... and don't worry... everyone usually gets at least 1!! here are some pics to show what they look like

If you want a freebie... please click here for your free copy!! Don't forget to leave me feedback... i'd love to know what you guys think =)  Enjoy and have a fabulous night

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Some ideas to share with you guys

hey guys!! i cant believe i already have close to 30 followers.. thats awesome thanks so much! I definitely am following you guys and it seems that everyone has great ideas to share!! I wanted to share an idea im doing this week with my kiddies... They behave so well for me and I thought i'd give them something sweet in return!!  They have been struggling a bit with estimating so i thought i'd make things interesting!! I'm having a estimate contest with them this week.  I filled up 3 jars with different candies...yummm... (choc pretzels, reese's pieces and starburst).. Everyone had a turn to take a look at the jars and *Guesstimate* hehe how many they think are in each.. They were to fill out a worksheet in which they put their numbers in and dropped it off in a jar.  The winner or the closest will get to keep what's in the jars!! The students got so excited when i told them... I hope this will make them get estimating more .. What do you guys think??? Here's a pic of the jars and the sweets! Also im putting down a pic of my stationary!! I wanted you guys to see how much i love leopard!! lol My student's say it looks weird but i think it looks fab!  ...let me know what you think =) Talk to you soon!