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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Keeping Up With The Holidays!

Ahh December!  How did you get here so fast?

I stopped by to let you know about some of my decor around the house.  I was so excited to decorate.  It's my first house with my NEW husband.  It was a lot of fun shopping to grab things for the house to make it our own.  

This is our tree.  AHH I'm obsessed.  We got the tree on black friday over at Home Depot.  It was just $129!!  It's 7.5 ft, pre lit and even comes with a music box that plays Christmas music!  Seriously what a steal.  I saw trees for over $300.  Crazy.  So happy with our purchase!

Do you scope out our tv stand?

Don't you love it.  I think it came out so cute.  Our tv stand isn't the biggest so we tried to do as much as we can.  I am obsessed with our "Be Merry" banner.  I got it from a sweet friend Stacy!  Whenever I am thinking of something I need for the house or for a party, she is seriously the first person I contact!  She's fast, creative and so sweet! I spoke with her Monday and got my banner on Friday.  AMAZING!

Stacy has her own Etsy Shop  too!  To grab this kind of banner click here to take you there!  Or to check out what else is in her shop (trust me you'll want to visit) click here to see what other creative things she has!  Here is a closer look of the banner

Yup!  Just love it. =) 

Here is something I have in the kitchen that makes me smile whenever I pass it. 

When I saw it, I had to grab it.  Unfortunately it was not on sale when I bought it but well worth the buy!  

What kind of decorations do you have up?

Stop by next week to see what this little guy has been up too!

He stopped by last week and like usual, he is up to NO good!  Check back to see where he's been around the class this year. =)

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday Sale with an Etsy Surprise!

I am back!  If you haven't heard already, TpT is having a huge Cyber Sale from December 1-2nd!  Now is the time to stock up on things that were on your wish list and not feel guilty after!

Thank you to the sweet Michelle for the cutest button ever!  Everything in my store will be 20% off.  And if you type in the code TPTCYBER at checkout, you will get an extra 10% off for a total of 28% off your entire purchase.  NOW thats a sweet DEAL!

Not sure what to get?

Here are some of my favorite holiday products from my store!

It has fun printables to get your little ones excited for the holidays. =) 

Or try my Playful Penguins Pack!  It's perfect for the winter and such a cute little bundle.

This pack may be my favorite yet!

I also have my Write This & Draw That - Winter Version.  This has writing cards perfect for grades k-2.  It's perfect for centers, early finishers and buddy work.  It gives the students a starting topic and they create the rest!  My little ones love it during center time. =) 

What are you getting this Cyber Monday Sale?

Recently, I have mentioned I had a secret, I wanted to reveal!  Well, what better time than now….

I have opened up my own  Etsy Shop!  My husband and I decided to come together and work on things that we enjoy.  Often we see things that we really like but is too expensive too buy.  We thought creating what we love will save us money and will be our own personalized touch!  

Our store is called  RMP Designs (for Ron and Michelle)   It's still a baby, but I am constantly adding things to  it and trying to come up with different and original ideas.  We have things for weddings, baby showers, teachers and so much more.  Here are some of my favorites. =) 

Most of my products are instant download. They are digital files and once you buy you will get them almost instantly!  If you need something personalized, let me know and I will be happy to help. =)

I do have some wedding things on there from our wedding.  We had so much fun making stuff, we thought it'd be great to create that for others as well. =)

We are also throwing a Cyber Monday sale!  Grab anything from my store and receive 20% off your purchase!  Simple plug in the coupon code CyberMonday at checkout to receive the deal!  Sale ends Wednesday so grab it now. =) 

We've also created a Facebook page for our new little baby!  Drop by and check it out. =) 

In fact we will be having a small giveaway tonight!  If you comment on my blog letting me know you now follow our Facebook for etsy we will pick  a winner tonight to win $10 worth of things at our shop!

Will end tonight at 10pm est.

Good luck & happy shopping!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Keeping Up Is Hard To Do!

And just like that, it's November and I haven't blogged since September.  This year is kicking my butt with paperwork, new house, new husband (hehe) , etc.  I am trying to stay above water.

I wanted to keep you posted on my latest events going on with my little ones.

This is our classroom door we decorated for Halloween.  My little ones worked so hard on it!  On the door is a picture of them holding a sign that says "We are Bully-Free".  Under their picture is a writing they had to complete on why it's important to be bully-free.  Here are some really good ones:

This one is my favorite!  

They did such a great job with their writing. 

I love it so much that  I decided I am going to keep it up for a while.  It's so bright and catches a lot of attention. =) And we love positive attention. =) 

We have been working on our turkeys and are pretty much done.  Take a look at some of our "Thankful Turkeys" from my TpT Store.

This little boy is sweet.  Look what he's thankful for!

Want to know why I am really busy?  Well we have been so busy with this newest addition to our family.

Our little baby Legend.  We named him after our favorite singer John Legend; in which one of his songs was our wedding song!  Here's another shot of him up to no good!

Do you think he could have any more toys?  LOL  We got him a few weeks ago and boy is he a handful.  From peeing everywhere to biting everything, we can NOT leave him alone for a second.  He's been taking up most of my time. =)   But he's SO worth it!

I have also been keeping a secret.  I have been working on something so big and important to me, I am just not ready to share.  Drop by on Sunday for more details on my sweet surprise!

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Soaring into Space! - Space Unit with Crafts & Printables

Hey all!  So happy to be writing this post.  I have been unpacking and settling into my house that I have been putting my products on the back burner!  But NOT anymore…hehe.  I am so excited to be sharing my latest craft with y'all!

Here's an up close look at these cuties…

I love my little space buddies.  I think they came out so cute!  This pack is full of writing printables, center ideas and tests for your students to work on.  This unit is jam packed.  Take a look at what's inside.

These writing printables and in primary and secondary lines for grades k and above.

I love the space report.  I usually have students that write about 20 sentences that are taken right off the computer.  With this template, my students will be able to write down short and sweet facts that they will hopefully be able to read and understand on their own. =) 

Fun printables like the next few can be used for anything such as buddy work or during center time.  It's a great way to practice sequence, sorting or their writing skills!

I even included a planets book.  It'll be a great way for students to be introduced/review the planets.   

I am excited to start this unit with my little ones.  I have always wanted to go over space but never had the right books or materials.  Now I do!  Can't wait to incorporate these printables in my lesson!

This pack includes
-stencils, pictures and directions
-full/half page writing prompt (primary & secondary lines)
-can has is
-review guide
-planets report
-astronaut report
-sorting planets
-fact vs opinion
-coloring by the sum
-word of the day
-word search
-roll an astronaut
-roll and alien
-abc order

and more!

Drop by my store to see more on this bundle or to see what else I have!


If you want to win this sweet pack, leave me a comment letting me know you follow me on TpT or Pinterest and I will choose a winner tonight!  =)

Congrats to Maria from Everyone Deserves to Learn!

Happy Sunday! 

Off to my reality shows

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Parent Communication Logs - Sweet Surprise

Happy Sunday all!  I'm so excited my COWBOYS won!  My hubby's happy too so it's a sweet day.  I'm stopping by today to explain how I communicate with my parents.  I have been using this system 
for the last few years and it's a great way to communicate with parents!

I grab a few of these each and every year.  They are so easy.  You can check them out here on amazon.  They are so inexpensive!

So let me walk you through how I use these.  I use these to let parents know how their child is doing in class.  I will send it home if a child is being chatty or if he/she is having a fabulous day.  It's a great way to keep parents updates on what their child is up too in the classroom.

This is a fake note.  But just a glimpse of what a sheet looks like.  So what I love about this is that it has  2 parts.  There is a white copy for the parents, and then a carbon copy right under that is a duplicate of the note your sending home.  

This is important because you get to keep the copy you sent home and remember that you want the original copy signed. 

 The past few years, I have just been stuffing the notes in a drawer, completely unorganized and I would always forget if a parent signed it or not.  Typical me. LOL But this year I realized I could store it in an accordion little pocket like the one above.  I labeled the inside with the different marking periods so I know exactly what notes I sent and what quarter.  Definitely important for when you have IEP meetings and parent conferences.

If you see I already start storing my notes for the first quarter.  I had to chop off my thumb in this picture.  Haven't gotten a mani in about a month.  God my nails are just terrible right now.  LOL Moving on…. I'm excited to be a bit more organized this year with parent notes.  Phew!  LOL 

How do you communicate with parents?  I'd love to hear your ideas as well!


So just for giggles,  as some of ya guys knows, I recently got married and moved to a house.  As I am unpacking,  and yes if your wondering, no i didn't do my packing… my mom did.  LOL So I have no clue what the woman was packing.  She really wanted me to go, I was finding things that I haven't seen in years, actually over a decade.  LOL  SO I stumbled upon my JUNIOR PROM dress!  Yes! WHAT! I was shocked, giggled a few times and then thought, why not?  Let's give it a go and try it on!  If your wondering how old I am… I'm 29.  So this is 12 years old.  Makes me laugh so hard that I found this… well here it is!

Yes thats me posing! I felt great still fitting in it. LOL I am now on a mission to find an actual picture of me in this dress in my youngin days!  Stay tuned.  

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Giveaway - Sneak Peek!

Hey all!  
 Wanted to let you know to hop on over Cotes Class for a huge giveaway she's having.  She reached a huge milestone and wants to celebrate with you all! 

I don't know about you but I love Amazon.  So many bloggers are participating in this giveaway including myself!  Drop by and enter for your chance to win!

Wanted to give you a sneak peek of what I am almost finished with… my Space Unit.  I have been putting this on the back burner for so long, but finally I worked all day to finish within the next couple days.. If you want to take a look, drop by my Instagram to check it out.

Happy Sunday!

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Classroom Reveal

Yes, I am late to the party….classroom reveal party that is!  I usually would decorate my classroom mid august but we weren't allowed to go back until 2 days before school started.  I seriously didn't waste time.  I got straight to work and with some help of some friends.  

I got purple fabric from walmart.  I tried fabric last year and I was obsessed.  By the end of the year it was still perfect.  I only changed it because I wanted to solid color throughout the board and because purple is my favorite color!

I'm very into neon colors this year, not sure if you could tell.  But I am obsessed with my word wall!  

This is my new objectives board. The title of the board is from Amy Groesbeck.  What I love about them is that they are editable.  So I was able to make a title for each board in my room.  It kept with the bright theme.  I got the headers for the subjects from Learning in Wonderland  
I got the subject titles from Crockett's Classroom and the "I Can" statements.

This is one of my fave things in my room!

Newho about this objectives board. Last year we kept hearing we need to put up a focus wall or objective board somewhere in the room.  I am so happy I stumbled across this one!  It's bright, cute and I think it will grab people's attention if they were to pop in.  What do you think?

So this is my BARE helpers board.  I haven't found anything neon isn that could match with anything else.  Do you know of anything I may like?  I need one asap!  I need helpers to stop me from losing my mind.  Don't mind the wrinkle.  I had that last year and it went away on it's own.  

Calendar board. UGH. Love the brightness!  I know my little ones will just love it.

Birthday Board - Straight and to the point. 

I will tell you why I love this bulletin so much.  It is loud and right smack in the middle of the room.I love the directions because they are easy enough for my firsties to understand and follow.  I also love the clip chart next to it.  They go hand in hand.  If the little ones follow directions, they will move up in the chart or if they don't make good choices they will be clipped down.  I am excited to try this different strategy this year.

Here's a close up look…

If your interested in this sweet set, I got this from the lovely Maria Manore.  The pics are so bright and cute.  

This is my reading rug.  I have been wanting to change those seat covers forever now, but I always put it off.  I should try to incorporate neon colors to match the room.  Either way I still love them and the kids just love sitting on the crates.  I make it a privilege to sit on them so they always try their best to behave to be called to the crates.

This is my fabulous desk.  I bought these inspirational posters from  A Year of Many Firsts.  I decided to print, laminate and post all around the room so my littles always know that their behavior is priority.

I love the posters right by the buddy reading area.  Totally will put my little ones in check.

I took advantage of the free spaces and added them wherever I could!  But I think they look so cute.

This is the bulletin board I share.  We decided to do something easy.  Think it came out so cute.

I STOCKED my treasure chest for the year.  I went throughout the summer and kept picking things up as I saw.  I'm excited to give away things to my sweeties.

There's wands, jump ropes. large pencils, bouncy balls.  
What's in your chest?

My favorite thing of all?    My new name!  As you know, I got married this summer and this was a gift from my fabulous mommy - in- law.  Cutest thing ever.  
What do you think of my room?  Love to hear your thoughts!


This week we have a lot planned with my littles.  We are going to start my Grandparents Day Craft

Full of cute crafts and printables for your little ones and grandparents!  

Great activit├ęs for your firsties and their grandparents to do on Grandparent's Day this Sunday September 7.  

How do you and your little ones celebrate this day?

*side note*  I am doing a happy dance… I am almost done with my Space Bundle.  Stay tuned!!

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