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Friday, June 28, 2013

Show Me Some Blog Lovin Fun with a Giveaway!

Hey all !  So you may or may not now, some bloggers are now moving to Blog Lovin as a way to find new and amazing bloggers!  So I decided to make the trasition. =)

If you are not following me there yet drop on by!  Click HERE to take you there.

So I am going to do a small giveaway in celebration of a new way to connect to some of your favorite bloggers out there!

If you follow me on Blog Lovin leave a comment letting me know and your e-mail and I will be picking 2 winners Sunday to receive $5 giftcards to ...

2 of my favorite stores!  Target & Amazon

Make sure to leave your e-mail as well with the comment. I will be picking the winners on Sunday night!

Congrats to #16 and #53

I will be e-mailing your giftcards shortly!

Monday, June 24, 2013

End of Year is Finally Here!

End of year is finally here!  I couldn't be more excited for summer.  Of course I will miss my little ones but there's nothing like a long long nap!  Of course I have been busy with life!  I've never been this busy in so long, but I love it!  

Tomorrow is the last day of school and this is what I made my little ones.

I made these last year for my students as well and they were such a hit so I had to make again.  It's so cheap too!  

What you need:
Large marshmallows - $2.99 
Graham crackers - $3 
Hersheys - $2 for a pack of 12
Bags - $1 for 20 

Eazy Peazy! 

Since I am done with school, I have more time to plan our wedding!  We recently got the photo, dj and video so now we feel more relaxed and can move slower.  Right now we are debating what to do for save the dates.  We are both teachers so I recently found this on Pinterest but I think it might be too cheesy, what do you think?

Before we send out these, we have an engagement party that's in less than a month!  Wow how time flies.   I had a brunch yesterday with my bridesmaids and discussed party ideas.  They worked on something similar to this, also found on Pinterest

I will blog about mine when they are done.  I think it's such a cute and different idea.   This fabulous idea is from Style Me Pretty .  Love her blog!  

So now that finally school will be over, I can finally finish my Apple Unit I have honestly been working on for a month.  My gosh I have been busy.  

Can't wait for you to see it.  =)

Happy Monday.

I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Busy Bee!

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week!  I don't believe I have been gone for this long.

I knew there was something missing in my life this week!!

I have ben such a busy bee, hence the title of this blog.  We have been going to end of year parties, booking dj's, photo and videography for our wedding, birthdays and more.  I couldn't catch a break!  I am pooped.  

But I am here to show you what I have been up to with the kiddies and my life!!

This is at the end of year party with my love and my teacher aide. She's like my 2nd mommy. Love her!

This is my awesome sister in law (future) at the Yankee game.  

Love her!

The Yankees won that game of course!

My beautiful friends at a birthday party at a casino.

Finally we got our Father's Day Trophies complete!  The kiddies loved them.

Of course our copy machine didn't have white paper again, only purple!

I have been using a lot of these lately.  My little ones have gotten a bit chatty since they are aware school is almost out.  So I have been putting this to use.

It's a Parent Communication Log I got at Lakeshore.  It's a great tool to use to let parents know what's going on in the classroom with great news or not so good news.  It comes with the original copy and another copy for you to keep for reference.  

So as you can see I have been busy!

But of course not to busy to keep creating.  I have been working my little tush on this awesome Apple Unit for the Fall.  It's almost complete so keep a look out!  It's full with centers, printables and crafts that I am sure you will love.

I leave you with this super funny comment one of my little ones said to my aide and I on Friday morning.  Every time I think about him saying this I can't stop laughing!

Student: Ms. C, Ms. C! I have great news and bad news.
Me: Okay honey, tell me the bad news first.
Student:  Okay.  Well it's going to rain on Sunday.
Me: Laughing already.  Oh no!  What's the great news?
Student:  I'm going to the beach on Sunday! 

These kids are too much!

What have you been up to lately?  

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!  

It's Friday right? 


Can't forget to honor my daddy!

Happy Father's Day!

My amazing daddy and I last year on Father's Day!

He taught me everything I know and much more! From school, to coaching to life and money. Can't say enough great things about him.

Forever daddy's girl. =)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bloggy Giveaway and a Freebie!

Hey everyone!  Happy Monday.   We have 11 days left until Summer!  

I am so very excited.  I am excited for some time off and just in dire need of a nap!

I'm letting you know about an awesome giveaway starting today.

A bunch of awesome teacher bloggers are teaming up with Christina from Bainbridge Class to celebrate her 2 year Blog-A-Versary!  

Drop by her page my clicking HERE!  There are some awesome prizes being offered!

Just wanted to share with you what I just came across on Pinterest.  It's a FREEBIE created by the Pinspired Teacher.

I think this would be perfect for next year!  I think it would be great for keeping the noise level down outside of the classroom and for my previous students who come in constantly just to say hi. Maybe this poster will help them realize that they should probably visit me after testing.  

As you can tell I am already thinking of next year and this year hasn't ended!  

What do you have on your wish list for the next school year?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cleaning Up & Organizing!

It's been so crazy here this week.  We are cleaning, organizing and storing all our supplies for the end of year.  The little ones are excited for summer to come but there's still work left to be done! AHHHHH

So I starting organizing my closet and ughh it looked like a complete mess!  In the beginning it was cluttered, puzzles were on the floor.  Just UNORGANIZED

With the help of my little ones, they have helped me turn it into this.

The bins were all bought from the Dollar Tree.   I am so happy my crates fit perfectly at the bottom. I was worried about where I would store them!  In the bins I have stored pencils, dry erase markers, crayons, scissors, glues and so much more.  It makes it less stressful when you know where everything is.  

I know when I come back to decorate in August everything will be nice and organized waiting for me.


For the last 5 years of teaching I have kept my stencils and letters in manilla folders.  Very messy and not neat.  

Yes it's true.  That really is how it looked, except it was stuffed in the closet. It was so overwhelming.  I wouldn't even know where to begin with this. 

So I asked my little ones for help with this during snack time.

What was a few kids helping turned into the whole class chipping in and punching out stencils. LoL I don't know why they thought this was so much fun, but it was.  

Love the way they came out!  So neat and clean.  

I put the stencils in zip-loc bags.  They are sorted by color, design, capital and lower case letters.  Numbers are in their own baggie as well. =)

I labeled the bags with some left over star stencils I had (left over from the Dollar Tree) with the different kinds of stencils so I know which are which.  

Eazy Peazy!

It looks so much better.  And it has given up lots of free room for other supplies.  Look where I put them!  

In my crates!

These crates are such a life saver.  They offer so much storage space! 

For more info on how I created these fabulous crates, click HERE to take you to that post.  To see how I use them for storage click HERE to take you to that post.

Love the way it turned out!

Monday, June 3, 2013

June Currently & Guest Post at Really Good Stuff!

Ahhh I can't believe I'm linking up for a June currently.  This year definitely flew by!  But why does it feel like the last few weeks are moving backwards?
AHHH Hurry up end of year!

I'm linking up with Farley for her Currently linky!!

I have so many products I started but have had no strength to finish them. =*(  I am hoping that some time off will let me finish it!
What do you have on your To Do list this summer?

Go link up!


I was recently offered to guest post on one of my obsessions: Really Good Stuff 

So they put my post up today!  Drop by and check out it by clicking HERE how I organize my borders in the classroom with one of my recent purchases at their site!

I'd love it you showed me some love and left me a comment. =)

See you there!