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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Christmas Lapbook

It's finally December.  In fact it's almost Christmas.  The months are flying by and I am falling behind like always.  

I can't wait to share with you all my newest pack.  My Christmas Lapbook is the cutest and I think my little ones are going to love putting it together this week.  It's full of fun and cute writing, reading and thinking prompts that will get your kiddos thinking about the real meaning of the holidays.  But there are definitely other cute activities as well such as trying to catch santa, can has is charts for Rudolph and Santa and what traditions really mean and how your students can create their own traditions with their family.

Here's what the lapbook looks like once put together.

I love these because your kiddos can do it slowly throughout the week maybe during center time or during your Enrichment period.  It's such a fun time that I am sure this book will keep them busy and entertained while learning lots.  

These printables introduce the topic on traditions and what they mean.  It goes on to discuss how we have traditions that our families do yearly.  Working on First, Next and Last is always a fun one for my kids as they work with their groups to come up with the best ideas.  I know that they will also enjoy coloring the Santa craft and gluing it to the top when all finished.

Go check out my Christmas Lapbook right in time for the holidays.  It's the perfect treat for your class and touches based on so many topics and lessons.  

Here's whats included in my set
*pictures/how to instructions
*black and white/color version
*can has in (rudolph and santa)
*word search
*holiday picture words
*how to catch santa
*stuffed with love (coupons for family)
*what are traditions
*writing prompts

I hope if you grab it, your little ones can enjoy learning about the importance of Christmas and can share some great ideas!

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