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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Organizing with Stackables!

So as you know, I have been slowly packing up the school year.  We still have until June 26th but slow and steady wins the race!  Besides I am getting the itch to just pack and go!!!  

Usually my packing goes well at the beginning and towards the end I just stuff things where there is room.  I wanted to avoid that this year because I tend to lose things and don't end up finding it until  I start packing again.  So this year I went on a hunt for some organizing bins.  I found this at  and decided to give it a try!

I got these tubs from Really Good Stuff.  They come in all different sizes.  I ordered the medium but and large.  These stackables come in 3 for 19.99.  If you order 3 or more sets, you get a great deal of 14.99.  I love me a sale!

 It's seriously perfect for what I'm packing and what's even better is they are stackable!  You can keep lining them up on top of one another and it will fit perfectly.  This is what my markers looked like before in a regular bin.

Yes.. it's messy and I actually forgot I had my markers in there so I didn't even use these markers this year.  I hate that!!  So I had to change this.

I organized them a bit and then tossed in my new stackables, along with some other bins and crafts.  This is how perfectly it lines up!  And I hope I don't forget they are in there this following year.

As you can see in my other bins, I have clothespins which I am always in need of and popsicle sticks.  

I can't wait to order more.  I  will need to buy labels and stick them on the stacks just to be extra organized and know where everything is!  

Look how it fits just perfectly in my closet.  

How do you organize your things at the end of the year?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Packing Up Another Year!

Okay …so don't judge me, but I started cleaning my class for the end of the year.  Is it weird that school ends June 26th?  

I get slight anxiety just the idea of starting to clean up in June.  I like to move slow and steady and make sure I am not rushed towards end of year looking for things to store and find room for.  I like to make sure things are neat and orderly for when I come back to set up at the end of summer.  

So where did I begin?  Happy you ask!  I started small.  I just gathered some poster boards.  

Before you think, I'm just awful by taking away these posters…. my little ones have a copy of their own in their class word folders that they refer to on their own.  So I think they'll handle it just fine.

I like to store my poster boards nice and neat in my sweet little bag from Really Good Stuff.  It's only $14.99 and such a great way to store and organize your posters without feeling forced to tossed them somewhere because there's no room or space.  

Here's a shot of it …

Make sure to grab this as it will make your life much easier at the end of the year.

and just for giggles!  This is a shot i took last year using the bag!

I'm such a pro!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Okie so today's original post on my bridal shower last week will have to wait a bit because  I have some fabulous news!!

  We are having a SALE!! 

(thanks for the button first grade nest )
Woot Woot!!

If your curious as to what to grab…here are some things that could get your little ones excited about the end of the year or something to get you excited for the new school year!

Have a Sunsational Summer with this little cutie!  Your sweet ones will have a blast putting this together and thinking about Summer!

Or get yourself prepared for Mother's Day this Sunday.

Or if you haven't reviewed butterflies or froggies yet, drop by and pick up these cuties!

These have been such a hit with my class.  They love learning about these guys!

Or if your trying to prepare yourself for the upcoming school year.  My newest Sassy Sight Words Pack.  Your little ones will love learning new sight words with these very entertaining printables!

Here's a glimpse at what the printables look like.

Don't forget to type in the code TPTXO at checkout for an extra little something off!

Happy Shopping!!