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Monday, July 29, 2013

Chalk Lover's Giveaway!

Okay so I know I said I had something I would post on Sunday, but I had such a busy weekend and wasn't able to get done. =*(  But I promise this week.  I figured I would need something to let the heat off of me for a bit and have a fabulous giveaway!

I don't know about you BUT I have been OBSESSED with anything that has to do with chalk lately.  So I am teaming up with some of my favorite ladies that have their own chalk shop on Etsy!

 A sweet  and generous buddy Kristie from Kristies ReCreations is giving away her mini chalkboard clips set !  I love these.  They are so versatile and useful for the classroom or home.  I would use these to showcase my little ones work outside on the bulletin board.  It would be great to give their work back as well for those students who forget to put their names on their things.  Or you can use it to organize things in your home.  It adds such a cute style!  They retail for $10 and she's giving away this for FREE!  To check out what else she has to offer drop by her store by clicking HERE

I recently purchased mini chalkboard stands to label my foods for my engagement party this past Saturday.  If you want to check out the same mini chalkboard stands, you can click HERE to take you to that spot.  This is a snapshot of how they looked.  

Another amazing product up for grabs is $25 worth of products at Charlie Chalk Designs.  I recently got my chalk labels from her that I blogged about HERE.  I used the labels on my mason jars for the favors and they were a huge hit.  She wants to give you the chance to try some of her fab products worth a whopping $25!  
UHMMMM Can I enter my own giveaway?   

To check out what else she has in her store click HERE to take you right there. Here's one of my favorite things in her shop

This is her mini chalkboards that can be used for an event or wedding.  I'm thinking I would love to grab these for my wedding for the tables.  It would be so pretty and I'm love the style of the frames!

And finally I want to participate in this awesome giveaway too! 
 I am giving away a $10 giftcard to Target

 Everyone is going back to school sooner or later and this would come in handy for those sweet treats for your little ones.  I love Target and always go straight to the dollar spot when I do go there.  

Okay.  Love this giveaway?  Well here's how to enter! 

Follow the guidelines to win all of these things! 
You have until Friday!  
Good luck 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY Crafts & Engagement Pics!

Last Saturday, I had my "I Do...BBQ"  It was such a beautiful day and so happy my friends took so many pics so I can share them with all of you!  I did grab some cute ideas from Pinterest.  Let's see if you can spot them. =)

This was the table I had "Meet her Maids' and "Meet the Men"  It was so cute and everyone loved it.  I got the "Meet the Men" idea from Liweddings.  My soon to be sister in law set it up and did such a great job!   

 My lovely maid's of honors put this together themselves!!  It says Meet Her Maids up at the top and I couldnt love it anymore.  It awesome!

Here's a better look at it....

"Meet the Guys"

My AMAZING Best friends!!  I love that they ALL get along.  My bridesmaids are teachers, childhood friends, coworkers from high school and sister in laws.  I love how they all get along and laugh with one antoher.  It makes me feel like I have such amazing friends. =) 

I had my bridesmaids wear their black "bridesmaids" tank tops I got for them with white shorts.  Then my MOH's surprised me with my own bride shirt and I had to wear it for a little while.  It looked just too cute!
I ordered the shirts from The Little Bridal Shop.  She offered a discount as well for large orders. =) 

A cute pic of the napkins I ordered!  

I love these.  I made these the favors for the guests when they walked in.
I got the sign idea from (Style Me Pretty)

This was so much fun to make. It's cute mason jars for my guests.

Easy to Make!!
You need:
cupcake wrappers
hole puncher

-The jars were on sale for .90!
-take off the lid and place wrapper over the top
-hole punch the wrapper
-twist the cap until tight  
-place straw through hole
-use a chalk label and chalk marker if you want your guests to write their names
-i added a tag to make it cuter 

Here's a close up look

The heart was a label I got from Charlie Chalk Designs.  It's chalkboard and my friends were able to write on it with a chalk marker I also bought from her.  It was so cute. =)  She was AWESOME!  I got everything so quick and was just so sweet.  You might see a giveaway with her coming up soon. =)

This is something that was a huge hit at the party!  It's a stand up of a bride and groom!  Those are my parents. LoL

These are the tumblers I ordered for myself, the bridesmaids and my mom and mother in law.  They look so cute!

I don't know if you can see it because their glasses were filled to the brim with Sangria but their names are on the back of the cup. 
I ordered the tumblers from De La Design.  She was so easy to work with and so quick!

Here are some cookies I ordered!  So cute... take a look at the picture on the cookie! It's a picture of a boy on his knees proposing!  

If you notice I changed into a dress at night. =)

I got the idea for these cookies from Mutludukkan.  It was so cute when I saw it I had to order them!  On the right were cake pops a friend of mine from school made.

Probably one of my favorite gifts of the night!  My besets teacher friend got me among other things this fabulous frame!

Here'a a pic of my  my honey and I and parents

Cute frame right?  Another gift from bridesmaids!  Love it

The party was amazing as you can see!

I leave with some pics of friends having a grand old time!

Towards the end of the night.. about 2 am LOL 

( Love how she has her tumbler in her hand) 

So much fun!  Now it's a year away from the wedding. Can't wait!  There's so much left to do. =)

Let me know what you think of the pics?  Is there anything from your wedding that went great?  I'd love to hear some ideas!


I am working on such a cute and space effective Classroom Management Pack coming this Sunday!(fingers crossed)

This year we have suggested ideas for what to put on bulletin boards so I have come up with this amazing pack that won't take up as much space as other posters might.  This way I will have room for what needs to be up!  Stop by Sunday. 

Happy Thursday. =)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Love is in the Air - Mystery Flash Freebie!

Hey y'all!  

Love is in the air!! 

If you are following me, you'd know I have been posting about my Engagement Party I was having this summer.  It was yesterday!  It was really a BBQ for the wedding party and a few other close friends.  It was also to celebrate the fact that we are officially a year away from the wedding. =)   

I am so excited because it was AMAZING!  It was suppose to storm and instead it was the complete opposite.  It was a beautiful day and we were surrounded with friends who truly love us.  My fiance and I were honestly so honored and felt so loved yesterday, it was just a beautiful thing.  

I will be posting tons of pics this week as I gather myself tonight because I am exhausted!  But here's a few pics that I lovedddd for the night.

My honey and I at the end of the night.  I am loving this pic.  

(if you can notice, in the back of the cake, by the fence i posted pictures of friends family and my honey and I hanging from purple ribbon and glitter clothespins holding it up to give it a fun and cute look.. got so many compliments!)

I am seriously OBSESSED with this cake.  My beautiful MOH's got this for me because they are seriously just awesome. So glad they did because it was such a hit and tasted delicious.

Here's a pic of my absolutely favorite girls ever!!
I don't know what I would do without them and they are making this wedding planning so much fun.

(if you can tell, my bridesmaids wore their bridesmaids tank tops I got for them as a gift..they really all looked beautiful in it. More pics to follow)

Finally my friend Joa and I towards the end of the night. I am seriously lovin this girl.  She was on vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC  with her hubby and sweet boy, and she cut her trip a day short and drove back just for this party. WoW!  So happy she came. I'm lovin her tan too!

yes, that's a mason jar in her hand =)

Okay so keep posted this week for a huge post on my Wedding Party/Engagement Party BBQ.  I have tons of pics of the night and some cute ideas that were a complete hit the entire night. 

SO in honor of me being so completely in love with my honey and happy that the party was such a blessing.  I am throwing a FLASH FREEBIE for the next hour and a half. If you click HERE, you will  be taken to the mystery FREEBIE.  

I am in the process of updating the pack.  So when I do, you will be able to grab the latest edition. =)

Catch?  No, but I do ask that you follow my sweet little shop to stay posted on more tips, crafts and freebies in the future.  Click here to take you to my store.  

Grab the freebie now and let me know what you think. =) 

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Super Sale!

Hey everyone!  

I am so excited and happy today.  I will be getting married a year from today!  

This is the man that I put up with puts up with me, and can look at me when I am mad and we just laugh.  We always have such a good time and are always laughing.  My favorite thing to do.

So happy that it's just a year away!

In honor of this amazing day, I will be putting up my entire store for 20% off.  

Make sure to grab what you can now and get your discount.  This will end tonight at 12 am EST.  Click here to take you directly there!

What's in my shop you ask?

Filled with crafts, literacy and math centers perfect for the Fall and Back 2 School.

Such a cute packet, I'm sure your little ones will love!

I'm also loving my :

It has all the printables you need for the year to help your little ones improve on their comprehension skills.

Stay posted for a sweet Grandparent's Day Craft coming up!


Monday, July 15, 2013

United We Stand - A Patriotic Craftivity!

So earlier in the week I revamped my Johnny Appleseed Craftivity and now I want to show you my latest renovated Patriotic Craftivity!  

I created this last year geared towards 9-11 and remembering the day.  My little ones were not born during the tough time and this packet is great for introducing the idea in a sensitive way and having them learn more about our country. So I decided to revamp the creativity.  The new one comes with an adorable Patriotic Hat.  What do ya think?

I seriously love the Patriotic hat!

It has writing prompts glued to the bottom to fill in facts about our country!

I know my little ones will love it when we make it!

Here are some peeks at what's included in this little bundle:

  This packet includes:
-6 writing prompts (full&half,primary&secondary,b&w)
-Acrostic Poems
-Letters to soldiers
-Sensitive letter to students explaining 9-11
-Can, Has & Is
-KWL (know, want to know and learned)
-Pledge of Allegiance (b&w and color)
-Our Country's Facts along with a Quiz

Grab this adorable packet now and be prepared for September. 

If you do grab it, let me know what you think. =) 

I am setting up for 1 Sweet Giveaway you won't want to miss.  I will give you a hint on what it is:  it has to do with my latest obsession!  If you read up on my last few posts you might figure it out!

If you like this craft and follow my TpT and Blog Lovin you have a chance to win this packet!

Drop me a comment below letting me know what you follow and I will choose 3 lovely bloggers to win this packet!  

Happy Monday!

Don't forget to link up for Monday Made It!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Flash Freebie!

Hey all!  Happy Wednesday! I have been working on so many projects lately, I just want to finish them all and share it with you.  

But before I do, I am so excited to be doing this today.

 I want to have my first FLASH FREEBIE!  

(thanks to Graphics from the Pond for the adorable chalkboard)

Hop on over to my FACEBOOK page to find out what product I am giving away for free just for 2 hours.  Make sure to grab it because as soon as that 1 hour is over, it's going back up to it's original price.

I will be doing  a few more FLASH FREEBIES through the week so make sure to  LIKE me on FACEBOOK to stay posted for those updates!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Out With The Old & In With The New- Johnny Appleseed!

I think I have a post with that same title!  Oh well.  I am excited to be recreating old products and making them even more fabulous than before.  I have redone my Johnny Appleseed Craftivity! 

The craft is my absolute favorite!

It's sweet little Johnny with a basket of apples.  

What has changed about the packet?  Well everything.  I loved the old packet so much but decided to add some more writing printables and fun things that I know my little ones will have a blast making.

I love the old but am so lovin' the new packet!  The craft is adorable too.  Would be great for a bulletin for the beginning of the year.  I think my sweethearts will love it when they get back from school.

This craft includes:
-instructions/pictures/stencils for the craft
-writing prompts/full&half/primary&secondary lines/b&w
-ABC Order
-Can, Has and Is
-How Well Do You Know Me?
-First, Next & Last
-Word of the Day
-Making Words (2 printables)
-Word Search
-Writing a letter to Johnny Appleseed
-Writing prompts with different topics
-"If I Had a Bushel of Apples" writing prompts

If you have recently bought this you can go ahead and click on the download button to retrieve the NEW packet.  If you have not yet grabbed this, click HERE to take you there!

Don't forget to let me know what you think if you grab it. =) 

Stay tuned this week and next for some more treats I have been creating non-stop!  So excited to share them with you.  

Up next in the line-up:
-More changes to some fabulous oldies but goodies crafts
-Grandparent's Day Craftivity
-Space Craftivity
-Back 2 School Crafts
-Classroom Management Bundle

  Drop me a comment letting me know you follow me on Bloglovin and leave me your e-mail!  

I will choose 3 winners tonight and they will win this cute little packet. (I always say tonight but I always forget, so let's say tomorrow!)

Congrats to # 2, 6 and 1!  

I will be e-mailing you shortly. =)

Remember this?  

I loved the old packet but love the new one so much more.  Coming this week!

Happy Sunday!