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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Birthday Week and Cinco De Mayo!

This past Tuesday was my birthday!! Yay!!  It was such a great week, I felt like I celebrated all week.  

I wanted to do a recap of my week because I know I haven't blogged.  This is what was keeping me busy!

On Tuesday my love and I took off of work to celebrate my day of birth! LoL  We went to the city and had lunch.  We went to an awesome Mexican restaurant called Dos Caminos  If you live near the city....I suggest you definitely try this place!!  It has amazing Mexican food!  

It's a tad dark but this is me and my honey having dessert...yummmmm

Moving on, I want to share my fabulous favorite gifts I got this week!  I can't share allll but I wanted to show my absolute faves!  My class this year was amazing.  They really went all out for my birthday.  It def made me feel loved.   Around here there is a very famous bakery store called Carlo's Bakery.   He has his own show on Bravo named "Cake Boss".  

One of my students got me  a seriously amazing cake from there!! 

My amazing teacher friend and a bridesmaid got me this!  She knows me so well! LoL

She always gets me leopard things because I am OBSESSED! 

My sweet fiancé got me a bunch of sweet things....oh but these were my favorite! Ugh .... I just love these!!

This is me putting them to good use yesterday when my friends and I went to celebrate my Birthday New York Yankee style!  

Best birthday week !!

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Moving on to teaching!!

This week is Cinco De Mayo!!  

I've never actually celebrated it with my class...so I'm happy to introduce it to my little ones this week.

I will be doing this cute Freebie from the Cutest Crafty Teacher.

It has such a cute craft and a fun poem to go with it!  This would be a great way to start off the week.

You can grab this freebie by clicking HERE to take you to her shop!

What are you all doing for Cinco de Mayo?  

I'd love to see what you do with your little ones. =)

I recently said I had a very SWEET freebie coming up!  

 With my birthday festivities I was too busy to create but stay tuned for that!!

Happy Sunday.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hopping and Leaping Into a New Grade - Writing Craftivity!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!  I am so excited to be sharing this newest little creativity!  I have been waiting to put this up for so long now.  I know we all end school around different times but this is an adorable beginning/end of year craft that surely will be a hit with your little ones!!

Check it out!

Love the writing prompts as well.


The cute kangaroos is my absolute favorite!!  

This adorable writing craft has all the things you need to get your little ones getting ready to end another year and getting excited to start a new one!  It’s full of writing printables and a cute craft to match.  There's a fun writing prompt in the pouch that is too cute. Grab this little guy and end the year the right way!

This craft includes
-Writing prompts/half & full/b&w/primary& secondary
-Writing prompts include grades from K-2

You can check it out HERE or check out my TpT Store to see what else I've been up to.  I hope you enjoy it.  I know my little ones will love making it.

If you want to win this cute little pack leave me your e-mail and a comment letting me know how many days you have left until summer!  We have so many it's just too far to start counting.  But I'd love to hear from ya. =)

Congrats to Kimberly from Live Laugh I Love Kindergarten . 

I will be e-mailing you the packet!

I will do random generator tonight and see who wins!

Check back this week for a very SWEET freebie.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Product Swap!!

So happy for this product swap!! 

( Kuddos to Michelle for this fab button )

I love these product swaps!  It's such a great way to find a new blogging bud and try out one of their awesome products.  It's so nice to brag and showcase someone's hard work!

Thanks to the lovely Jessica for setting up another awesome swap!  I was paired with an awesome blogging bud Val from All Students Can Shine !

I lovedddd her Roll and Read Sight Words Bundle!

My little ones really loved it.  I know my girls love any center that has to do with coloring and this was just up their alley!

Because we were out of white paper in the copy room this week, I printed the copies out in pink paper...go figure! 

My little ones see each center twice a week so I set up 2 different worksheets and dice for them.  

Grrr I wish you could see what the worksheet looks like in white.


So here is what some of the die looks like white.

The way you play this is so easy and so much fun!  

First: You have you student roll both die.
Next: Whatever color they land on is the color they must use to write.
Then:  They must sound out the sight word they rolled and write in down once using the color they rolled.
Last: The next player goes!

The student to finish all of their words, wins!

It gets more and more fun for the little ones when they choose words they have already filled out, so for them it gets "intense".

I just loved seeing them work together and read the words.

The good thing about this game it comes it Pre Primer and Primer so your higher level students can challenge themselves with the more difficult words. 

Here's one what group's mats looked like when they were done. 

When the group saw the center again during the week, I set up a different worksheet to keep it fresh!

My sweethearts had such a blast making this that I am going to make this the newest "Word Work Center".  

It was so easy to explain!

For my more advanced students, I will give them the "Roll and Read" from the Primer set.   Here's a shot of what that recording sheet and dice look like.

The recording sheet...

So you can interchange each depending on your group of little ones. It's definitely a great to introduce or review sight words!

If you want to grab this amazing packet click HERE  to take you to her TpT Shop or by clicking HERE to check out her blog and some of her other amazing ideas.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Going Green and More Direct Drawings!

Today my little one's heard a cute story titled"  Miss Fox's Class Goes Green

( You can grab this adorable book by clicking HERE! The link will take you straight to Amazon to get your own copy!)

My kids loved this book!  They didn't know what it meant to "Go Green" before and now they definitely do.  

The story is about different ways the little ones can go green wether it's shorter showers, turning lights off and making sure the t.v's not on when no one is watching it!  

Such a cute way to learn more about keeping our Earth squeaky clean.

I also read another Earth book.  I had them do some more direct drawings; which by the way they love!!

Take a look at how they turned out!

These were my absolute favorites!!

How do you go green?

I asked my kids this question and one of them said " I hate wearing green" 


Happy Thursday!!  

Check back this weekend for a Product Swap and a Cute End of Year Craft!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Celebrate Earth Day!

This week we are going over our Earth and different ways to take care of it.  Last week we were able to finish the craft I set up for them and they came out adorable!!

Isn't it so cute.  I think this is one of my faves!!  I share a board with my blogging bud Teri !

Take a closer look at my girlies work.  One of them makes me giggle....can you guess which one?

I think the girly on the left is from the 60's. =)  They both are adorable. 

If you love this craft, you can grab it by clicking HERE or drop by my Shop to check out what other ideas I have up my sleeve!

What are you all doing for Earth Day next week?  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pete the Cat- Direct Drawings!

Happy Thursday all!! I am soooooooo exhausted!!! I started doing this work out video called "Turbo Fire" this week and my gosh it's kicking my butt!  
So this post will be short and sweet!

Earlier this week, my littles ones and I read "Pete the Cat - I Love My White Shoes".  

Can I just say, I have never read a "Pete the Cat" story before. I guess I live in a bubble. I have heard ppl talk about it but never seemed to remember to get it at book fairs.  

Well my kids were OBSESSED!

It was a cute, short and funny story - right up their alley!

So since it was so short, I didn't want their love for Pete the Cat to go away.  I opened up the page to Pete and his shoes and had them do direct drawings of the page.

AHHHH!  They did awesome!!  

Take a look.....

Aren't they so cute?  I thought they came out great and can't wait to read some more Pete the Cat books!!

Which one's do you recommend?

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Sweet Mother's Day Writing Booklet - Craftivity!

Mother's Day is May 12th this year!  Of course, I got another "vision" for this special day and got right to work.  I was so excited I did because I think it came out so cute.  I think my little ones are going to enjoy giving it to their mommies, aunts or sisters this year!

A Sweet Mother's Day Writing Booklet - Craftivity

Isn't it soooooo cute? I just love it.  Here's a close look at what's inside this packet.

You can really add whichever printable you'd like into the book. I chose the letter to mom and the "All About My Mom and Me" because those were my favorites!

I loved making this Mother's Day Craftivity!  The kids can make it their own by and making it special for their mommy.  It's just so peronal and adorable that it will make any mom melt.  The are other alternatives besides mom.  I have included "All About Auntie and Me" and "All About My Sis and Me".  There are so many great woman out there who love the little ones I couldn't just stick with mom, so I had to include Grandma and Aunt printables in here too!

This packet includes:
-writing prompts/full/half/b&w/primary/secondary
-Word of the day
-All About Mom and Me worksheet/also includes one for grandma and aunt
-Writing letters
-Making Words
-Word Search

and plenty more!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and this adorable booklet is just what you need for your little ones to give to their special lady in their life.   It is full of endless  printables for your kiddies to fill out about their mom, aunt and grandmother.  Your sweet kids will enjoy making this and giving it to either their mom, grandmother or aunt on this special day.

Come grab this booklet by clicking HERE just in time for Mother’s Day on May 12!  The craft alone is just too cute!  

If you love this cute little craft and would like to win this packet, leave a comment with your e-mail following either my pinterest or my TpT

Congrats to Jen's Kinder Kids!

E-mailing you now. 


I will do random number generator tonight!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Let's Get Organizing!

Happy Thursday all!  I am still on break and go back on Monday. =(  

This post is to just let you all know a very sweet bloggy gal Marie from The Hands On Teacher asked me to help participate in her Let's Get Organizing Week.  

You can go directly to her blog by clicking HERE or clicking on her button below!

Drop by, as I give my tips and ideas on how to better organize your books around the classroom.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Have a "Sunsational" Summer!

Happy Monday all!  I hope everyone had a nice Easter!  I spent the day with my fiance's family.  It was such a beautiful day out so it made Easter that much better!  

Now, I know what your thinking.  An end of the year craft ...so soon? But we just had Easter!  Well I have had this "vision" for quite a bit.  I know since we all teach in different parts of the country, we all end school at different times of the year.  I wanted to put this out there so everyone has time to make it!

I loved loved loved making this cute little guy.  Take a looksie.

Have a "Sunsational" Summer- End of Year-Summer Writing Craftivity!

You have 2 options with this craft.  You can glue the sun craft onto cardstock or construction paper and glue the writing prompt at the bottom OR you can glue the writing prompt behind the sun rays and have the students attach it to the sun.

This packet has all the essential printables you need to get your little ones even more excited that school is almost out.  They will truly enjoy making this sun craft.  How do I know this?  Because as I was making it, I kept thinking about my summer and all I wanted to do!

This packet includes:

-writing prompts/full-hal-primary-secondary lines-b&w
-Making Words
-Words of the Day
-ABC Order
-Word Search
-Write It/Draw It


You can grab this packet by clicking HERE or going to my TpT  to check out what other crafts I have at my store.

Do you love this little guy as much as I do?  Since I love this craft so much and think you will love it just as much, I will make this free until 8pm EST tonight!  There's a small catch though. =)  Please be my newest follower for my TpT and my Pinterest.  I would love to reach 700 followers. =)

Don't forget to let me know what you think.  I love to hear your comments. =)

Anddddd Go!