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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Christmas Lapbook

It's finally December.  In fact it's almost Christmas.  The months are flying by and I am falling behind like always.  

I can't wait to share with you all my newest pack.  My Christmas Lapbook is the cutest and I think my little ones are going to love putting it together this week.  It's full of fun and cute writing, reading and thinking prompts that will get your kiddos thinking about the real meaning of the holidays.  But there are definitely other cute activities as well such as trying to catch santa, can has is charts for Rudolph and Santa and what traditions really mean and how your students can create their own traditions with their family.

Here's what the lapbook looks like once put together.

I love these because your kiddos can do it slowly throughout the week maybe during center time or during your Enrichment period.  It's such a fun time that I am sure this book will keep them busy and entertained while learning lots.  

These printables introduce the topic on traditions and what they mean.  It goes on to discuss how we have traditions that our families do yearly.  Working on First, Next and Last is always a fun one for my kids as they work with their groups to come up with the best ideas.  I know that they will also enjoy coloring the Santa craft and gluing it to the top when all finished.

Go check out my Christmas Lapbook right in time for the holidays.  It's the perfect treat for your class and touches based on so many topics and lessons.  

Here's whats included in my set
*pictures/how to instructions
*black and white/color version
*can has in (rudolph and santa)
*word search
*holiday picture words
*how to catch santa
*stuffed with love (coupons for family)
*what are traditions
*writing prompts

I hope if you grab it, your little ones can enjoy learning about the importance of Christmas and can share some great ideas!

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Interactive Thanksgiving Lap Book

Happy Sunday everyone.  I recently completed my Fire Safety Lap Book.  My little ones absolutely loved it.  They had so much fun learning about fire safety then putting their entire book together themselves.  They were so proud of it, they couldn't wait to take it home to show their parents and practice what they learned.

So I had to create another one, just in time for Thanksgiving.  My new Thankgiving Lap Book is just like my last one.  It's full of fun writing prompts, activities and interactive ways for your little ones to learn about what Thanksgiving is really about and why it is they are thankful.

I know my little ones originally believe that Thanksgiving is about having a big meal and spending time with family and maybe some relatives they don't see all the time.  With this lap book, your little ones will be able to express what Thanksgiving is about, who and why they are thankful and even learn how to catch a turkey or two.  It's full of different ways to get your students interest and get them involved and excited for the holidays. 

Here's some pics of what is included in the interactive lapbook.  

This cute book has black and white as well as color versions for your class.  The activities are interactive, exciting and so much fun to complete.  This lapbook has a lot of tasks that can be used for centers, buddy work or even at home with family.  It can take a bit to complete, so starting one day at a time will be exciting and something your little ones look forward to completing.

The cute turkey craft is something your class will enjoy doing.  Have them do it towards the end as a last minute treat to complete the book.  

There are reading prompts, writing prompts and everything in between.  I am so excited for my little ones to really think about who they are thankful for and why.

This book is sure to get your kids excited to learn the meaning of Thanksgiving and wanting to complete this activity with their siblings and family.  Grab this now and have your month set with this activity that can be done a little bit each day.  

This Thanksgiving lapbook includes:
*pictures/how to instructions
*black and white/color version
*acrostic poems
*making lists of who we are thankful for
*turkeys: can have are
*my family: can has is
*turkey picture words
*what does Thanksgiving really mean?
*who I am thankful for
*how to catch a turke (first, next and last)
*what my Thanksgiving meal looks like
*writing prompts
*turkey craft
*who is important to me

Come grab this now and have your little ones be extra thankful this year.

Keep a lookout for next month's lapbook: Christmas!

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Fire Safety Lap Book

Happy Monday all!  It's October.  My favorite month for work and my personal life.  There's so much to do and enjoy.  I like to make sure my little ones have a great month.  There's a few important topics to review in October.  One being Fire Safety.  


Fire Safety is introduced/reviewed the first week of October.  However I really like to make it a month type of thing.  It's definitely an important lesson to review and I like to take my time with it.   I also feel like my little ones enjoy learning about fire safety because it has them interact with their parents about it and they like coming up with a meeting place or plan when trying to prepare.  

I have created this cute Fire Safety Flap Book and hope to start the conversation with my little ones and see how much they know. I can't wait to get started on it this week.  It's a different and very hands on approach to an important lesson that should really be talked about regularly.  Here's a snipped of whats included and in this set.

The front part is a useful list of the top tips for being fire safe.  You can discuss it as a class, write in on the board or have them come up with it after learning more about fire safety.  Inside is an array of self assessments, vocabulary words, writing prompts, keywords and important information.

I think when learning about fire safety, your little ones know what the important words are such as hydrant, match, smoke detector and fire extinguisher.  These are words they should be remembering as they are discussed more and more.  

The important information includes cards such as where to meet, important names and family numbers, any pets, etc, fire departments, etc. Having these cards are good for your little ones to practice the information so they are prepared in case of an emergency.

The backside to the flap book is an extra few more tips and lessons to secure your kiddos have understood the lesson.  These cute writing prompts can be done in the classroom, during center time or even at home with their parents.  It's an interactive way to put what they learned onto paper.

This flap book includes:
instructions and pictures for the flap book
writing prompts
can have are
self assessments
picture words
importan information
first next last
fireman picture words

You can grab the prompts for the Fire Safety Flap Book here.  Fire Safety should be fun and interactive in order to ensure memory and understanding of the lesson and concept.

Happy Fire Safety Week!

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Farm Animal Research & LIteracy Park

Happy Sunday all.   We are super happy over here as football started today.  There's lots of screaming, cheering and unncessary cursing on my husband's end.  And I am over here all excited because I finished my newest and latest pack!  This really took me allll summer to make.  It is beyond difficult to create and watch a baby at the same time.  How do mommy's do it?  I am exhausted just thinking about doing that again. LOL

The inspiration behind my newest creation was my son's first birthday party.  It was farm themed and we rented farm animals and had pony rides.  And I was like I can totally make this a cute unit for my first graders when I get back to school in September.  Hooray!  I finished.  Here is it.

The animals included in this set are sheep, goats, donkey's horses, cows and pigs.

This pack is loaded with farm animal research and literacy printables. Help your little ones build literacy concepts by learning about each farm animal. You can use these activities as morning work, center or buddy work, early finishers and even homework. Throw these in a bin in each group and have them complete it as a reward. The printables are cute, engaging and so much fun. Your little ones will enjoy learning about each farm animal. The farm animals in this set are: cow, pig, horse, donkey, sheep and goat. This would be perfect to implement before or after a trip to the farm.

Here are some of my favorite activities..

I love that these printables can be used in a variety of ways.  You can print and toss them in a bin for whatever you'd like.  It's that easy.  I know my little ones will like the riddle sheet because it will definitely get them thinking and talking.  Would totally be fun to do as a group.

Ever heard of "What does the fox say"?  Well this is similar to that.  Be prepared to have a lot of animal noise making for this lesson. =)

This is a really good opinion writing piece.  The first printable explains the differences, from there they get to write about which animal they letter better.  I even offer a printable to compare/contract horses and donkeys.  It's a great way to work on student's writing, brainstorming, opinions and more

Gather your information from what you learned about these animals and put your mind to work with these printables.  Great way to see what they can remember from the lesson.

Grab this pack by clicking here 

Topics covered in this set 
(pigs, cows, goats, sheep, horse and donkey)
explanatory writing
opinion writing
abc order
reports for each animal
assessments for each animal
sequential order
fact vs fiction
making text connections
farm animal fact fun
can have are
word bank stories
class graph
name that animal
match that sound

Make sure to check out the preview also to get a better glimpse of what to expect.  I hope you gran and love teaching it with your little ones.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Early Finishers Literacy Pack

Happy Thursday all.  If you are like me then you started school today with the kids.  It was so hot!  I felt so bad for the little ones because we could carely get through the day without drinking water every 15-20 minutes.  But year 11 is in the books!  I can't believe I have been teaching 11 years.  That flew by. I feel like every year I get better and more organized as a teacher which not only helps me but helps my class as well.  

I have created a new set that is super quick and are fun printables to get those early finishers still working while the class is still on task.  These printables are perfect for the beginning of the year for your little ones to see where your students are at and what they are capable of doing.  It can also be used for buddy work, center time and homework if your feeling risky.  

here are some snippets of what you will see inside...

I like these printables is much because it follows a theme and gets the kids excited about the season or holiday.  These two printables above go with back to school and also the Fall/Halloween theme.  It's a cute idea to get the early finisher working and thinking of fun ideas.

These ditto's have to do with reading, reading comprehension sounding out and cutting/pasting.  I think these are perfect for center work so the students can work together and share their thoughts and ideas.  It also incorporates coloring which is always a hit in my classroom. Some of these printables can be used over and over again as they are generic and can be applied to different stories read in the classroom.

BONUS!  I have included a few sheets implementing some math strategies.  There's always those few students that love Math and working on practice skills.  Keep these ditto's in handy specifically for those students and for those you want to challenge.

This pack includes
*alphabet fun
*all about me
*following directions
*reading and coloring
*making statement, question and exclamation sentences
*cutting/pasting/sorting with living&non living things, nouns/verbs/adjectives, color words and holidays
*identifying beginning,middle and end sounds
*lower case and upper case identification
*adjective fill ins
*writing a letter
*writing and drawing with retelling a story [beginning,middle and end]
*author's purpose
*somebody wanted but so then
*story elements
*parts of the story
*relating to a story
*opinion statements
*comparing and contrasting
*coloring by code
*short vowels [cut and paste
*main ideas
*making predictions
*character web

Bonus Math printables include
*sorting with numbers & number words [1-5}
*color using color codes
*true false with addition sentences
*odds and even

Go ahead and grab this pack by clicking here. It will have you set for the upcoming season and holidays. Your little ones will enjoy working on these strategies and topics working independently or with a buddy!

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Writing with Word Banks

AH.  I am posting a new product!  I am so excited for this because I know I will use this each and every month.  It's a simple print and go kind of a thing and requires no effort on my end now that it's complete.  

Every year my I start the writing process with my little ones.  It's hard.  I mean really hard for them.  I am thinking they will get it and then they throw me for a loop when they get confused.  It's hard for the little ones to create their own stories and write a sentence without some help or guidance.  But they always seem to get it a little bit faster and quicker when there is a word bank involved.  Somehow and someway the word being there right in front of them gives them the little bit of encouragement and help they needed.  Then from there it becomes a little bit easier.  So here is my sweet idea.

This is the perfect resource for me to have on hand for my little ones.  It will encourage them to write with the fun topics and ideas for each month and it will also give them that little boost of confidence they need to get writing with the word banks.  Here are some of what is included inside.

  Each month has 4 writing printables (possible one sheet a week) that have the holidays, theme or important dates for that particular month.  The students can get excited for writing as that particular holiday or date is approaching.  Some printables have an option for drawing as well.  

This is an example of a holiday sheet perfect for December.  I know my little ones will love it as they get excited to read all of the Gingerbread stories.

Get your class ready for the year with this fun writing pack.  You can grab it by clicking here.  Let me know what you think of it when you do.  I know this is one less stress I have to worry about as writing is always tricky at the beginning of the year.  Make it easier on you and your kiddies by grabbing this.  =)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Really Good Stuff - Teacher Box

Happy Sunday everyone!  As the summer quickly is coming to an end, it's time to start thinking of ideas for back to school. Every year I like to buy myself a few small things for the classroom.  I try not to over do it as I usually do.  I usually see and want everything.  But I think online, I seem to have more control of my buying as I can try to talk myself out of buying things I don't really do.  Does anyone else feel that way? 

My first stop was Really Good Stuff.  I get all my school supplies there as well as incentives for the little ones. Some recent purchases have included the ever so popular privacy shields.  

I use these for everything.  I use them during snack time, (if they are being too rowdy), tests, centers, etc.  They are great quality and last for years.  I have gotten super lucky the last few years.  As teachers have retired or teachers have gotten different positions, I always ask them to have their shields.  I am set for a good decade with this sweet resource.

I also have been in the hunt for some bins.  My room has been mostly neon for the last few years and I do not see that changing anytime soon.  I love coming in to my room and everything is bright and engaging.  I have purchased most of these bins from here.  Really Good Stuff has the bins, pencil holders and book cases all to match.  

These square bins are also perfect for chapter books or leveled readers.


What I recently just discovered and am super excited to have joined was the Really Good Stuff Teacher Box.  It's a subscription box that comes with really useful resources and activities for the kids.  You can choose the grade level you want.  It's offered for K-6.  The activities and products can be used in a variety of ways.  You can use them to introduce the theme for the month, or separately.  It's up to you.  It includes tools, instructions and materials for up to 36 students.  
Here are some sample pictures of the box. 

By participating in this monthly box, you will also be joined in the Loyalty Program which gives you discounts on future purchases.  You can't go wrong with savings.  

Here is a clip of the box in action.
clip.  Check it out and don't wait.  You'll be set for the year with activities and resources for your little ones.  The themes seem exciting and interesting for their age group and offer a lot of different products to go along with it such as prompt cards, writing tasks and post it's to match the theme and skill.  It's only $29.99 a month.  Free shipping is always included.  

Want to read more.  Click Here to learn more and see if it's something you would enjoy doing with your class.

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