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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Staying Busy in November!

Ahh.  It's already the middle of October.  With paperwork, testing and deadlines I am missing my favorite month of the year. My next favorite is November, so if I miss a bit of October, I'll manage.   I've been working on my latest product.  A few weeks ago, I posted my Staying Busy in October pack. My students are LOVING it.  It comes in handy for centers, buddy work and even morning work.  If I don't finish the whole pack soon in class, I will start giving some out for homework.   I decided to keep it going and create it for each month.  This is my latest: Staying Busy in November

This is the perfect pack for the month.  It comes with cute printables that your little ones will truly enjoy.  Let's take a look at some of my faves…

We review short vowel sounds around November/December  This would be perfect for centers.  My students love coloring/identifying letters and letters sounds.

We introduce/review patterns, number bonds and skipping at the beginning of the year.  These are also a bit tricky at the beginning.  What a better way to practice/reinforce these skills with some fun printables.  Use these in the morning when they walk through the door and get those minds going for the day!

I love to toss in some extra fun printables to get them excited for the holidays.  My little ones always love to talk about themselves, what they like and what they already know.  So these printables are perfect for just that.  They are able to work on their reading, writing and opinions.  

My Students LOVED doing this last month.  I would put it in their folder every Thursday when they had to read the story of the week. They filled it out according to the story and then told me their favorite part.  They love telling me what they think.  It's great for comprehension and identifying parts of the story. =)  

I seriously love this pack.  It has everything we need to review our skills for the month.  It's fun, exciting and hopefully will get my students excited for the holidays.  Drop by my store  to see what else is in this pack.  Make sure to download the preview for a better look!  With literacy and math printables, this combo has you covered.  

This combo pack includes:
*Feed Me {ending sounds with short e and short i}
*Turkey Sort
*My Favorite's
*Turkey traditions {writing}
*Roll and Fill {short vowel sounds}
*ABC Order
*Thanksgiving Writing
*Turkey Trouble {reading and making connections}
*Turkey Talk {sentence mix up}
*Retell It
*Apples in Order! {sequence}
*Can Have Are
*I Am Thankful
* Tommy is Thankful {reading and making connections}

*Number Bonds
*Roll and Cover
*Roll a Turkey
*Skippity Do Dah {skipping by two's}
*What's the Pattern?
*See It and Write It {how many}
*Even or Odd?

Stay tuned for months ahead.  

I am resting and mentally preparing for the week ahead.  So I am off to lay down and relax and watch some football. =)

Happy Sunday!

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