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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Staying Busy in September!

Has it seriously been that long sing I have blogged?  My goodness!  Where have I been?  My life has been crazy hectic.. but I am back!   With a fun little pack to get your little ones and MINE excited for back to school.  

Last year, I literally relied on my Staying Busy Packs all of last year.  I have a bunch of packs from amazing bloggers, but these packs were mostly used for centers and homework last year.  Here is a sneak peak of what's in my latest pack.   It's filled with things that would go perfect for the month and has tons of activities the kids will love to work on.

I love to introduce just the *idea* of ABC order at the beginning of the year.  We work on it slowly and as the year progresses, they start to understand it more.  This is a fun printable just to get the idea introduced.

My little ones loved my making connections sheets.  They enjoyed it mostly because they are working on so many different things, they don't have time to relax.  Their reading, writing, highlighting and drawing.  It's always a hit!

Printables like these make my little ones think and thats a good thing, right?!  I have a few printables like these that work on cutting, pasting and sequencing.  

First graders love numbers and they love to understand what's bigger and smaller.  This is perfect for working on greater than and less than.

Another cute worksheet that works on more than one skill.  I know my little ones will enjoy doing this for centers, buddy work or even homework.  

Matching numbers is perfect for back to school.  My little ones struggle with identifying number words.  This is a perfect little practice sheet that can get them working on these important skills that will definitely be needed through the year!

What do you think?  If you grab this set let me know what you think.  Check out what else I have for back to school in my TpT Shop

This packet includes:

*letter identification
*using sequential words 
*abc order
*tapping out
*writing printables
*making connections with text
*sentence order
*can has is


*number identification
*associating numbers with pictures
*roll and cover numbers
*bigger or less than
*cutting and pasting numbers
*roll and fill using number words
*identifying number words
*fill in missing numbers
*odds and evens
*number sense

I hope you love it!

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