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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Super Sale!

Hey sweet friends!  I am doing a quick stop because this wedding is taking over my life!!  

Tomorrow and the rest of the weekend I will be throwing a super sale!!! AHHH.  This is in honor of TpT reaching 3 million teacher followers.  What a crazy number right?  Who would have thought that it could be as big as it has become.  I know I am so fortunate and happy to have met some sweet bloggers and be able to share our things with one another.  

Thanks to JDs Rockin Readers for such a sweet button!

In case you are curious on what to stock up on.  Check out my ….

My students are also loving my Write This & Draw That for their writing centers.

I need to stock up on my own things on my wish list!!  

Be sure when you check out to plug in promo code: TpT3 to get a complete 28% off your entire purchase!! 

Happy Shopping. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bopping for Butterflies - Butterfly Unit

Hey all!  I've been working on this bundle for a bit now and happy to say it's complete.  I have a few more things to get done for the Spring time but am so happy with this unit especially with a sweet surprise coming this week! SHHHHH more to come on that. =)
  It's similar to my frog unit but just with butterflies and a few different printables!

I know my little ones love learning and growing our own butterflies in the classroom.  Why not create a bundle to add to the process?  Here it is!

I am obsessing over the craft and all the different cute colors you can use.

This is me playing around with the colors and prompts.

UGHHH, please forgive me for the pics.  My phone has been so off with pics lately, it's beyond frustrating.  I think it's time to upgrade to a real camera, don't ya think?!?!?!

Moving on….

The printables are very kid friendly and fun for them to learn about.

I think the students will enjoy putting the life cycle in order.  My little ones love cutting and gluing. Me on the other hang, I can't handle the sticks hands and desks!  Yikes!!

My students have been working on transition words lately.  I think this will be an awesome packet to work on that and also give me their ideas on how to catch this cute little guy.

I can't forget the usual fun printables my little ones always love completing.

Inside this pack, you'll find

*writing prompts b&w/full & half page
*can, have & are
*word search
*frog review guide
*frog quiz true/false
*3 life cycle booklets: color/b&w/and empty lines for students to fill in the life cycle
*write & draw
*life cycle cut &paste
*finish the butterfly
*roll a butterfly
*facts & opinion
*butterfly report
*facts page
*word of the day
*frog report
*making words
*color, cut & paste 
*read & comprehend
*abc order

& so much, much more!

Click here to check out more on this pack.

Want a chance to win this?  Leave a comment below, letting me know you follow me on TpT!

Congrats to  #7.  Sending it your way now!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lucky Little Leprechauns

So I have been searching and searching for my old post on my  St. Patrick's Day Leprechauns.   But UMMM I can't find it.  It's so bizarre, I could have sworn I posted about these cute little guys.  I guess I  never did! 

So let me show you my Lucky Little Leprechauns!

I remember my little ones really liked making these last year.  

My little ones back then really had some great ideas on what they would do if they met a leprechaun.  Some would have loved to trap them, while others simply just want to catch rainbows with them. =)  I love their ideas.  I can't wait to do this with my sweet ones this year.

This bundle is full of fun writing printables and will get the students thinking and brainstorming!

Take a look at my fave printables from this pack

Labeling is something we go over at the beginning of the year.  I think this is a great way for reinforce those skills and have the little ones continue to practice on it.  

This packet includes
-Writing prompts/black and white/ full & half page/ primary & secondary
-ABC order
-Making words 
-Word of the day

and much more!

If you want to grab this or learn more, click here to take you there! 


I personally love St. Patrick's Day.  I think it's a fun day to celebrate and do crazy things with the color green.   Last year, I was able to use create this for my class.  I got this 

I gave the pencils to all of my leprechauns for the day.  The girls got leprechaun headbands, while the boys got the sunglasses.  It was a great way to get them in the St. Patty's Day spirit.

I've also been thinking about creating this for my kiddies this year. 

I got this awesome idea from  My Lds Project's Blog.  It seems so easy and very festive.  Besides, who doesn't love skittles? 

What do you do with your little ones on this super fun day!?



A sweet bloggy friend of mine, Jess over at 2nd Grade Nest is having an awesome giveaway right now!  She is giving away some serious products from fabulous bloggers.  I am so excited to be participating in this giveaway and to give away my  Write This & Draw That - Spring Bundle.

Stop on over and check out what other sweet products is up for grab!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fabulous in February!

 I can not believe I have not blogged in over a week.  Yikes!   So darn busy with paperwork and wedding, haven't been able to share my ideas and whats going on in the classroom!  

We finally finished our penguins from my penguin bundle and posted them on the board.  They came out so cute and the kids seriously loved it!  Take a look...

Since January literally flew by with all the snow days and holidays we had, it's time for me to take out my February read alouds for the month.  This is where I store my monthly books to read to my little ones throughout the month….

This just looks like a regular crate...

but take a looks at what's inside!!

To read more on what else I store, feel free to check this post by clicking here. It's all about storing and how to make your own crates!

This is the library I put it on to grab when I need a good book for my kiddies.  

If your little ones are anything like mine, they get super excited when they see me put new books in the rack.  They know a new month is coming up and fun books are ahead!  As you can see this month we are celebrating Dental Health, President's Day,  100th Day, Valentine's Day and probably something else I forgot to name. LOL 

This month is seriously full of things to go over.  We're going over presidents in honor of President's Day.  We will also be creating these cute little guys for Valentine's Day that you can check out by clicking here for the sweet little bear and here for the love bugs

Don't forget it's Dental Health month and we need to discuss and review what's important for us to keep our teeth healthy and bright.

I just can't wait to go over all of it with my class.  They love learning about new things and get so excited about creating crafts.  

Lately, I have been shopping for some things to make my centers more exciting for my little ones.  I wanted to add some new ideas  to the rotation and give them something new to work on.  So I went to Lakeshore and grabbed some necessities.

I love these.  I know these will help the students with sorting, sequencing, synonyms & antonyms and reading.  This  small  chart has so much usage and is so versatile.  I can't wait to grab some things from TpT and get these charts up and going.  

Do you use pocket charts?  If you do what ideas or suggestions do you have for me just starting out with these cute centers?  I'd love to hear what works for your class!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Write This, Draw That! Writing through the Spring

AHH  so many snow days we've had already this year is making me lazy!  But this past snow day I was excited to final finish my Write This, Draw That!  I have been getting a few sweet e-mails from you guys asking me when I will be done.  So here it is!  Finally complete.  ::relieved::

This is a bundle that I started creating back in September.  My little ones absolutely love using it during centers and it definitely has helped them with their writing.  I have seen such improvement and so happy to see them grow!  

Here are some snippets on what's inside.

I have tons of writing start topics.  I like to do this because some kiddies in my class need to be given an idea to start with and they can go from there.  Other students just need a topic and from there they can figure out what to write.  Everyone is different and I like to include differentiated instruction.  

Here are some topic cards.

I also like to incorpate fun and themed printables to match the month in which they are writing.  It's a fun way to encourage my little ones to write.  They know that once their done writing, they can color in the pictures or draw a picture of their own to describe their work! 


What do you think?  Do you think your little one will love it?

This bundle includes:

*each month has 30 writing starter cards (each)
*24 topic cards (each)
*7 writing prompts (each) primary & secondary lines
*directions on how to put together using pictures and book rings

Some topics and ideas are:

*st patricks day
*historic women



*easter bunny
*april fools
*earth day
*april showers


*cinco de mayo
*teacher appreciation
*nurse appreciate
*ice cream
*super héros
*free choice
*mother's day

You can check out more by clicking here or check out my TpT Shop and see what else I have up for February.  

If you love love love this, leave me a comment, letting me know you follow me on Blog Lovin
and your e-mail address and I will choose 2 winners tonight.

Congrats to #1 and # 2.  Liz and Amber!  Sending it over now. =) 

Happy Wednesday!