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Monday, September 30, 2013

Writing in the Fall - Writing Center Starters with Topics Cards Bundle!

Happy Monday everyone!  Phew!!  I finally finished just in time for Fall.  

A few weeks ago I wanted to give you a freebie and a small sneak peek at my Writing Center Starter Topics!  It is a great resource for writing centers.  Simply print, laminate and cut and your set for a lifetime with this for September centers!  I wanted you to have an idea what my Writing in the Fall Bundle would look like.  

I am so happy so many of you liked my freebie!  I have been getting so many sweet emails on how your little ones enjoyed themselves.  And yes to help you with the fall I have a huge writing bundle to have you set for the next few months.  

This packet includes September-November and EACH month has 30 writing starter questions and ideas with a bonus 24 topic cards for your little ones who have a wild imagination and just want an idea.  Every month is themed to what is happing during that month.  I have also included tons of different writing printables for your little ones to jot down their stories, ideas and drawings.  It has primary and secondary lines for the little ones and the growing ones!  Here are some snippets of what's inside for this month!

Here's what it looks like with book rings...

My little ones used them today and loved it!  They had a blast writing about Frankenstein. LOL

Here are some peeks at whats in this bundle.

The topics section just has an idea for the little ones to write about in their own words.

I have also included some themed printables that would really go great with these starters and topic cards!

Writing Starters and Topic Cards that are included in this bundle are:

*back to school
*grandparents day
*Johnny Appleseed
*making lists
*fire safety

*making lists

*giving thanks

Thats just to name a few! 
There are so many more writing starters and topic ideas!  This is just a general idea of what is included in each month.  

This bundle includes:

*each month has 30 writing starter cards 
*24 topic cards (each)
*7 writing prompts (each) primary & secondary lines
*directions on how to put together using pictures and book rings

If your like me, fabulous and somewhat organized, than this bundle is just what you need for your writing centers. Just simply print, cut and laminate and toss in the writing center for the whole month.  When your done toss in the new month!  Simple.  I used it today and my little ones loved it and were so excited to write about what they wanted!

This  writing bundle would be great for 1st-4th graders. The starters and topics are all set for the little ones to write one or two sentences and for the bigger kids to write a story!

I will be leaving this on sale for the next few days!

I will be also posting a Winter, Spring and Summer bundle so stay tuned for that.

If you grab this let me know what you think!!

You can grab this and learn more by clicking here.

*if you like what you see, drop by and follow my tpt shop and become my newest follower* 
*leave me a comment letting me know you follow me with your e-mail and I will use random generator to choose 1 lucky winner to send this to!

Congrats to Mrs. Wheeler!  Will be e-mailing you shortly!

Good Luck!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Restless Sundays!

Ahhhhh!  First few weeks of school are just so busy!  We have meetings, testings and grading to do before the deadline!   I still have things I need to finish around the room that I was too lazy to finish during the summer. LOL So I am trying to survive here!  Aside from that I am recreating my Halloween Packet and almost done with my writing center packet.  

Well to help me survive here's one of my obsessions this year.

My clip board!  I love that it's pink and what I love even more about it is that I can store important papers in there!  This week I was doing running records for grouping, but when I open it up...

I have my notes to take during guided reading time.  I love that I can store things in there so I don't have to keep going back to my desk to find things.  I grabbed this from Staples.  It's $14 and definitely worth it.  

I have also finally finished my behavior clip chart.


It's been up since the summer but I finally made the numbers for the clothespins.  I love love love the way it turned out!!

I love the way it turned out and have gotten so many compliments from it already! I got this from my Chalk and Chevron Bundle.  I am still trying to remember all of my little ones numbers.  That might take a while! LOL

Still have to finish my center chart and laminate my word wall words! Ahhh so much to do.

What's on your to do list for this week?

Stay tuned for my writing packet to come out this week. I will have a sneak peek surprise for you!  

Happy Sunday!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Leaping to a New Year!

Happy Sunday all!  I'm sooooo poooped.  This week has been exhausting.  We have been bombarded with testing, scores, evaluation papers etc. etc!  It has been such an overwhelming week, I'm a bit scared what this week will bring.

But the little ones and I managed to find some time for a cute little craft.    We complete my Kangaroo craft for the beginning of the year  Look how adorable they turned out,

This is my wall of fame.  So the students who tried their very best and had neat handwriting and great ideas would be on here.  Aren't they so cute.

This sweet little one can't wait to read.  

The little ones loves creating this guy!  I am excited to have them keep writing and see how far they grow this year.  

I am so excited to be sharing with you soon, my Fall Writing Center Starters and Topic Cards.  

Stay tuned, you will LOVE it!!

Happy Sunday!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oldie but Goodie Replaced!!

Hey all!  Happy Thursday!  This week is going by so slow because it is SOOOO hot in our school!  The little ones and I are seriously sweating all day long!  

Okay so I have been recreating so many things lately, this is my last one I promise!  I'm so excited to share it's so cute.

  What do you think about this little cute craft for Columbus Craft?

I even made a cute hat the little ones can wear to celebrate Columbus Day!

There are so many cute printables for writing and for assessment as well.  Your little ones will truly enjoy this packet.  Here are some of my faves in this bundle.


Aren't they so cute? I know my little ones will learn so much with this packet!

This packet includes:
-stencils/directions/pictures for Columbus craft
- 6 writing prompts (full/half page, Black and White, primary and secondary)
-writing/drawing prompts
-fun facts page (can be used as a study guide)
-true/false quiz for social studies grade (can be used as a worksheet)
-writing a letter to Columbus
-spelling/making new words
-abc order
-2 word of the day prompts

Okay!  So I usually give a few away right?  Well the first 2 people to comment on this letting me know they follow my TpT will win this pack.  If you comment after I will give another one away using random generate! =) 

Congrats to #1 #2 and #4!  I will be sending you this packet shortly!

Let me know what you think, I love to hear your thoughts!

Good Luck!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Out with the Old & In with the New {Fire Safety} - Part 2!

So I have been recereating a lot of my products lately. It's so much fun to add new printables and edit some of your old work.  It keeps things fresh and fun!  I have recreate my Fire Safety Craftivity

Fire Safety Week is celebrated this year from Oct 6-12.  I am excited to show my newest REcreation!

Look what I included when you flip it open.

I added a writing prompt!  =) 
This would be perfect for the little ones to write about what they learned during Fire Safety Week.

Here are some more sneak peeks at what's inside.

I want to teach my students about the importance of how to prevent fires and what to do in case there happens to be one.  One might say they are too small to learn such things but I think no one is too young to be safe and be cautious.  I want them to know what to look out for and how to stay safe.  Here are some more new printables that I made.

 I love these because it allows for my students to create a discussion with their parents about this.  This way they can discuss it and come up with some sort of agreement or plan to make sure everyone is on the right page for a safety plan.

This packet includes:


-writing prompts half/full page primary/secondary lines b & w
-letter to firefighter
-abc order
-making words
-fire safety checklist
-true/false worksheets (canbe used as a quiz)
-fun facts
-review guide for possible quiz

*new printables include*
-firefighters can, have and are
-word of the day
-4 writing prompts
-different versions for fire escape plans

The craft is my favorite thing of the whole pack!

Grab this now and be prepared for Fire Safety Week right around the corner.  You can click here to take you right there.  Don't forget to let me know what you think.  I love to hear your comments!

I have been also been recreating my Columbus Day Pack!  Stay tuned this week for that and a little something else. =)

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Congrats to #8 and #12!  Will be sending you the packet shortly. =)


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Writing Center Starter Topics - September Freebie!

Hey all !  Happy Tuesday!  

 I want to share a freebie with you!  I have been working on a FULL writing center packet lately and thought it would be nice to share my first one with you all for free

  This is a small.. and I mean small glimpse of what I will be including in my future writing packets to come. Next one is coming up in a few weeks for October. =)

September is full of fun things!  There are holidays like Grandparents Day, Labor Day, Fall, Johnny Appleseed and if your like me, your finally back at school.  I tried to have a lot of different variety of writing cards for the little ones to be excited to write about.

Isn't is so darn cute and easy to use?  I used book rings to hold it all together.  It was so easy.

Here are some prompt cards included.

These writing cards are appropriate for 1st-2nd.  I think the little ones will love flipping through the cards during center time and decide which topic to write about.

Here are some writing printables I added as well.

I included 2 different kinds (each have primary and secondary lines)

The way to create these writing centers is easy.

*cut and laminate the cards for future use
*using a hole punch, punch the top left part of the card.
*put all cards together using a book ring.
*have kids flip through them to decide which topic to write about during center time.

This freebie includes:
*35 writing topic cards to choose from
*4 writing prompts (primary * secondary lines)
*directions and pictures to set up the center

Now in the beginning of the year some of my little ones struggle with writing.  That is totally fine.  I plan on having them try their best with writing and just work on their drawing to explain what they are trying to say.  Slow and steady wins the race and within time they will build the confidence to write more and more.

It's so easy to make and will last a very long time.  You can put this in your September bin and take it out every year for the month and your writing center is set.  Ahh I love the sound of that!!

Do you like what you see?  Click here to grab it for free.  Please let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on it.  I am so excited to share my next writing pack with you so stay tuned!

I have also been recreating my products!  I will be sharing my new  (updated)products with you this week:
Fire Safety
Christopher Columbus


Monday, September 2, 2013

Classroom Pics Made Public - Finally!

Ahhhhh !  So finally, I have finished my classroom.  Many of you have been finished a while ago and some of you have been in school for months now.  Well little old me starts school on Tuesday for meetings and Thursdays with the little ones.  So exciting!!

Well last week I started on my classroom and had it done in a few days. I had to work quickly.  Here are some pics of my class when I walked in!

As you can see it needed a lot of work!  And work I did!

I love love love the bright colors this year.  It gives my room such a nice POP.

You see my obsession with her with the brights? LOL.  I think the kids will love this reading corner.  I used to have a reading chair last year.  I also had a different rug.  I changed things around a bit so this can be the reading corner or reading center when the little ones need to buddy ready.  Last year I didn't have a special spot for them.  And I know they should be comfy when reading by themselves or with a bud so this looks and feel very home like doesn't it?  I hope they love this corner and hope it will encourage them to want to read!  I made those crates last year.  If you want to check out how I made them click here to take you to the post for step by step directions.


I am trying something different this year.  I am trying a "Wall of Fame" in hopes that it will encourage my little buddies to always want to try their absolute best in order to get on this board.  Last year I didn't have so much board space to display their work so I would hang it up on a line in my classroom which was fine.  However I wanted to display more of their work and I was able to make space for it this year.     I plan on putting work on here from students that have shown improvement, are creative and tried something new and different.  I want everyone to feel special and I think this would be a nice way of doing that.  Can you tell that the background paper is fabric?  Another one of my new obsession.

This is my word wall.  I personally love it.  I also used fabric for the background paper.  I really like how fabric is more sturdy and gives the board a different and unique touch.  It will hold up better than regulard board paper when I have to change words around often. I truly believe you need one of these no matter what grade you teach.  There are so many visual learners that just by looking at something every few times a week will remember it wether its a word or information.  I don't think a teacher should be without it.  There are so many fun things we can put on our boards but it should always be educational so our little sweethearts benefit from it. =) 

I am loving the way this turned out.  I used my Chalk & Chevron Management Pack for this board.  It has the weather, date, days of week and seasons.  I think it came out so cute. I am loving the chevron borders too!

This is another reading corner. I got the oh so cute pillows from Walmart. I plan on having the students come here each and every morning for about 5 minutes and have someone be in charge of the calendar and weather.  I haven't done this but am so excited to do so.  We go over calendar towards the end of the year and it's a quick chapter.  With working on this all throughout the year, the students will understand it better and it's a fun way to get your little ones thinking.

I love my new cubbies.  I got these from Shop Get Organized.  I ordered a few sets so I was able to get a discount which definitely came in handy because I ordered a lot. LOL

I am loving this!  This is contact paper.  I got it from Amazon for $11.  There were 2 rolls that came with it so I have plenty left over.  I will say I had a minor panic attack because I couldn't flatten it without bubbles coming up but after a good while trying, I found the best strategy!

I love the way it looks from this angle.
As you can see, I have created a Boggle Board this year!

I got this for free from Rockin Teacher Materials!  I was so excited it was free. 

This is how it looks from the front.  It even comes with a very cute printable for the students to work on.  How I plan on using this is fun.  I will give the printable to students at the beginning of the week.  The students that finish their work early can take this out and try to find as many words as they can.  At the end of the week whoever has the most words (spelled correctly) will get a special treat.  I think this will be great and keep the kids on their toes.  Each Monday Ill change around the letters to make new words.  How many words can you spot?

This is my other board. I have my classroom jobs, hand signals and behavior clip chart.  It's very visible to the little ones so they can refer to it when needed.  I love the colors too.  Purple is my favorite, can you tell?

I already showed you my other reading corner but I wanted to show you from a different angle.  Can you see the mats? These are bathroom rugs.  I love the quote and had to get it.  It says "Keep Calm and Dream On".  I think it's perfect for my little ones and feel like this would be my motto for the year.  

FInally this is right by one of my reading corners.  I display my books for the month.  I like reading to my little ones.  It's a time for just a fun read and share ideas and opinions.  If you notice on my left hand side if my latest obsession...my Teacher Binder for the year.  I will be blogging about this within the week so stay posted.  It is definitely something you will love!

Well that's it!

That's my classroom display and I am so glad I can share it with you.  Cheers to a new and great year with some absolutely awesome little people. =)

I am linking up with I'm Blog Hoppin  and A Classy Collaboration  to show off our awesome classrooms.  Link up!

Tomorrow there will be a freebie, I promise you won't want to miss.