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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back 2 School Must Haves!

So a week from today we will be meeting our new little ones.  Wow summer time flew time by but I am excited to meet some new kiddies.  

I finally finished my class today.  So that means pics will be coming your way this Sunday!  Woo hoo! I have done a few different things this year and can't wait for you guys to see.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some of my back to school must haves.  Some of the things I just can't be without during the school year.  Maybe some of you share the same ideas with me.  Let's see!

My tumbler!
My absolute favorite must have!!!

This is my wedding one!  I can't wait to bring it to school.  Last year I started to bring a tumbler in with cold water and lemon/lime slices.  Seriously, it was delicious. I don't usually enjoy water, but this kind is just so tasty.  I would bring in another water bottle to refill and by the end of the day I would have drank 2 which I can only imagine being healthy. So I definitely want to continue the same tradition this year. =)

To spare a long post,
 I made a collage of my favorites!

*Aside from regular sized staplers, you definitely need the mini ones!  You can put them anywhere and always have them in handy.  I bought a pink and purple one this year and can't wait to use them.

*Pencils!  Ahh who doesn't need pencils.  
Okay, really, you can never get enough of pencils, especially with the little ones.  They could have 5 pencils on their desk and in a matter of 5 seconds they are crying because they can't seem to find them.  So I always have pencils on hand!

*Colorful pens!  I like to keep grading fun for the little ones.  I think red pens (although I use them at times) can be harsh.  Using colorful pens always make you smile.  So I definitely need those!  Plus they are cute and pretty to look at.

*Sharpies!  Ugh.  I feel like I need all different kinds of sharpies in my life.  Thin, skinny, sharp tip, fat tip, any kind of tips!  Believe it or not, you will definitely need one or the other at some point throughout the year.  So why drive yourself crazy trying to make a think point look cute?  I just buy all different sizes and keep them in my desk for when I need them.  They are life savers!

*Finally, my favorite, chocolate.  I feel like chocolate makes any one feel better.  It's sweet and delicious.  Is it healthy for you?  Some doctors would agree it's great while others say no. LOL  I only listen to the one's that say they are good for ya!  It's good to grab small pieces for a long day.

* I didn't put this up, but I also like to carry a travel size *advil*.  Sometimes I am just not feeling my best and advil does the trick at lifting my spirits to get through the day.  

Whats are your must haves?  I'd love to hear your ideas and see if we have the same things on our list!

Stay tuned on Sunday for my class pictures!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Feed the Brain with a Healthy Snack - Freebie!

Do you have snack time for your little ones?  I do!  We have lunch (more like breakfast) from 11-11:40am so it's kind of early.  By the time 1pm rolls around ALL of our tummies are rumbling!  So I like to have snack from 1:15-1:30pm.  That gives my little ones time to stretch relax and munch on their snacks!  Although sometimes there are those cute kiddies that forgot their snack at home or mom forgot to pack it.  It happens!  
Everyone is so busy in the morning getting ready.. who can blame them? 

Sometimes I bring in chips or pretzels for kids but that can get expensive!! I'll buy one bag of chips for $3 and it will only feed like 3 or 4 little ones.
Aside from expensive I have to get out plates and napkins and pass it out.  I don't mind that at all, however I need snack myself to re-energize.  By the time I am done passing things out snack time is over and so is mine!  

Well I thought if I got myself organized, I could have snack planned and prepped weekly.  

This is what you need to get this all set and done and not have to worry about it!

I got all of this at Walmart

*bin $1
*zip-locs $ 2 (200 baggies)
*cereal (oversized bag) $4

Now it was $7.  If you don't want to spend that much, you can write a letter to you class parents asking if they can kindly donate a large snack bag or zip-loc bags.  I usually send out a letter to parents for zip-locs at the beginning of the year to store manipulatives, dice and anything small that can get lost quickly.  I always have tons left over so that would be a perfect money saver right there.

What I do next is take a measurement cup (1 cup) and start scooping out the cereal and into the baggies.      Make sure to suck the air out of the baggies before locking them to ensure freshness and to help it last longer.  If you don't do that the cereal will get stale really quick. =*(  

I fit about 20 baggies into each bin.  So I had 40 bags in all. Now I figured if the bag was $4 and I made 40 bags, that's a bag per student...so that .10 cents each bag?  Did I do that correctly?  LoL If I am right, then 10 cents is great.  I feel happy about that when I break it down.

Moving On.  =)

I got these freebie editable labels from First Grade Teacher Lady.  I made up this cute little poem and attached it to the bins.

It's cute right?  

If you think you would want to do something like this, you can grab these tags here for free!

This is how the bins turned out in the end.   =)

Isn't it adorable?  I love it and can't wait to bring it to school.

What do you for the little ones if they don't have snack? 

I'd love to hear your ideas!!


I originally had this post to go live on Thursday.  I was on vacation this week to the wonderful Bermuda!  Such an amazing trip!  I leave you with some pictures of the amazing island. =) 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back 2 School Sale is Here!!

Have you heard? Have you heard?  There is a Back 2 School Sale!!!!  Everyone had been wondering and asking the big question and it finally is coming true!  

I will be throwing my sale from today August 18-22th.   Ahhh So excited!   

In order for you to get the entire 28% at the checkout is if you put in this code: BTS13..  then it' all yours for an amazing price!

What's on your checklist?  Here are somethings that would fit perfectly for back to school and for your little ones to be excited to start a new year!


Fall is around the corner and this packet has all you want to excite your kiddies on learning about apples! It’s full of literacy and math centers, plus crafts and tons of fun printables for your little ones to enjoy.

I am also loving my latest Grandparent's Day Craftivity

This would be perfect to celebrate and honor our Grandparent's on their special day on September 8th! Click here to take you there.

My Fire Safety Packet that is in the process of being updated...so if you grab it now, you'll have another copy in a week or so!

  How about  Hopping 2 a New Grade ??

Whats on my wishlist?  Well....

I definitely want to grab the Sight Word Scramble from Tara.  It's a great center that can work on ordering and sentence structure. It also looks super fun so I am excited for it!  

I am also loving First Grade Treasures Spelling Packet from Christina.  This is a great packet because it includes AMAZING printables  for practicing spelling in the Treasures book.  I can't wait to use this.  My little ones will be getting perfect spelling scores this year for sure!!

Whats on your wishlist?  Don't forget to put in the code to get your money's worth.  Happy Shopping!

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Sale is Near!!

(Thanks to Krista from The Creative Chalkboard for the fab sign)

Yes ladies and gents, it's true!  The Back 2 School Sale is here and it is this Sunday!  I feel like we have been all waiting for this and now we are filling up our shopping carts with needs and wants for the new year.  My sale will start on Sunday and end the following Sunday.  I will be going away and won't have access to a computer until then.  Oh well!  More savings for you!
Don't forget to put in the code BTS13 at check out for an extra 10% off your total.  What a sale.  I'm so excited!

Some of my faves in my store that will prepare you for the new year...
 I have the cutest little Johnny for you!

He's the cutest!  The printables are even more adorable.  Your littles will love creating him and writing all about him.

Check out what else is included in this packet by clicking here

Need something for centers?  Well I love using my Reading Comprehension bundle!  I use it for centers, homework and even buddy work.  The little ones love it and it's such a great way to enforce comphrension and disecting parts of the story.

To know more of whats included, click here to take you there!

Check back on Sunday to see whats on whats on my wish list!

Whats on yours?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

100th Day & Grandparent's Day Combo Craftivity!

UPDATE!! 12/13

I have recently updated my latest Grandparent's Day bundle.  I have added more printables to make it a combo for the 100th Day.

Recently a sweet girl e-mailed me asking me to kindly create a Grandparent's Day for this September.  I actually had to look it up because I had no idea there was a day that celebrated Grandparents.  Thats awesome and so sweet.  This can be used as well during Mother's Day or Father's Day.  Now I have added printables so that it has coincides with the 100th Day!  

We celebrate Grand parent's Day on September 8th this year and 100th Day depending on when you start school.  So check out what I made in honor of our awesome days!

  I think the grandparent's are just so darn cute!  What do you think?

Here's a better look of these oldies but goodies.

I love the way the grandpa came out!  He may be my favorite in this pack. I also love the grandma's hair.   Took me forever to figure out but I love the turnout. =) 

Here are some more printables that are included in this writing craftivity.

I think for this Grandparent's Day, I might just fill out the printable below and give it to my granny. =) 

Now to the printables added for the 100th Day

 Here are some of my favorites...

I think my kiddies will have such a fun time thinking about the future and what they would look like 100 years from now.  What a fun way to celebrate the 100th Day.

Isn't it a sweet little pack?  You can check out more and grab it by clicking here

This cute writing craftivity includes:

*directions/stencils/pictures on how to make these cute grandparents
* 6 writing promots full/half/black &white/primary&secondary lines
*acrostic poems
*making words
*first, next, then & last
*writing letters
*2 versions of can, have & are
*abc order
*making words
*word of the day

Okie so a few weeks ago, I went to the Beyonce concert!  I was obsessed with her before and even more now!  She was so amazing and talked to us throughout the show, (and by us, i mean the crowd not just my friends and myself ha).  If I HAD to say one bad thing, it would be.... I could do without the 1000000 wardrobe changes next time! =)

So in honor of the concert.. my friends aka my 2 maid of honors made a Beyonce video !!  We posted it on instagram.  It's SOOOOOOO funny.  I couldn't stop watching it for an entire day.  So in honor of that instagram video, I will be giving away this cute Grandparent's Day packet to those who follow me on insta!  Please leave a comment below on the video or anywhere see letting me know you follow me and under what name!  If you check out the video, let me know what you think.  Hopefully it will make you giggle like it makes me everytime I play it! LOL

If you don't have IG, you can follow me on 
bloglovin or TpT

*don't forget to leave me a comment below letting me know what you think*

*happy Thursday all* 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Box Tops Freebie!

Happy Tuesday all!
I am seriously loving this summer!  It's been so great to me and it feels like it's not close to being over.  I am going on a cruise next weekend with my honey and couldn't be any more excited.  

I still have some more bridely duties to accomplish and next on the list is my dress!  So I gathered a dinner and drinks night with my fabulous and beautiful bridesmaids this past weekend.  Aren't they beautiful?

My fiance's sister came fashionably late that night so she missed all the picture fun! LOL
They are my absolute most favorite people ever!  I'd be lost without them!

Okay happy vent over! 


Ever come into the new school year and have your little ones want to drop off box tops?  Have no idea where to put it?  Well then your just like me! LOL I always scramble to find a zip loc bag or container to just toss them in.  Nothing cute and the little ones usually forget about it bc it's BORING!  I thought this year I can spice it up a bit and grab their attention with this adorable container.  Before I get to the pic let me explain what you need to make this.

* container of pringles -regular is fine but I like the fat free ones :)
*glue gun
* my freebie

Yes this is a Pringles container.  Make sure to eat the chips inside before you make this.  If your like me, you won't have a crumb inside.  LOL I bring this all the time to lunch.  My co workers and I are obsessed with it and love the fact its only 70 calories per serving and just 2 weight watchers points for 15 chips...yes 15 chips folks!!

Well now you take the Pringles container and my sign and wrap it around.  Glue the ends and Voiala!!

This is maybe an half an inch too big so you might have to cut from the bottom.  I think it looks so cute and great when it's all covered.  Take a look.  What do you think?

I also made them in half pages in case you want to make them in a smaller container.  However, if you are competitive like me and plan to collect TONS of box tops to win at the end of the year, then stick with the full page.  

You can grab this here or going to straight to my shop.

Let me know what you think and if you will be using this.  

How do you collect your box tops?

Drop by one of my bloggy buddy's page.  She is throwing an awesome giveaway with so many prizes!  I am offering one of mine as well. =) 
Second Grade Math Maniac is celebrating reaching 1000 followers.  What a milestone!  Congrats girly!

Also Heather from Peacocks and Penguins is throwing another giveaway!  She has some pretty awesome prizes from very talented bloggers!  Drop by her page by clicking here to check it out.

Good Luck!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I am having a FLASH FREEBIE for the next hour.  Drop by my Facebook page to find out what I have for free.  It will close at 6:30 pm EST.  Go check it out now. =) 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

DIY Glitter Pins & Chalk & Chevron Classroom Management Pack

Okay so I love glitter!  I am always trying to find different ways to incorporate it into the classroom.  I think I have come up with a fabulous idea too!!  I hang up my student's work in a string that goes across the room.  I use clothespins to hold it up.  But they are womp womp BORING.  I though itd be easy to make my own and it is!!  Here is what you need!

*mini clothespins
*sponge brush
*paper to use for scrap

You can grab all these inexpensive materials at Michaels!  What I love about Michaels is that they always have a coupon and they have teacher discounts as well!  I love seeing my total and then giving a coupon along with my teachers discount.  It goes down A LOT!

*Now first take the scrap paper and dump some glue, then some glitter on separate piles like so

*take the sponge and dab it with some glue
*then dump the clothespin (glue side down) into the glue

*continue until you are finished with all the clothepins.  
*let it dry for at least half hour

Look how cute they turned out to be!

Here's a close up

You can even individialize it.  I created cute numbers from1-20 and plan on gluing it at the tip of the pin to individualize it.  This way my students know where they are going for centers or what job they have etc.  You will see more pics in a sec.

I am so excited to use this.  

In fact I use these glitter pins in my newest and amazing Classroom Management Bundle !  

It's here!!!!  It's finally here.  I am so happy to actually be sharing this with you.  It took me forever because every  time I thought I was done, I kept thinking of more things to add!

This is just a glimpse of what's included!  

Look what else I was able to create with my new apps on my phone!

I uploaded an app called Your Moments which let me create all of these neat pictures.  Here are some more!! 
If you notice in the pic below what I did with my glitter clothespins!  I printed out numbers from 1-30.  I plan on giving me students numbers at the beginning of the year.  These numbers will be with them for the rest of the school year.  So when I change jobs, centers, behavior etc., I will clip it with their numbers.  All they have to do is follow their numbers and they are all set! 
It doesn't hurt that its too darn cute to look at either.

and one more!! =)  

Excuse my camera.  I was shooting in a poor light area. 

Okay let me explain my hand sanitizer before you think I made a mistake.  I don't like germs, AT ALL.  Every year when we start school, I am refreshed, nice and clean with a mani and pedi in hand. My immune system..well it's at it's best. However my students come back to school and with their sneezing and coughing like little boys and girls do, tests my immune system and I usually get sick by the first month of school.  Has been happening every year. I try my best to avoid it but ehh I can't.  My hand sanitizer student tries their best from getting others sick!  He/She walks around before and after lunch and snack and gives everyone a shot of the sanitizer or shall I say "hanitizer" according to my students.  It's a great way to keep the germies away!

You can check out more by clicking HERE

This bundle is just what I need and maybe what you need to set up your classroom.  I am obsessed with chevron and chalkboard and love this theme!  It's so bright and colorful, I hope it catches the attention of my little ones!

This bundle includes 113 pages of:

*Days of the week


*Name that Shape
*Mystery Walker 
*Classroom Jobs
*Hand Signals
*How Do You Get Home?
*What’s the Date?
*Behavior Clip Chart
*ABC Word Wall
*Center Stations
*Table Numbers

I'd love to hear what you think about this.  I usually like to give my newest products away!  I am trying something different tho tonight  

If you drop by my Instagram,follow me and then leave a comment with what name you follow me under you will have a chance to win this bundle ! Or if you don't have  instagram,  drop by and like my Facebook Page. You def want to be a fan.  I have a few flash freebies coming this week only on facebook.
 I will pick 2 lucky winners tonight....okay tomorrow! 

I also have a very cute Grandparent's Craftivity coming your way this week.  

Don't forget to link up for Monday Made It!