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Sunday, February 26, 2017

How to Write Using Sequence Words!

Ever struggle with teaching your little ones how to start using sequence words? I do too!  It's always so tricky trying to teach and model it in a way for their little minds to trap and understand.  So I came up with a little something just for that.

With this How to Writing Pack, you have all you need to start and finish your lesson.  This is just one part, or idea to get things going. This pack using sequence words has everything you need from anchor charts, visuals, printables and so much more to introduce, reinforce, model and review to your students this very tricky topic. This lesson is exclusive to how to build a sandwich. Check back for more topics and printables in the future.   Take a peek at what's inside

I love me some anchor charts!  Especially when I want to refer to when modeling a new lesson.  I have a bunch of anchor charts for the board and even for your little ones to keep in their folder and refer to when they need a little reminder.

All printables in this set are geared towards strugglers, beginning learners and advanced learners.  That means theres a variety of different printables to suit your student needs and perfect for them to go at their own pace.

I love printables that you can toss in the center bin and see how the students are grasping what your teaching them during whole group instruction.  And who doesn't love a little brainstorming map to get their minds going about what they will write about in order.

To check out more on this How to Write Using Sequence Words pack, click here to take you there.  Make sure to check out the preview to see more of what's included.

This How to Build a Sandwich pack includes:
*examples for first, next and last for beginning learners and first,next,then,now and last for more advanced learners
*anchor charts/visuals for modeling sequence words
*cut and paste activities for sequencing 
*drawing using sequence words for writing strugglers
*listing/ordering using writing and draw
*write and draw picture prompts 
*center activities for sequencing
*sequencing guide for students to keep in folders when referencing
* read, write and highlight sequence words
*sequence words strips for modeling
*sequence words for ring binders (one on one student action)
*listing/brainstorming picture printable

and so much more! 

Stay tuned for more topics coming soon:
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How to Make Lemonade
How to Make a Fishbowl
How to Make a S'more

Happy Sunday!

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