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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Staying Busy in January

YAY!  Happy New Year!  So excited to be starting a new year.  It's always fun to get some resolutions out there and seeing them through.  My goal is to travel more.  I love to travel and take vacations with my hubby once a year.  However I would like to add a vacation and a few small side trips.  I hope that could happen!

Now that we are almost back at school (womb womp),  I created my latest Staying Busy in January.  It's filled with lots of cute printables, writing prompts and more perfect for this month. I know I always use my other Staying Busy Packs for centers, homework, classwork and even early finishers.  It really is your choice.  My little ones love completing them.  Let's take a look at what's inside…

I include a printable like this in every pack.  It has so many things the students should be practicing on; reading, writing, making connections and creating.  They love love love this making connections worksheet.  I try to always make the stories silly for them.

Writing is so important in first grade.  This is when they start to put more than two sentences together.  So for this writing prompt, I like to give them a little push with some ideas they can write about in the word bank.  It's always fun to read what they wrote.

We are about to start learning the long vowel sounds, 
so a little practice with the short vowels couldn't hurt.

I like to give this printable on Thursdays before the little ones Reading Test on Friday's.  They are to read a story and then identify the parts of this story with this comprehension sheet.  It gets them thinking about what they just read and get to put it on paper.

I love adding math printables with what we are working on at the moment.  Here are some addition math facts but I have also included subtraction as well.  

Doubles for some reason, always give my little ones a hard time.  I plan on giving them this printable a few times a week so they get their double facts down.

Tens and ones are important around this time.  Anything for a little extra practice.  This is perfect for centers.

There is so much more included in this Staying Busy in January Set.  Please click here to take you there!

This pack includes:
*Warm Me Up {short u sounds}
*ABC Order
*Writing Prompts ( new years, MLK, goals & resolutions)
*Polar Bear Troubles -Making Connections { read, highlight & write }
*past/present tense verbs
*parts of a story

*addition facts
*subtraction facts
* tally marks
*double it up
*roll and cover
*tens and ones
*odds and evens

I'm so excited for the New Year and even more excited
 for this cute little pack for my little ones.

Today is my last day before work. 
 I will make sure I do NOT get out of my pajama unless I have too.  =)  Happy Sunday.

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