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Monday, January 20, 2014

Penguin Palooza!

Hey everyone!  January has been flying by!  Not without my little ones learning about penguins first.  I took out my load of books for January and these are just some of the books I have on penguins.  

I have so many "Tacky the Penguin" stories it's just not normal.  The kids love it too.  They always have a blast learning about penguins.  Their favorite fact is when I tell them that MILLIONS of years ago penguins could fly.  They just can't wrap their heads around it!  I mean seriously… can you imaging these little guys flying?  I'd be terrified!  

We started doing some work from my Playful Penguins Pack.  They did such a great job with it.  

Finally, last week we started the craft.  Can I just say, this is the best cutting I have seen my class do all year.  They really enjoyed making these.  Didn't they came out so cute?

We have to work on the writing prompt next week.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Froggy Fun Mini Unit!

OMG is it Spring yet??  It's definitely not Spring here but I wish it was.  The weather is just crazy.  The other day we experienced a "polar vortex".  It felt below 0 degree.  Today was 50.  Who can get used to that?  Well wishing it was Spring I decided to come up with something a little bit early in hopes  spring hurries up!!


I am so happy to be showing you my latest little creation.  I have another one like this coming but a butterfly unit instead.  

This will be perfect for your little ones this Spring time when they learn about Frogs and Butterflies.  This mini unit has the printables you need to keep your sweet students excited about these cute little animals and learn some things they didn't know before.

Flashing Frogs!!

Okay seriously…. I'm obsessed with these frog crafts! Here's a closer look at 

Look at the cute little guy!

You can even take the face and turn it into a cute froggy mask for the little ones!

And if you love it as much as my friend, you can try it on too!

We seriously laughed so hard when she put this on!  It fit her like a glove. LOL

I really am obsessing over this packet and can't wait until Spring to learn about these little guys.  This unit is filled with printables and booklets great for introducing/supplementing your Froggy lessons.  Here are some of my fav printables…

I even included a review guide and true/false quiz for a Science grade.   Here's a glance at the review guide.

I also added fun writing printables like this one to get the students excited about writing!

Here's something I tried to  make new for my little ones.  I think they would like the idea of cutting it, mixing it up & putting it in the right order to make the word. I offer it in black & white and also in color for center use.  You can laminate the colored ones and reuse in the future for centers, buddy or independent work.

This bundle is so cute and will be perfect for your little ones.  If you want to check out more, click here to take you there or check out what other products I have in my store.

In this bundle you will see:
*writing prompts b&w/full & half page
*can, have & are
*word search
*frog review guide
*frog quiz true/false
*3 life cycle booklets: color/b&w/and empty lines for students to fill in the life cycle
*write & draw
*life cycle cut &paste
*finish the frog
*roll a froggy
*facts & opinion
*facts page
*word of the day
*frog report
*read and comprehend
*word strips (color & b&w)

Hope you enjoy!! 

Night Night!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sweet Giveaway with TONS of Goodies!

Hey sweet friends!  Hope everyone's day back was nice and smooth.  I must admit, I was a bit hesitant in going back.  I got used to the break and just wanted to lay low all day long!!  But honestly, I had such a great day back I am happy with  school starting again.  I feel refreshed and found that my little ones were so well behaved!!  I hope it keeps up!

Anywho, I am just stopping by today to let you know that a fabulous bloggy friend of mine is celebrating her 1 Year Blog-Aversary!!  Yay!  Stop by her page to enter to win a whole bunch go awesome goodies!

Everyone deServes to Learn

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