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Sunday, March 23, 2014

FarFaria (Reading) Subscription Giveaway!

Hey friends!  happy Sunday.  So happy to be blogging today and letting you know about something sweet I just became apart of!

 I am joining forces with an awesome new app, FarFaria, that I have had the honor to see and check out what it's about!  

It's a sweet app ranging from ages 2-9 that introduce children to the idea of reading and allow them to have a love for reading.

It has a variety of stories that is sure to please your sweet ones.

With over 600 stories, your babies will have a blast reading up on their favorite books!  These stories are unlimited!  So when you are done with one, go ahead and read another.  Why not make it a family night and read stories together?  

Or if you are a teacher like me, download it on your I-Pad and let it be a reading/listening center.    Such a great way to let your kiddies know that reading shouldn't have to be a chore and can be fun instead!

Here are some snippets of what exactly it looks like and what's inside.  It is full of beautiful pictures and great story lines, sure to please your kids.

Like I said before, FarFaria ranges from ages 2-9.  So you can find the appropriate level books for your child located at the bottom right hand corner.  The leveled books allow you to grab what you believe your little ones is capable of reading on their own.  Or go ahead and choose a book they love and go ahead and read it to them before going to bed.

You have seriously so many different genres of stories, it's hard to pick just one.  FarFaria even has a "Read to Me" option that allows your little one to listen to the story instead of reading it.  How smart is that??!?

It's so easy to read.  When your done with the page you just swipe with your fingers to continue and keep reading.

I keep thinking of all the different ways I can use this in the classroom.
I think it will be perfect for using the I-Pads in the classroom.  Students would have a blast reading stories with a buddy.  Give them a list of questions to answer after the story is done to work on comprehension and VOILA!

Don't you love this app?  I know I do.  So happy I was introduced to this so I can now incorporate it into my daily routine with my little ones.  

Now YOU can too.

 FarFaria's monthly full access subscriptions are just $3.99.  How crazy inexpensive right?

Well FarFaria is giving away 3 month memberships to FarFaria to 2 lovely lucky winners!  

Follow Rafflecopter below and enter as you wish. 

Good Luck!  

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Organize that Word Wall!

Hey friends!  Happy Thursday.  

I'm here with some tips on how to organize your classroom and most importantly your word walls!

This year we were told we needed to have word walls.  Thankfully,  I was already a step ahead as I have had a word wall since I started teaching.  This is my word wall in the beginning of the year.

Of course this is how it looked like in the beginning.  I slowly started putting up words that I know my little ones would need assistance with.

Last week, I bought these cute little things at the $1 spot at Target.  Seriously, $1?  I couldn't pass it up!!

Aren't these little accordions so cute?  I am obsessed with chevron right now so thought this would go perfect with my theme in the classroom.

So I was thinking of how to incorporate this into the classroom and ding ding ding!  Lightbulb!

I searched at the bottom of my drawer for those cute little word wall cards and came up with a "duh" kind of idea.
 I could organize my word wall cards to make my life a bit easier!

This is what the little accordions look like.

So I put them together neatly.  This is the final outcome.

This is the other set.

All together, I used 2 of the accordions and labeled each pocket with 2 letters.  The last letters, I combined together and labeled those letters W-Z.  

I think they came out perfect!  This should definitely make my life a bit more organized. 

I put the pockets in a cute bin and put it right next to the word wall to make it easier to take down old words and put up new ones.

Here it is!!  Fits perfectly with the other bins.

I have 3 left over accordions to play around with.  Any ideas on what to do with them?  Love to hear what you think. =)  

Oh yes!!  If you love the word walls I use for the board, you can check them out by clicking here.  It's from a lovely bloggy gal who has awesome products!  You can also check out her blog My Silly Firsties.  She has lots of ideas that you can use in the class right away!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

St. Patty's Day Green!

Hey sweet friends!  I have been missing my routine of blogging but will get back into it after the wedding I'm sure.  

My little ones and I have been doing a lot of writing this year due to the writing changes and the work we need to be doing by the end of the year.  So I got my little ones excited about writing for the best holiday ever.. St. Patty's Day!!    

They loved making this with the craft because we got to create some ideas together.

This is what it looked like on my desk  for a few days before I actually hung it up.  Talk about being a mess. LOL

My little ones loved the streamer.  They were fun to play with too.  They made their own color patterns. Not sure how my sweet student got a green streamer. hehe

Don't you love the glitter clothespins that hold up the hats?  I made those!!  Yes little old not creative meeee!!  If you want a quick tutorial on how to make these easy peaty clothespins, click here to take you to that post

In case you were wondering what they wrote about…. here it is.  This precious girl is smart and would keep her gold safe.  I wonder if she would share with me? LOL  Gosh I hope so. 

Here it is on the bulletin board.  I love the way it came out.  

My kids are all green'd out right about now.  What's next?  OH YES… I hope Spring is right around the corner!!

What are you doing this St. Patty's Day?