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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flash Sale and my Newest Creation =)

hey all...hope everyones enjoying being back at school...i start a week from tomorrow...yay ..so like i promised everything in my TpT Store today is 1$!! This is in honor me being newly engaged...i wanted to share my happiness with all of you...so i thought a sale would make you sale bc it definitely makes me happy =) ... even my newest obsession is $1 woot woot.....here it is ...what do you think? 
i came up with this idea  because i always go over penguins during the month of january with the kiddies and they absolutely love it...so i thought..what other sea animal could i do that seems like fun? and i immediately thought of whales...i went to Disney recently and saw Shamu  and they had such a good show...they are so smart ...and of course looking at the show i was thinking ..how can i create something like this lol...of course im always thinking of crafts for my kiddies lol....i think this would be a great bulletin board idea during which ever month...i think the kids will have a blast making this...especially the splash !!  here are more pics from this cute packet

this packet includes
craftivity stencils with directions
-listening quiz ( can be used as just a worksheet)
-true/false quiz ( can be used as just a worksheet)
-book report
-half writing prompt
-full writing prompt
-study guides/fact sheets
- fill in blanks
and plenty more...your kiddies will love this...you can grab one here for $1 until tonight!! Check it out HERE at my TpT Store...if you do grab one let me know what you think...i love to hear your comments!! okie im off to watch the final season of Teen Mom....yes im addicted!! =) 

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Turn For The Blog Hunt...YaY!

So today im linking up with for the blog hunt which im so excited!! i wasn't sure what to create because i wanted to make something for all grades...i want to be able to reach a lot of the teachers out here so i got to thinking...what kind of issues do i have a lot during the school year....and it easily came to me... HOMEWORK! ...gosh..there's always kids and who complete half the homework and leave the rest blank...and then in my head im like how do i grade their half complete homework...so i came up with these easy and fabulous things

this is perfect for grading their assignments....5 is excellent and it goes down to 1 which is incomplete and late...i think this is perfect for assessing the students on their homework ...you can refer to this when figuring out what to give them for the day...i usually givie homework mon-thur... so this year i plan to daily give them a grade for their homework the night before...at the end of the qtr i will add up their scores and then divide to get their final grade!!  After i created this i thought what else do i need a rubric for ...and i came up with these as well
thanks to Michelle from 3am Teacher for the fabulous borders
arent these so useful...i think grading classwork is so important...it's such a huge part of their learning..there's so much more than assessments and spelling and math..it's about how they work and how much effort they put into their work...do they try their best or very little effort? this will help you grade them on their classwork...and even behavior!! have those kids who can't stay in their seat? this will help you assess them in that as well....for the behavior you don't have to give them a grade everyday because it can be a bit much.... i think giving them a score at the end of the week is perfect..you will definitely remember those kids who were chatty and those who were helpful and kind....you can grab these awesome freebies HERE at my TpT Store...please let me know what you think as i love to hear from all of you =) 
 i told you i had a surprise for you all in honor of me being newly engaged!! I will be having a flash sale starting tomorrow!! everything in my store will be $1 ...drop by my store tomorrow to check that out....enjoy and don't forget to check back tomorrow to see whos next for the blog hunt =) enjoy
 Wolfelicious and her awesome freebie will be up tomorrow...so make sure to check that out =)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

News, News and an Engagement!!

hey bloggy gals...hope everyone has been having a fab week...ive been kind of MIA for past couple of days...you probably havent noticed..but to me ive been out of the loop!!..havent been checking my blog which to me sounds crazy bc i am constantly checking it and havent been stalking other blogs which i like to do regularly lol...i wanted to share my news w everyone bc im so happy!! i recently got engaged ...yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .....im so excitedd to start planning ...i had a feeling it was coming but so happy it finally did..me and my honey are so happy and it "awe".....it wont be for a while but im still so shocked and we are on cloud 9 ..i wanted to share my joy and happiness with all of you !!

so now that you know why ive been out of the loop..lets move on =)

as some of you may know .,,,, i am very on top of my blogs and work.... in the beginning of August...i made this awesome Monthly Theme Packet....posted it up on TpT Store ...but never actually showed you guys!! I just noticed recently ...looking for it on my blog and i was about to pull my hair out looking for it ... so im just going to agree that i lost my mind that day and never posted ...but needless to say i am posting it today....i had other products i wanted to post ..but that can wait  until this week =) .... here it is...this is my Monthly Themed Packet


this is a packet full of interesting and fun words...it's a different way to get the kiddies into new words and practice their writing and spelling...each month hand them the month chart and have them look it over...the words are those that relate to the month..it can be anything from holidays in that month to things you eat in the month... if the students want to add extra words that they have come up with ...they can! this packet has endless possibilities... have the students review the words for an extra spelling test for the end of the month..it's up to you!

this packet includes
months january-december
writing prompts
worksheets to give out at the beginning of each month
i think this is such a great idea for extra tests or to get the kiddies practicing on their spelling and writing.  Like i said before the ideas can be endless with this packet which i think is great.  I think it would be perfect for even an extra Social Studies grade for which i usually don't ever have enough of!!  If a particular month has a past/history to it (for ex Johnny Appleseed in September)... this can be perfect for that !! Check out my Appleseed Craftivity Packet also for a little gift to the kiddies ! Def. grab one of these..you will not be disappointed... i do ask kindly if you do snatch one... let me know what you think..i love to hear your comments and ideas.. you can grab this packet Here at my TpT Store
anddd moving on again lol okay so tomorrow is  my turn for the Back 2 School Blog Hunt..this is where i share one of my newest and fabulous freebies...check back in tomorrow as you will not be disappointed !!  i will have one more surprise tomorow in honor of being newly engaged...so drop back in tomorrow for more goodies and a surprise!!
Lastly, i couldnt tell you im newly engaged without showing you my absolutely favorite accessory
ahhh i just love it so much =) i keep looking at it and moving it to make sure its still shining ...lol alright yall ill see ya tomorrow for the Blog Hunt and enjoy the pics =)
this was the next day where we celebrated with our favorite friends and my bloggy gals and teacher friends came to show me some love Teri and Keri ...(try to never get those names mixed up or they get really angry at you =) )

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Sweet Little Giveaway

hey all...i went back to my class today !! i took some pics but wont post until my whole class is done....i decided to ask my honey for help today carrying and cutting..boy was that a mistake....he wined about everything!! hes a gym teacher so he doesn't have to decorate so it's not fair hes home laying out while im working!! note to self...i'm better off doing it myself!! lol however i will say its annoying doing all my bulletin boards on my own ..you def. need an extra pair of hands!!

Anywho enough babbling... im joining the fabulous Jess from Mrs. Stanford's Class in her giveaway!


 I'm donating my Johnny Appleseed Craftivity ....Johnny Appleseed is right around the corner and this is just the packet for you and your class.... your kiddies will sure making him and completing this packet with fun ideas from recipes to flash cards! take a look...

This packet includes:

Craftivity Stencils/Directions
2 Quizzes (for Social Studies grade or can be used also as just worksheets)
Fun Facts Sheet
Writing/primary/secondary/color and b&w
Letters to Johnny
Fun recipe
Picture Flash Cards
Word Search

make sure to senter this giveaway....you have 7 hours left!! if you like my Johnny Appleseed Craftivity then check out my other goodies at my TpT Store ...make sure to leave a sweet comment...i love to hear your thoughts =)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Classroom Pics and a Fun & Fab Frame!

okay so im back from Disney!! It was absolutely amazing!! we did so many fun things.. went to Magic and Animal Kingdom...Epcot and Hollywood Studios...It did rain alot but it didnt seem to stop anyone from doing their own things so we got a bit soaked!!  We ended the night at Magic Kingdon to see the fireworks and took a fabulous picture i just love...it came out a little foggy but it still is my fav pic of the trip!  What do you think?

Moving on ....today is the day i finally went back to school....now i dont know about you all but when i enter my bare classroom ...its just not fun....i get overwhelmed and start procrastinating...so thats exactly what i did today lol i did a lot of walking around the class and a lot of "thinking" to see what i could do differently this year with my classroom style..i took some snapshots for you to take a looksie to see what im working with here

im going back to school all this week to get work done...i will say i know my favorite piece of my room will be this cute quotes page i got from pinterest...

i absolutely best...im not exactly 100% sure of the source...ut i believe it's from 1825's Blog i bought the frame at Walmart for $3....i plan on putting it on my desk...i think it will add something fun to the room
I got some great buys from Lakeshore today but ill post pics up of that later during the week....as school has come for some (not all like myself) don't forget to grab one of my Back 2 School Craftivities
The 1st one is a "Popping" Back 2 School Craft ....Take a look Here

This craftivity includes :
*Craftivity stencils and how to*
*Writing assignments for k-2nd grade*
*Filling in missing patterns worksheets*
*All about me worksheet*
*Parent Phone Numbers Checklist*
*student survey*
*summer worksheets*
*memory match flash cards*
*write it, draw it*

The other Craft is a Tou-Can Do It Writing Craftivity 

This craftivity includes
*Stencils for the toucan*
*Bulletin Board posters*
*Writer's Checklist poster*
*Telling sentence poster*
*Question sentence poster*
*Exclamation sentence poster*
*Full page prompt writing numbers (primary) *
*Full & half page writing prompts(primary,color & secondary)*

Your kiddies will love these crafts....you can grab it here at my TpT Store
Stay tuned for more pics of my class and also some freebies during the week!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Guest Blogger Heidi!!

Hi everyone. Its Heidi from My (Not So) Elementary Life.

I am super excited to be here to share with all of you while Ms. C is on vacation at the lovely Disney World. Can you say JEALOUS?

I was going to through my bookmarks folder trying to figure out what I wanted to share with you today and I stumbled upon this site I am about to share and knew it was a must for ya’ll today.

Have you ever heard of Education Place? I am sure many of you have. If you haven’t you need to hop over there right now and check it out. This site is full of all sorts of valuable information and learning tools for you to use in your classroom. One such resource that I feel is an awesome tool to use in the classroom is their page called Wacky Web Tales.

Folks if you haven’t been to this site you must go check it out now. Kids will have fun with this, while also working on fine tuning some of their grammar skills. My students loved using this site last year to create wacky stories. There is a variety of different topics/titles to choose from, including some that pertain to summer. These ones would be great do do as a beginning of the year activity with students. Depending on your grade level and the knowledge that students have about the different parts of speech you may have to give them examples and help them every step of the way and differentiate this activity/lesson. 

When you click on one, like the Summer Reading Report, this is the screen you will see. There are different spots to fill in and each spot requires a different piece of information.


You then fill in the missing information with words that your students choose, with the finished page looking like this. (Please note that the information in some spots is not accurate due to being on the web. I do not want any stalkers.)


You will then see this button at the very bottom. You will click on the red button and it will pull up your completed Wacky Story. 

The kids LOVE it. They think the stories they come up with are so funny and after doing it a time or two they pick up on what is happening and start coming up with different words to put in each of the spots to make even funnier stories.

In addition to having some fun with it, I used this activity as a work with the teacher center in my classroom. Each student got the chance to fill in the missing information and create their own wacky stories throughout the school year. They LOVED it. They learned something at the same time they were having fun :)

I hope, if you haven’t already tried this out with your students, that you will hop over and try it out. It is a great resource to have on hand for those moments when you just need something different.

Thanks Ms. C. for allowing me to guest blog for you today. If you all get a chance, I would love it if you hopped over and said hi on my blog. I love, love, love reading comments!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ready for Disney! Who's Coming With Me =)

Hey all!! How is everyone??? I hope everyone grabbed their favorite goodies for the sale!  I’m extending my sale until tomorrow so if you were away or not around…drop by my TpT Store and check it out!! I have a lot of goodies and crafts that you and your kiddies will love for the new year =)
Well tomorrow is the day im leaving for Disney that I’ve been mentioning for months now..and guess what? I have a 100 degree fever and stuck w a cold…how fun right?  Ive been sick since Sunday and everyday getting a little better…so im staying positive im going to kick this thing in the but by tomorrow or then im going to be really mad at my little brother (hes 20…not so little lol) because he kindly passed his sickness on to me !! grrr !!
Anywho I have no desire to pack or even move for that matter but I thought …let me take pics of what I’m packing and show all of you and maybe that will make me feel better ….lol so were going until Monday…and I have some casual clothes for during the day and at night some nice dressy clothes for dinner and if we go out dancing after…tell me what you think and which outfit you like the most …(this isn’t even half of it ..but I also didn’t want to bore you) lol

the first outfit on the left...i got the entire outfit and Forever 21 ...my favorite store ever... the skirt was $8.80 (wow) and the shirt was $12 ...moving to the middle outfit...the top was also from forever...$9.80 and the skirt was from Victoria's Secret for $29 (ehh had to splurge somewhere lol) and finally the last outfit was also entirely from Forever 21.. the same amount as the first outfit!! skirt was $8.80 and top was $12.. i love them all..which one is your favorite?

Hm im trying to remember where I got the first outfit (on left) from…I know I got the shirt at Forever 21 for $9 …and I believe the pants are from Alloy for $29.90 …the pants are so comfy and I always get compliments when I wear them…the bathing suit cover up was $1…my brother’s girlfriend works for corporate office at H & M and they get things for a dollar at their sample sale…isn’t that ..um crazy??? I love when she gets me things…because who doesn’t love a good bargain!! i got the cute Mickey shirt below at Macys

ahhh what a relief im finally finished.... it didn't take me that long to be honest.. im about to pop in some advils for cold and take a shower and get ready to leave tomorrow!! i hope i feel better!!

this totally wasn't a teaching post ....hehe but i hope maybe you'll check out some of my favorite clothing sites...they really always have great deals!!
 remember check out my sale...it ends tomorrow!! don't forget to follow me on Pinterest..ive been pinning alot of things for centers for the upcoming school year since i wont be here until Monday ...my lovely friend Heidi from My No So Elementary Life from will be guest blogging for me this Sunday...so stay tuned..and if you haven't checked her blog out ..do so HERE ..shes got awesome ideas!! alright friends have a sweet day =)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Who Doesn't Love a Good Sale?

Hey everyone….. tomorrow is finally the big day...is it weird that iv'e been looking forward to it for like a month now??? i just have so many things on my wishlist that im excisted for the discount at the end ..i mean who doesnt love a good discount...esp on teacher things!! 
Everything in my TpT Store will be 20% off and you can add an additional 10% from TpT!  Make sure to check out my store and grab the things you need with a discount…who doesn’t love sales!! ahhhh ...when you have a good discount you feel as if you can totally splurge on something else (perhaps some nice shoes or jewelry) ....so ladies...let's shop!!
I want to share w you guys some of my faves from my store...even if it's a little too early for it ..grab it now and save for later...remember these are great packets to reuse over and over again for years to come..your kids will truly enjoy these items...how do i know? because my kids love it when i do it with them... when reading these directions there's always that one student that shouts out "your the best teacher ever!" to which i smile and say "honey, i know!" lol
now on to my fav goodies...
                                           Thanksgiving Craftivity Packet

This is one of my latest and I have to say I loved making this…I knew while making this my kids would enjoy doing this…the crafts are so cute !! 
This packet includes
3 crafts - w/directions
full/half page prompts black a nd white/ primary and secondary
handwriting worksheets
spelling worksheets
word search
drawing activities
listening quizzes (for social studies grade)
acrostic poem
adjectives worksheet

Omg! how i love this Early Finishers Packet
this packet was created so that you could post 3 or 4 worksheets up on a poster board for a week.. when the kiddies are done with their work early (we always have a couple early finishers a year) they can go up quietly to the board and choose which one they would like to complete...the worksheets are easy enough for them to read the directions on their own and keep them working while others are still trying to complete their classwork...
this packet includes-samples
-acrostic poem (1st-3rd grade)
-writing letters
-fact families
-greater than and less than
-making lists and sorting
- nouns
-identify parts of story
-making numbers

A couple of my of my other fav’s are my 2 Back 2 School Craftivities!!  Both of these packets have what you need to get your kiddies to start the year off right...I know my students come back to school rusty and forgetting somethings they learned the year before...so this is for the kiddies to help sharpen their brains again !!  They both have an adorable craftivity to go along with it that the kids will absolutely adore...Check out my Poppin Back 2 School Craftivity Here and also my Tou-Can Do it Writing Craftivity Here ...
don’t forget to check/follow me on PinterestFacebook and TpT Store to check out my latest crafts, ideas and more....thanks for dropping by my page and i hope yall are excited as me for this sale... my sale will be up tonight at 12 am...so prepare yourselves!!
if you do grab one of my items please leave  me some love on the feedback page…id love to hear your sweet comments and what you think about the craft =)

Happy Shopping Girls!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back 2 School Product Premiere!!

Hey everyone!!! ive been so excited this week….the back 2 school sale is seriously right around the corner…this Sunday ahhh!!! Im excited to finally get the things ive put on my wishlist..i have about 50 items….no too much right? Lol im excited for the new school year because I feel like I have everything I need to start the year smooth…. Today im linking up with   Christine from Bainbridges Class 

thanks to the fabulous Lori for this so cute button !

Us teachers have united to chit chat with you all about our favorite ideas and products!!  This way you know whats hot and what awesome products are out there....Considering the back 2 school sale Sunday  I wanted to let you know beforehand what I think is a must have for the year ….  and i think you def need .... (drum roll please)

My Johnny Appleseed Craftivity Packet! ...I think this is something for all  teachers to have in the beginning of the year… I think it’s so much fun to go over and introduce Johnny Appleseed to the kiddies…his story is so fun and it keeps my kiddies entertained…they love learning about him because it’s fun and easy peasy…so this is def a grab…there is also a cute craftivity to go with  it..!! theres a writing prompt behind the basket so aside from crafting they can practice their writing as well!!
This packet includes:

Craftivity Stencils/Directions
2 Quizzes (for Social Studies grade or can be used also as just worksheets)
Fun Facts Sheet
Writing/primary/secondary/color and b&w
Letters to Johnny
Fun recipe for applesauce
Picture Flash Cards
Word Search
here are some worksheets in this packet...

You won’t be disappointed with this…come check this product out along with my other products HERE at my TpT Store…I do ask if you kindly grab one leave me a comment letting me know what you think…I love to hear what you have to say …don’t forget to tell your bloggy friends about it!! Also some other products I think are also helpful to have for the year are

Also don’t forget to stay tuned Sunday through Monday for the back to school sale!! Everything in my TpT Store will be on sale...so stay tuned for that
(this fabulous sign was done none other than Michelle from the 3 am Teacher)