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Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Fabulous 500 Follower Giveaway!

Hey everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  I've been trying to get over a cold so my weekend was not the best.  I am excited for this 500 follow giveaway!  I've been wanting to do it but I have been so busy at work, so I am so happy to finally post about it!
So this is what I am doing.  I am doing a different giveaway daily! This way everyone can enter in minutes and you don't take 20 minutes entering for all these different prizes!
I am donating my Christopher Columbus Packet and my Halloween Craftivity! 

These packets are great because their right around the corner!  Come enter this for this giveaway. 
We also have great bloggers donating any items from their storee...
Check back this week for a new giveaway daily! =) This giveaway ends Monday so enter now =) Good Luck!
I learned how to finally work rafflecopter through my good blogging gal Lori from Teaching with Love and Laughter. She has an awesome tutorial on how to use rafflecopter. Thanks girl!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Johnny Appleseed Day and a Sweet Gingerbread Craft!

Yay! It's Johnny Appleseed Day!  Did anyone celebrate the big day?  What did you do?

We had such a fun time celebrating this day.  I had asked the parents earlier in the week if they could bring items involving apples.  I wanted the kids to enjoy a fun day eating what Johnny loved.  So many kiddies participated. Look at all the goodies we had.

If you notice, my Johnny Appleseed Craft is behind all the treats.
Wow did they bring things.  We still have left overs for days so thats great.  Here is a more closer look at the treats.

Now really, doesn't that look delish?  So happy with the outcome. 
Also take a look at the boards we did.  I share a board with my pal Teri from A Cupcake for the Teacher .... Take a look at how our boards came out!
Came out great right?  Ahh it was such a fun day.  Now im excited for Halloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas....yes Christmas! LoL!  I have come up with this cutest little craft.  I have been recently telling you I have the best craft coming.  This isn't it. LoL!  But boy did I love making this craft too.  It made me excited for Christmas! Do you read to your kids the Gingerbread Stories during the holidays?  Don't they love it? My kids looooooove it so much!  I even throw them a gingerbread hunt.  Which means a teacher comes in the class and tells us she saw the gingerbread man.  So we go out in a panic (but still in straight lines =) ) looking for him.  We pass by certain classrooms where he leaves us clue for where to go next.  We lastly end up at the principal's office where she says he left but left some gingerbread cookies for them to eat.  It's such a fun day for them and they talk about it with their friends and share ideas about where he could be.

I decided to make my own gingerbread boy and girl.  Take a look.

This cute little packet is only $1.50!
This craftivity includes:
-stencils/patterns for the  girl/boy gingerbread craft
-directions for making stencils
-writing prompts half/full/primary/secondary
Grab one Here at my TpT  and save it for later.
I still have more Christmas ideas going on in my head. So stay tuned!
If you like this craft...or looooove this craft as much as I do...leave me a sweet comment with your email saying you either follow my Blog or my TpT  and you could win this tonight! The first 3 to comment will take this craft home! =)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Long Lost Crate Pics!

Hey everyone!  I wanted to post my latest craftivity, but i am still working on it ....wahhh!  Hopefully this week I will have it  up!  I know you guys will love it so stay tuned!

In the meantime I was wondering what to post.  I am always taking pics of my classroom and my creations and then I came across something I made in the summer and never posted!!  My crates!!

I loved making these.  They were shockingly fun to make and they turned out great.  Can I just say that my kiddies love love love this!  They are always asking if they can sit on them.  I only have 5 so I use them to my advantage.  I let the students know if they behave I will call the quietest students to sit there when we read a story.  Boy do they get quiet!! 

Okay first we got the wood from Home Depot.  I believe it was 1/2 inch plywood.  The guy cut the wood for me so it fits in the crates.  I went next door to Walmart to get the foam for the cushion and then the fabric.  I wanted my fabric to be bright because my classroom is.  Here is the pic of when we first got to work. 
Another teacher friend of mine used the leopard fabric. I loved it but I couldn't copy her fabric! lol  Here's what we did next.
We started to staple gun the foam to the bottom of the wood.
This is how it looks when your done stapling.  Don't worry if it looks messy like mine.  That won't matter when you do the same thing with the fabric.  The top of the seat will look nice and smooth and the bottom can look scrunchy because noone is going to really see it.
This is what the final result looks like.  Don't they look fabulous?  I absolutely love them.  They are comfy, cute and make the room look great.  Here is what it lookslike in my room.
How great does that look?  Now seriously that chair I bought for myself is like heaven.  I find myself having the kids go to the reading center so I can sit there!!  
So thats my tutorial on how to make perfect crates.  I recommend doing it with a teacher friend.  It makes it more fun and you get to chit chat in between.  I hope you can make this because your kiddies will really enjoy it!
Okay before I start getting ready to go watch my Cowboys at 1, I wanted to remind you of Johnny Appleseed this Wednesday.  Check out my Johnny Appleseed Craftivity here at my TpT Store 
I know I reached 500 followers about a week or so ago.  I am working on a great giveaway with some awesome bloggers. Stay tuned!  Enjoy your weekend gals!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crazy Week and an Update!

AHHH! I can't believe I haven't posted since Sunday! It's crazy how busy I always am since school started.  We started centers this year and I'm going crazy setting them up so they are perfect.  I'm not super organized but I feel that it's necesaary to be organized for this kind of thing!  I've missed blogging though so I am alive, in case you were wondering! 

I wanted to share an update with yall.  On September 11th, we made my Sept. 11th Craft and they came out awesome!  They were so cute and the kiddies just loved making them.  I tried to explain to them why we remember September 11th and why it's important.  I didn't go into too much detail but they understood and were excited to make these!!

Aren't they the cutest?  Our next craft on the list is my own craft Johnny Appleseed.  If you want to see more about this cute craftivity, check out my store HERE!  I'm off!  I have so much center work to get done that I'm afraid I'll be doing it over the weekend,ahh!! Have a good night yall and check back Sunday for a sweet new craftivity that you will ummm love of course =)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Little Taste of Halloween and a Touching Story!

Hi everyone!  Happy Sunday!  Anyoone here big football fans? I am not a big football fan but am forced to go out every Sunday to cheer on a team I don't really care for. LoL  My fiance is a Cowboys fan and since we've dated i have been dragged out of my house on Sunday's to watch it.  So I have to get this post out before he gets here!! AHHHH!

Okay....So I want to get this out there now. I am obsessed with Halloween! I love the Fall and love October.  It seriously is my favorite month.  I love apple/pumpkin picking, making sweet desserts and dressing up.  Every year in my school they have a couple of contests which include a pumpkin and door contest.  You have to decorate the pumpkin as much as you can and you compete against others in your grade.  The door contest is pretty much decorating your door with a very cool Halloween theme.  First place wins a pizza party and 2nd wins cupcake.  I have won something every year so I am hoping for that this year too.  So i have come up with the best craftivity. Here take a look...

This packet has everything you need to share OUR excitement for Halloween with your awesome kids!  I decided to do 4 different crafts because I thought the kids can choose or they can do all of them.  I drew in the witche's nose.  I thought the kids can have so much fun doing that on their own.  That's how they can make their craft their own. 
This packet includes:
-4 crafts (2 for girls and 2 for boys)
-directions for the crafts
-full/half page writing prompts primary/ secondary black and white/color
-crossword puzzle
-drawing sheets/writing
-witches recipe for a fun brew
-safety tips for Halloween
-acrostic poem
-flash cards
and much more!!
Here are some more pics to get a glimpse of what's inside!

Your class will love this packet!! You can grab it HERE at my TPT Store.  If you do grab one, let me know what you think. I love to hear your sweet comments! 
Don't forget that Johnny Appleseed is just around the corner.  Come check out my Appleseed Craftivity at my TpT Store 
Your little ones will love completing this packet as it includes everything from writing to making your own applesauce!  I hope you all get a chance to hop on over and grab one!
On another note,

Alisha needs all of our help.  One of her good friends was recently diagnosed with cancer and it is already on stage 3.  Being as awesome as she is she is trying to help her friend out with helping her with medical bills. This is where we all come in to help.
If you donate $20 to Tiffany's fund &

show some random L*O*V*E,

you will receive a zipped file emailed to you
full of ALL of the lovely units below.
This is a chance for you to help out someone in need
& get many products at an amazing rate!
The grand total of this package is over $200!
Hop on over to her page to get more information.  There are a lot of donations from some awesome teachers including myself.  Ever wonder how you can help others? This is your chance.  I hope you all can get a chance to show her some love. When you hear someone you know has cancer, your world changes.  Help someone today! 
Enjoy your Sunday! =)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Group Incentives!

hey all!! happy wednesday...okay its my first week back and i feel like its taking forever to get to the weekend and i never feel like time goes by slow..it takes some getting used too!! weve been going over routines daily...rules...direction..and boy am i exhausted!!

but i managed to take some pics to show you all how im doing my group incentives this year.... i like doing individual incentives bc that way kids don't have to worry about having kiddies in their group...but i also think its great to do group rewards as well bc  they all get happy for each other for a job well done...so this is what i started with
so i have different colored sharpies....paint cans and polka dot name tags... polka dots are my theme this year and i just fell in love when i saw this pack!!
next i labeled the cans
i loved the way they came out...they are so colorful and bright..i placed these in the middle of the room so the kiddies are aware!  the way it works is simple... i told the kiddies everytime  i notice a group doing something nice...or behaving while others aren't...i will drop a "fuzzy" in their can...take notice of the left one..i filled them all the way up so you can see... once a group fills their can all the way up they will get a prize...it could either be puzzles, free time, reading a book, etc...but beware!  if a group misbehaves, you can take a "fuzzy" away as well....this way they make sure they stay on the right track with their work and behavior! they loved the idea and were excited to behave ..right away!! so i couldn't complain... =)  i have already filled quite a few up ...so im glad...here is a closer look of the can..i got the cans at Really Good Stuff
i hope you can use this idea in the classroom...it seems to be working fabulous for me so far...so ill keep you posted...id love to hear from you guys how it works in your class =)...i have to make this a quick post tonight..i have to tutor tonight! =) stay tunes for great craftivities to come...im working on so many right now..i know youll love them!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Week of School and My Latest Craftivity!

Hey ladies!! ...have you missed me? I just noticed i haven't posted in a couple days and i only have one word : exhaustion!  I started school last week and to say i was exhausted, dehydrated, hot is an understatement!  Between going over rules, taking tours of school, doing evacuations and going over drills this girl is exhausted!!

My class seems great so far... they seem happy to learn and excited for school which is always a great start...of course i have some chatty cathy's but i think with a little help from me of course...that will soon go away =)  This is my first full week with them so wish me luck as i will pray tonight that it either rains tomorrow (so it stays cool) or its 60 degrees max! lol

anyway moving on i wanted to share my newest, fabulous, prettiest creation yet!! (lol i guess i really like this craftivity) My Christopher Columbus Packet !!

this packet really has all you want to explain to your kiddies why Columbus is so historic and why he's remembered today.  Columbus is just around the corner so make sure to grab one of these here at my TpT Store ....
this packet includes
-stencils/directions for Columbus craft
- writing prompts (full/half page, Black and White, primary and secondary)
-writing/drawing prompts
-listening quiz (or can be used as a worksheet)
-fun facts page (can be used as a study guide)
-true/false quiz for social studies grade (can be used as a worksheet)
-writing a letter to Columbus
-Spelling/Making new words
here are some sneak peeks at this adorable craftivity

 your kiddies will love this packet... there are great printables that can be used as worksheets or quizzes.  I dont know about you but i never have enough Social Studies grades.  With this packet i have 2 right in this packet.  If you don't want to use it as quizzes then no big deal use them as handouts!! This packet can be used in many different ways.....I do ask if you grab one..let me know what you think...iv'e been getting such sweet comments from everyone it's so flattering! So let me know how you feel about this one ladies.... okay im off...my older brother is having a bbq today for his bday and as much as i want to stalk some blogs..i should probably head out there...but before i go...i wanted to remind you all of my September 11th Packet

..it's this week and it's such a great way to get your kiddies to know what happened  over a decade ago..this packet is kid friendly so the kiddies don't get too scared or frightened.  There is even come crafts in there for the little ones!! I've had so many of you leave me warm comments about this packet and i'm so happy you enjoyed it !  If you haven't check it out..it's here at my TpT Store

Want a copy of my Christopher Columbus Packet?  Leave me a comment saying you follow either my TpT Store (leave a comment) or my http://pinterest.com/wildforteaching/  (leave a comment)and i will do random generator tonight... the lucky winner will win a free copy of my newest Christopher Columbus Packet!! You have until 12 am tonight (eastern standard time) ...Ready...Set...Go !

The winner is Monica from Treasures for Teaching ...Congrats I will be emailing you =)

Also stay tuned this week...Im doing a giveaway for reaching 500 followers..yay...im still in the process of getting it together but check back this week!! Have a great Sunday everyone

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Classroom Tour...Come Take a Peek! =)

okay so am i late? lol because im finally linking up with Swimming into Second and Beg Borrow and Steal for their fabulous classroom pics tour!! 

im so excited...because this year took me the longest....and i know why....i had so many wonderful tips and ideas from all you awesome bloggers..it was hard to decide what to do...i have to say im not 100% finished...as im sure ill be brining in things here and there and decorating as we go...but in the meantime..take a look at my entire class first ..
and heres the other side of it

i absolutely am obsessed with my reading corner and that comfy chair....my god it was expensive but it's def going to be worth it.....i read to the kids constantly...and you have no idea how much i have to like bed and stretch to get my legs to wake up ..they tense up in the chairs that i usually use...but im hoping with this pup that my legs will get up feeling engery!! idk if you can tell bu the polka dots is a blanket! i went the other day and fell in love with this polka dot carpet i saw they had online (polka dots is my theme) but it was sold out...of course my luck!! but she said to come back in a week to pick them up bc they are constantly coming ...so in the meantime illjust use the fab blankets...their cute and soft so theyll do...did you check out the crates? ahhh amazing!! and pretty comfy!! I want the kiddies to love and enjoy reading and i think they will in this comfy and cozy corner..!! check out my walls...
yes i still have a picture of my class from last year....as i told you in a blog once before..they were amazing!! LoL
my kiddies love this...to the right are for individual students...i give them stars when i see one doing something nice or working quietly....once they reveive 10 stars ..they get a lil treat from me! on the left is more for returning tests...idk how you gals have it set up...and id love to hear your ideas!! idk how i do it but students test on Friday (4 tests) and i have it done by the end of the day...Just the thought of bringing work home with me makes me sad! So i do them over snack, prep, and lunch just to give them as they are leaving for school ...lol ...Anywho on Monday ...they must they must they must...have it returned and signed...it doesn't matter if they have a 100 or 75...i want to see their parents signed it ...now i know some teachers only want the ones that are below 75 but i feel like that would make life to difficult for me lol...so i need all of them back to put in their folders...if they return it back ...they get a star on the left ...once they receive 5 stars...they get a free choice!! they love it and it usually works great..but id love to hear what you do for returning tests!
okay so i got the blank chart next to me only because it was polka dots...and didnt have a clue what to do with it..but then i thought i could put the Spelling Words each week on there...it's perfect because its right there for them to see ..and its a great visual! on the right is the 100 chart...i check off each da until we get to 100...then we party!! as you can tell...and i just noticed grrr...how my background paper is kinda of like coming out? it's because its sooooo hot in the school and humid ..this always happens!!
okay so i love bins!! as you can tell already lol...but anywho i think their great for keeping organized and i think they keep the room bright with their fun colors...the empty ones you see here will be for centers..i still have to fill it up with pencils...crayons..glues etc....but i cant wait for them to use it ...moving on...heres a close up of my library...grr this library was given to me from a teacher retiring...and i was  thinking of painting it and making it fabulous but it wobbles alot..and now im afraid it will fall on a student...oh no!! so this week im going to have to suck it up and splurge on a library!! but anyway take a looksie

i think it will do for now until i recplace it...i love the way the books look nice and neat and not disorganized!! okay finally this is my dry erase board..for all of you who dont know her.. ( many of you must know her...shes awesome!) Lori from Teaching With Love and Laughter had an awesome giveaway recently...with awesome borders for a dry erase board...to make a long story short..i didnt win! apparently alot of people wanted !! but next time i will i know it lol...anyway i decided to make my own with velcro...take a peek!!
its cupcake borders and just so cute...so this will do !! im so glad and finally relieved i can share my pics with all of you!! hopefully you enjoyed it as well....let me know what you guys think...omgg1! almost forgot ...don't forget to check back on Sunday...i have suchhhhhhhh a cute Halloween Craftivity you will absolutely love...and also i have reached 500 followers...woot woot..i cant believe i started this all in May and now have reached a milestone for me....i will be doing an awesome week giveaway for that from seriously amazing bloggers....so check back in for those posts!! enjoy your night!