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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Hurricane is Here!!

Okay so the hurricane they have been warning us for the last week is here and it is not cute!  The hurrican is called "Sandy" and my god she is nasty.  It started today and is suppose to end tomorrow.  So many people I have spoken to is out of power and I am just waiting for mine to go out.  Take a look at this which is right by my house!

It's seriously crazy out there!! The winds are so strong and I am hearing things go on outside it's creepy!! So before I loose power, I wanted to show you some pictures of this weekend when I went out for Halloween.  I love Halloween and spending it with my friends.  We went out this weekend to celebrate before the hurricane hit.  If you check out my previous posts you will see what I have been the past few Halloween's.  This year my best girlies and I were Native American Indians.  I love Pocahontas and that was the look I wanted to go for.  I think it was definitely fun and we got many compliments.  We even made up a rain dance to go with it!  What do you think?
I love this pictures of my favorite girls, however I do not like that I look super tall!!
   How do you think they came out?  It was so much fun ..we got into character and had a blast!! Now what to be next year??? Any ideas..I'd love to hear them! 
Anywho, We have off until Wednesday, which means I will be finally doing the finishing touches on my Christmas craft!  So stay tuned this week to catch it on sale for the first couple hours !  
 I am now going to ho hide under my bed and pray this hurricane ends soon.  For everyone in the east coast, stay safe!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Pics, Pumpkin Contest and a Bruised Ego!

Hey all!  I am so excited Halloween is seriously around the corner.  This weekend I am celebrating with my besties in our usual themed costumes!! I will post pics in a minute but I wanted to let you know on somethings going around at school.  The last couple of weeks have been crazy to say the least.  We have had meeting after meeting and it's hard to get anything done.  We had our pumpkin contest this week.  I did a fabulous and cute bee.  Take a look...
Isn't is adorable?  Here's a pic of the winner which is also another awesome fellow blogger Teri
Ok her's is really awesome.  Still I have to admit....I hate losing at anything in life.... One time Teri found me at my own bbq crying to my boyfriend because I lost at the gam Baggo...aka cornhole!  LoL.. I really need to work on that...it is not cute..But in all seriousness.. I am happy she won! 
 There still is a door contest which is next week.  I have won that I believe 3 years in a row now =).  So I hope I can keep the streak going or I am not sure how I will react.  =)

So last month Teri and I made a Johnny Appleseed bulletin board.  Take a look at our new bulletin...

I personally love it.  It's fun putting it together too.  I am not sure on what we will do for Thanksgiving.  We both have a lot of crafts for it so not sure what we will come up with..so stay tuned!!
Now for Halloween this year, my best friends and I have decided to dress up as Native American Indians.  We thought it would be so fun and cute at the same time.  Here are some things we have been in the past...

LoL....I loveddddd this costume.... All night we were bending and stretching to get into character.  My honey decided to join us last minute and was a runner.  He is hiding in the back!  If your having trouble finding me, I used to be a blonde! 
We were also ...The 3 Blind Mice!

This is us getting into character...

This was definitely another great night!  As you can tell we definitely play the role!  Sunday I will show you pictures of our newest costumes!  I will also have a cute new craftivity to show you all....just for the holidays...which really is creeping around the corner. =)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Latest Craftivity and Halloween Throwbacks!

Hey everyone!  I hope everyone's weekend went well.  I'm so excited.  My honey and I spend the day yesterday looking at houses!  It was so much fun and definitely a lot of work but definitely worth it.
I wanted to share my latest with you all.  With all these debates going on and election talk, I thought what a great idea to incorporate that into the classroom.  This took me quite a while but I am so happy with the outcome.  What do you think?

Isn't it the cutest?  I wanted the kiddies to be able to have fun with all the elections because it definitely is too much for them to understand at this point.  I would want my kiddies just to get the idea of elections so it isn't so shocking when they learn more about it in the next few years.  It's a fun craft and the packet is full of great printables. 
This packet includes:
-Stencils/Directions for Crafts
ord Search
-ABC Order
-Acrostic Poem
-Making Words
-Fun Printables about the President and White House
-Book Marks
-Nomination/Official Ballots
-Tally Printables
-Letters to President
-First, Next and Lastt
-Writing prompts
-Class list
-Can Have and Are

and so much more!
Take a peek at what's inside!

 This packet even has what you need for your own elections in the classroom.  It's a great way to have the students interact with one another and offer their opinions and ideas! Hop on over to my TpT Store and grab this Craftivity!
{ Want to win this packet?  Leave a comment on my page saying you either follow my Blog or TpT and you will be entered to win this.  I will do number generator and announce the winner tomorrow.  Good Luck }
Congrats to Success In Second Grade !  I will be e-mailing you the packet!
Moving on to a cute little picture.  Since Halloween is around the corner, I wanted to show you a pic of my best girly friends at work.  Every year we dress up together as a theme and during lunch we seriously take the weirdest pictures.   Here you be the judge
This past year our costumes were changed last minute so we ended up random things.. My bloggy gal and real life friend Teri from A Cupcake for the Teacher were leopards and our other gal was a ladybug!lol  Take a look...
We are not crazy, I promise. We just like to have fun.  These pictures seriously made me giggle. LoL Alrighty I am off to watch a movie with my brother ...21 Jump Street.... Ever seen it? Sooooo funny!
Don't forget to end if you want to win the Elections Craft Packet ...Enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I've Been Boo'd!!

At first I thought being boo'd was a bad thing

...but it's the cutest linky ever!!! So0o0o I am linking up with First Grade Fairytales


A couple people have been boo'ing me so I want to make sure I give them all credit!!  I was boo'd by Success In Second Grade

Success in Second Grade
Grella Monsters
Lattes & Laughter
Now that I have shouted all those fabulous bloggers...go check out their blogs...so cute!!
Some of my favorite crafts and packets to do during Halloween are the following:
Halloween Craftivity
 Halloween Math Tubs
These are so cute.  My class has been working on this for a while now during centers and they are a blast.
Pinned Image
Loving these cute idea.  I am giving these to my kiddies for Halloween.
Pinned Image
Phew! Okay now I have to go see who I can boo....that hasn't been booed yet!  Guess what! I finally finished my Elections Packet...I personally love it...I will be posting more about it on Sunday. So stay tuned.
On a totally not teacher related note.  I went to my first bridal show yesterday!! Woot woot!  I met some great vendors and plan to meet with them soon.  Even better than that I won their grand prize giveaway which was a 4 day/3 nights in Tobago.  Aside from that I won a free photo booth at my wedding.  Like really? How awesome is that.  I keep thinking how funny I probably looked getting my prize.  I was all the way in the back of the room and literally ran to the front when I hear my name.  The MC even said I was freaking out. LoL....  I never thought of ever even visiting Tobago but I will have to now. Ha !  Nite everyone =)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baseball Craft and a Sweet Idea!

Hey everyone!  I can't believe I have not posted in a week.  That is definitely not like me.  Well i have some great tips I want to share with you.  I have been doing this since in my first year and my goodness it works wonders!!  Do you ever have those kiddies who just love to tattle? But like the silliest things you could ever hear like, "Bobby just touched my desk," and "My eraser fell and Nancy didn't pick it up." I just feel like grrr I am trying to teach here!! LoL So I have come up with this fabulous idea.  I have seen on teaching sites that there are tattling turtles and such so I tried to make my own.  I have pictures of these cute lil scarecrows and pumpkins around the class.

First of all, aren't these just the cutest things ever? Okay so I got these from AC Moore for like 3$ each.  The way it works is easy I tell the kids please only tell me when your hurt, you feel sick or if someone is bullying you.  If they have to tell me anything else such as that one year they went to Disney or that Christina touched his chair I have them tell the scarecrows or the pumpkin.  They are suppose to whisper it in their ear during snack time.  I tell that the scarecrow will tell me all of their secrets after school.  Can you believe that they not only believe me but this is the best thing I have ever thought of.  My first year I just had the pumpkin.  There would usually be a line forming during snack to tell the pumpkin all of their secrets.  I decided to get some more crops to break the line up and boy do they love the scarecrows.  It really is cute to see them talking to the scarecrows. I think they even believe the scarecrow talks back because I see them giggle sometimes. LoL!  I definitely recommend this idea if you feel like you have a lot of silly tattles going on around your class.  You can change it as the months pass.  For Thanksgiving I have a turkey and Christmas I have a stuffed Santa. 
Okay so my bloggy friend Michelle from Inspired by Kindergarten is having an awesome giveaway!! 
  I'm donating my Halloween Craftivity!
There are some also donaters as well. Hop on over there now and enter.  There are many ways to enter and the giveaway ends next week!
Finally onto my latest!  I don't know about you ladies but I love baseball.  I played softball all my life and was on scholarship for college.  So I am super excited when baseball comes around the corner and even more when my team the Yankees are in the playoffs.  So I made this cutesy little craft!
This craft is great for predicting who you think will win the world series.  It's loaded with activities to get the kiddies attention about the sport and there is even adorable printables on sportsmanship!  Here are some printables that is included :
-writing prompts-full/half/primary/seconday/black&white
-making lists
-word search
-write it/draw it
-favorite baseball player wksht
-rhyming wksht
-class survey
-making predictions
-showing sportsmanship wkshts

and more fun printables!

Grab one of these and get your kiddies excited for the World Series!
The cute glove and ball is such a great way to get them excited to start writing!
If you grab one, leave me a comment letting me know what you think! =)
You can grab this craft Here at my TpT Store .  It's just $3 ! 
*Stay tuned this week. I have a great craft coming up for your kids for this infamous election that is coming up*

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Last Day of Giveaway, Fall Linky and Currently!

Hey everyone!  I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!  I am so excited for tomorrow.  We have off for Columbus Day..yay!  I'm going apple picking tomorrow with my honey and I can't wait.  We go every year and it's so much fun!  Hopefully it will be nice and not rainy to enjoy the day as much as we can!
Today I am linking up with the Shroeder Page for our products that are particularly for the Fall.  My favorite fall product is my Halloween Craftivity Packet ...  It's just $ 4 ...Read below to see what is included!

This packet includes:
-4 crafts (2 for girls and 2 for boys)
-directions for the crafts
-full/half page writing prompts primary/ secondary black and white/color
-crossword puzzle
-drawing sheets/writing
-witches recipe for a fun brew
-safety tips for Halloween
-acrostic poem
-flash cards
and much more!!
Don't miss out on such a cute packet!

I'm also linking up with Farley for her October Linky!!

I'm doing the last day of my giveaway today!  I was feeling lazy this weekend to post so I am posting it today.... We have great bloggers donating for my last day!  My bloggy gals Jess and Dana are donating any one item from their store.


All you have to do is follow the guidelines below for the rafflecopter and say a wish! You may be the winner.  It ends tonight so make sure to enter. =)
a Rafflecopter giveaway