Monday, June 4, 2012

Tou-Can Do It Craftivity!!

Hey guys!! Okie so I had been working on this for a while and I just couldn’t wait to post it …so here it is…this is a back to school craftivity named Tou-Can Do It! 
I was inspired when we took the kiddies last week to the zoo.  I saw a Toucan and it just came to me! lol ..It’s a booklet that takes a fun approach to writing. It has them write about things they like and find interesting.  They will definitely enjoy this kind of writing!  Grab one of these  here at my TpT Store



                                                     This packet includes:

*Stencils and directions for the toucan*

*Bulletin Board poster*

*Writer’s Checklist poster*

*telling sentence poster*

*question sentence poster*

*exclamation sentence poster*

*full page prompt writing numbers (primary) *

*full page prompt worksheets (primary, color and secondary)*

 *half page prompts (primary, color and secondary)*

*full page prompt on favorite zoo animal (color, primary and secondary)*

Definitely grab one of these!… The kiddies will have a blast making their own Toucan…. You can grab one of these at my TpT Store.  Make sure if you grab it you leave me some feedback and follow me =)  Enjoy!!


  1. This is adorable. I LOVE it. Nice work.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  2. Hi there again :)

    I was wondering if there was an email that I could reach you at? I have a question for you. If so could you make a comment at my page or email me at the email below.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  3. That's what I get for being behind on my google reader lol. Love your Toucan craftivities too!


  4. We teachers can find inspiration anywhere, can't we? Very cute idea.


  5. This looks great!

    PS I already follow you. ;)

    ✰ Kimberley ✰
    First in Maine

  6. That is adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now your newest follower.

    Reading Toward the Stars

  7. I LOVE this idea! I have some things I my site you may like so stop by and grab them. Oh and be sure to join. I'm doing a giveaway very soon!

  8. This is precious! I love it! =)

    What a great craftivity for the beginning of the year. =)

    Heather's Heart

  9. LOVE this!!! It reminds me of Rob Schneider in Big Daddy..."tou"can do it! lol

  10. Do you still have this project on your blog.