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Monday, August 27, 2012

My Turn For The Blog Hunt...YaY!

So today im linking up with for the blog hunt which im so excited!! i wasn't sure what to create because i wanted to make something for all grades...i want to be able to reach a lot of the teachers out here so i got to thinking...what kind of issues do i have a lot during the school year....and it easily came to me... HOMEWORK! ...gosh..there's always kids and who complete half the homework and leave the rest blank...and then in my head im like how do i grade their half complete homework...so i came up with these easy and fabulous things

this is perfect for grading their assignments....5 is excellent and it goes down to 1 which is incomplete and late...i think this is perfect for assessing the students on their homework ...you can refer to this when figuring out what to give them for the day...i usually givie homework mon-thur... so this year i plan to daily give them a grade for their homework the night before...at the end of the qtr i will add up their scores and then divide to get their final grade!!  After i created this i thought what else do i need a rubric for ...and i came up with these as well
thanks to Michelle from 3am Teacher for the fabulous borders
arent these so useful...i think grading classwork is so important...it's such a huge part of their learning..there's so much more than assessments and spelling and math..it's about how they work and how much effort they put into their work...do they try their best or very little effort? this will help you grade them on their classwork...and even behavior!! have those kids who can't stay in their seat? this will help you assess them in that as well....for the behavior you don't have to give them a grade everyday because it can be a bit much.... i think giving them a score at the end of the week is perfect..you will definitely remember those kids who were chatty and those who were helpful and kind....you can grab these awesome freebies HERE at my TpT Store...please let me know what you think as i love to hear from all of you =) 
 i told you i had a surprise for you all in honor of me being newly engaged!! I will be having a flash sale starting tomorrow!! everything in my store will be $1 ...drop by my store tomorrow to check that out....enjoy and don't forget to check back tomorrow to see whos next for the blog hunt =) enjoy
 Wolfelicious and her awesome freebie will be up tomorrow...so make sure to check that out =)


  1. Congratulations on your engagement! I hope you have a lot of fun planning for your big day!

    I love your rubrics!!! Where did you get the star border from?

  2. THANKS for sharing! I love the design! Stop by anytime! SMILES!

  3. Thanks for the rubrics freebie - what a great idea!

  4. I love rubrics. It is such a great way to explain to parents how you grade the students work. Thanks for the freebies!
    The Hive