Thursday, October 10, 2013

Witch in a Pot- Halloween Re-Do!

I have been recreating some of my old crafts from last year.  Some of them needed a little more pizazz.

I loved making this one!  Last year I wanted to do this craft, I had it made and was ready to put out there and I don't know what happened!  I ended up making something else. GRRR!  I should have gone with my instinct because here I am  a year later making it all over again!

What do you think?

This cute craftivity pack has tons of writing printables for your writing center and other worksheets all themed towards Halloween! Here are some printables included:

Isn't it so cute?  

I think it could be such a conversation starter with the little ones. How did the witch get in the pot?  Did she fall? Did she trip? Did someone put her there?  I think it will be so cute to listen to all their ideas!  There are so many other printables in this packet too.

I love this one!  You have to look at the pic, unscramble the word and rainbow write it!  I don't know about you, but my little ones are OBSESSED with rainbow writing. 

I always have fun carving pumpkins with my fiance, I though it would be fun if the kiddies put it in order.

I'm so happy I remade this because I think it came out so darn cute!  Included in this bundle are

*pictures/stencils/directions for craft
* 10 writing printables primary/secondary lines/b&w/full & half page
*making words
*word search
*word of the day
*taste, has & are
*abc order
*first, next & last

You can check out more by clicking here or check out what else I have in my TpT for more ideas!

If you grab this, let me know what you think. =) It's always fun to see how you used it in the classroom.

Happy Halloween. 



  1. Thanks for stopping by! I am from jersey too... My family still lives near Morristown ... I LOVE the witch craft. I wih my kids could do it but all cute crafts just turn into a lot of work for me! I am happy to be your newest follower!

    The big apple teacher

  2. That witch is TOO cute, and I love all of the other printables that go along with it!

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