Sunday, September 7, 2014

Classroom Reveal

Yes, I am late to the party….classroom reveal party that is!  I usually would decorate my classroom mid august but we weren't allowed to go back until 2 days before school started.  I seriously didn't waste time.  I got straight to work and with some help of some friends.  

I got purple fabric from walmart.  I tried fabric last year and I was obsessed.  By the end of the year it was still perfect.  I only changed it because I wanted to solid color throughout the board and because purple is my favorite color!

I'm very into neon colors this year, not sure if you could tell.  But I am obsessed with my word wall!  

This is my new objectives board. The title of the board is from Amy Groesbeck.  What I love about them is that they are editable.  So I was able to make a title for each board in my room.  It kept with the bright theme.  I got the headers for the subjects from Learning in Wonderland  
I got the subject titles from Crockett's Classroom and the "I Can" statements.

This is one of my fave things in my room!

Newho about this objectives board. Last year we kept hearing we need to put up a focus wall or objective board somewhere in the room.  I am so happy I stumbled across this one!  It's bright, cute and I think it will grab people's attention if they were to pop in.  What do you think?

So this is my BARE helpers board.  I haven't found anything neon isn that could match with anything else.  Do you know of anything I may like?  I need one asap!  I need helpers to stop me from losing my mind.  Don't mind the wrinkle.  I had that last year and it went away on it's own.  

Calendar board. UGH. Love the brightness!  I know my little ones will just love it.

Birthday Board - Straight and to the point. 

I will tell you why I love this bulletin so much.  It is loud and right smack in the middle of the room.I love the directions because they are easy enough for my firsties to understand and follow.  I also love the clip chart next to it.  They go hand in hand.  If the little ones follow directions, they will move up in the chart or if they don't make good choices they will be clipped down.  I am excited to try this different strategy this year.

Here's a close up look…

If your interested in this sweet set, I got this from the lovely Maria Manore.  The pics are so bright and cute.  

This is my reading rug.  I have been wanting to change those seat covers forever now, but I always put it off.  I should try to incorporate neon colors to match the room.  Either way I still love them and the kids just love sitting on the crates.  I make it a privilege to sit on them so they always try their best to behave to be called to the crates.

This is my fabulous desk.  I bought these inspirational posters from  A Year of Many Firsts.  I decided to print, laminate and post all around the room so my littles always know that their behavior is priority.

I love the posters right by the buddy reading area.  Totally will put my little ones in check.

I took advantage of the free spaces and added them wherever I could!  But I think they look so cute.

This is the bulletin board I share.  We decided to do something easy.  Think it came out so cute.

I STOCKED my treasure chest for the year.  I went throughout the summer and kept picking things up as I saw.  I'm excited to give away things to my sweeties.

There's wands, jump ropes. large pencils, bouncy balls.  
What's in your chest?

My favorite thing of all?    My new name!  As you know, I got married this summer and this was a gift from my fabulous mommy - in- law.  Cutest thing ever.  
What do you think of my room?  Love to hear your thoughts!


This week we have a lot planned with my littles.  We are going to start my Grandparents Day Craft

Full of cute crafts and printables for your little ones and grandparents!  

Great activités for your firsties and their grandparents to do on Grandparent's Day this Sunday September 7.  

How do you and your little ones celebrate this day?

*side note*  I am doing a happy dance… I am almost done with my Space Bundle.  Stay tuned!!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love every bit of your classroom:)

  2. What are you using to hang your clip chart? Whatever it is, I love it! Mine is just stapled to the wall and it is always falling down when I have too many clips on one color :( I'd love to try whatever you are doing to hold yours up!

    Paiges of Learning

  3. Your classroom is beautiful! I'm so glad you like the posters. xoxo

  4. Love love love your classroom! I want to come teach with you!


  5. I love your cheerful room! I used Live Love Laugh Kindergarten TPT store for bright helper cards.

  6. Looks super cute!! Those tiles on the floor would drive me crazy not matching my color scheme! lol

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  8. What did you use (paper/fabric etc.) to get the chevron print on your desk? I need away to hid my beaten up desk.

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  10. What is the chevron print on your desk (fabric, wrapping paper?) and how did you get it to stick??

  11. Agree! I'm curious if you used contact paper on your desk or something else? It's adorable!

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