Monday, January 20, 2014

Penguin Palooza!

Hey everyone!  January has been flying by!  Not without my little ones learning about penguins first.  I took out my load of books for January and these are just some of the books I have on penguins.  

I have so many "Tacky the Penguin" stories it's just not normal.  The kids love it too.  They always have a blast learning about penguins.  Their favorite fact is when I tell them that MILLIONS of years ago penguins could fly.  They just can't wrap their heads around it!  I mean seriously… can you imaging these little guys flying?  I'd be terrified!  

We started doing some work from my Playful Penguins Pack.  They did such a great job with it.  

Finally, last week we started the craft.  Can I just say, this is the best cutting I have seen my class do all year.  They really enjoyed making these.  Didn't they came out so cute?

We have to work on the writing prompt next week.  


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