Sunday, March 23, 2014

FarFaria (Reading) Subscription Giveaway!

Hey friends!  happy Sunday.  So happy to be blogging today and letting you know about something sweet I just became apart of!

 I am joining forces with an awesome new app, FarFaria, that I have had the honor to see and check out what it's about!  

It's a sweet app ranging from ages 2-9 that introduce children to the idea of reading and allow them to have a love for reading.

It has a variety of stories that is sure to please your sweet ones.

With over 600 stories, your babies will have a blast reading up on their favorite books!  These stories are unlimited!  So when you are done with one, go ahead and read another.  Why not make it a family night and read stories together?  

Or if you are a teacher like me, download it on your I-Pad and let it be a reading/listening center.    Such a great way to let your kiddies know that reading shouldn't have to be a chore and can be fun instead!

Here are some snippets of what exactly it looks like and what's inside.  It is full of beautiful pictures and great story lines, sure to please your kids.

Like I said before, FarFaria ranges from ages 2-9.  So you can find the appropriate level books for your child located at the bottom right hand corner.  The leveled books allow you to grab what you believe your little ones is capable of reading on their own.  Or go ahead and choose a book they love and go ahead and read it to them before going to bed.

You have seriously so many different genres of stories, it's hard to pick just one.  FarFaria even has a "Read to Me" option that allows your little one to listen to the story instead of reading it.  How smart is that??!?

It's so easy to read.  When your done with the page you just swipe with your fingers to continue and keep reading.

I keep thinking of all the different ways I can use this in the classroom.
I think it will be perfect for using the I-Pads in the classroom.  Students would have a blast reading stories with a buddy.  Give them a list of questions to answer after the story is done to work on comprehension and VOILA!

Don't you love this app?  I know I do.  So happy I was introduced to this so I can now incorporate it into my daily routine with my little ones.  

Now YOU can too.

 FarFaria's monthly full access subscriptions are just $3.99.  How crazy inexpensive right?

Well FarFaria is giving away 3 month memberships to FarFaria to 2 lovely lucky winners!  

Follow Rafflecopter below and enter as you wish. 

Good Luck!  

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  1. Thank you so much for the change to win!! This app looks great and I know my kiddos would enjoy it! :)

  2. That seems like a great app! Do you know if they have it for Windows tablets? That's what we have at our school. They seem a little slower to pick up the cool reading/math apps, unfortunately!! Still no Sushi Monster!