Thursday, May 8, 2014

Packing Up Another Year!

Okay …so don't judge me, but I started cleaning my class for the end of the year.  Is it weird that school ends June 26th?  

I get slight anxiety just the idea of starting to clean up in June.  I like to move slow and steady and make sure I am not rushed towards end of year looking for things to store and find room for.  I like to make sure things are neat and orderly for when I come back to set up at the end of summer.  

So where did I begin?  Happy you ask!  I started small.  I just gathered some poster boards.  

Before you think, I'm just awful by taking away these posters…. my little ones have a copy of their own in their class word folders that they refer to on their own.  So I think they'll handle it just fine.

I like to store my poster boards nice and neat in my sweet little bag from Really Good Stuff.  It's only $14.99 and such a great way to store and organize your posters without feeling forced to tossed them somewhere because there's no room or space.  

Here's a shot of it …

Make sure to grab this as it will make your life much easier at the end of the year.

and just for giggles!  This is a shot i took last year using the bag!

I'm such a pro!

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  1. I would do the same thing! we get out a little earlier than you, though!