Sunday, March 29, 2015

All About Emotions - Health Pack

So I am on a roll with my health packs!  I just finished my All About Emotions {health pack} just a bit ago!

I'm excited about this one, because my little ones have A LOT of feelings throughout the day.  They could be happy one minute and weeping the next.  This pack will show them that it's okay to have all those feelings but they need to be able to express them the write way. =)

I included something like this in all my health packs so far.  It's a list of emotions.  This way my little ones are aware of all the different kinds of feelings they can have.

I'm loving these info cards!  I included 12 info cards so my students can identify/understand each feeling and emotion.  It's easy enough for them to read and comprehend.

You can never go wrong with CAN, HAVE & ARE.  It's a must in my classroom.

I have been getting a lot of requests for these. My students enjoy them so much as a center.  They like to read, write and draw.  This is right up their alley!

One of my new additions.  I really think my kiddies will like this.  I added a bunch in this pack.  I'm hoping it's a hit for our writing center.

I'm hoping my sweeties love it.  There's a lot of fun printables in here that are similar to my Fruits & Veggies Pack and Exercsie Pack.

Click here to get more info on this sweet little pack

This set includes:
This pack includes:
*writing prompts
*info cards with pics and brief description on emotions & feelings
*emotion posters
*lists of emotions
*abc order
*can have are
*whats your favorite?
*reading comprehension (happy and unhappy stories)
*word search
*healthy mix up
*making lists
*compare and contrast (good feelings vs bad)
*angry girl" word center

I hope this pack can work for all of you in the classroom!

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