Sunday, April 26, 2015

Simple Story Telling-{somebody wanted but so then}

Happy Sunday!  What a busy week!  It was my birthday this week. So I have been pretty much celebrating all week long. =)

I have created a sweet pack that I know my little ones will love and I hope you do too!

This set is loaded with posters, graphic organizers, bookmarks, anchor charts and more!

Here's a close up!

There are 5 "Find It" printables.  The students have to find the s*w*b*s*t skills in the story and highlight it using the color code.  Then they have to write about their findings.  This is perfect during center time, buddy work or for those fast finishers.  There's a lot of parts to it so it will definitely keep them working for a while!

This is a fun game that comes in black and white and color for variety.  Perfect for buddy reading during center time.  Have students read and then have them spin the wheel using a paper clip to figure out the s*w*b*s*t* strategy. Laminate it and use it over and over again.
 I am hoping my little ones will love it. 

Another version of the somebody-wanted-but-so-then skill.  Great for summarizing the story after a read.  Toss in a center and it's all set!  Easy Peasy!

These posters or anchor charts can be hung up around the classroom, or in center bins or folders for a reference or guide.  It's so bright and colorful your little ones will love looking at them. Great visual.

I love when my little ones write about stories we just read.  This is a great way for them to summarize a story right after reading. 

There are 7 "Solve It" printables.  Have students read this on their own and fill using the s*w*b*s*t strategy.  The store are fun and entertaining.

This pack is full of posters, writing, reading prompts, graphic organizers and much more. Your students are sure to love. Very useful resources that can be used in a variety ways.

This set includes

*somebody-wanted-but-so-then posters color and black &white
*bookmarks-color and black & white
spin that wheel-color and black & white (center game)
*graphic organizers
*write and draw (identifying parts of the story
*7 solve it printables (students read a story and write the s-w-b-s-t skill)
*5 find it printables (read a story and using a color code highlight the s-w-b-s-t- facts in the story)

Click here to check out more on this set or drop by my shop to see what else is in there. =) 

Off to finish off laying in bed. =)
Happy Sunday! 

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  1. Hope you had a great birthday! That pack looks so great- my kiddos love SWBST!


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