Monday, September 12, 2016

Parent Wish List with Oriental Trading

Happy Monday all!  It's back to school time and I am excited for a brand new school year with little students to get to know.  We have our full first week back so I need to be energized! I have a big group this year but they are so cute, I forget all about it once they walk through that door!  They are so smart too.  So I'm excited to see what they are capable of!

Before school started, I was stressed.  I had to go back to school shopping and that requires me getting supplies, rewards, decorations and so much more.  It's hard to do it all on a budget. Right?!

I was able to team up with Oriental Trading and come up with a wish list.  There's so much we would love to do for our class, but it's hard to do it all.  With a wish list for parents, your able to let parents know what exactly you want and hope they can donate something off your wish list.  
This could help a ton, especially at the beginning of the year! 

A great way to showcase a parent wish list is this cute little display…

You can grab this cute freebie from Teach Create Motivate here.  I'm going to set this up and show the parents at Back to School Night next week.

I created my wish list and then got everything on my list! I'm not patient. LOL  
Instead of having parents donate, you can always make a list of what ya need and grab and go.

So what did I get? So many goodies that I can't wait to use!  
First lets start with my most favorite thing ever!

My storage baskets!  These baskets are perfect for markers, pencils, reading phones and so much more. I love the way it looks behind my reading desk.  Check out these storage baskets by clicking here.It comes in a set of 6 and it's the perfect amount.

What do you spy in those baskets?

I always have a shortage of pencils.  They are always missing, stolen, or broken. With this mega stack of pencils, your little ones will always keep these safe.  They have such cute designs, wether it's smiley faces or hearts or soccer balls.  These pencils are cute and I can't wait to use them as an incentives for those hard workers!

What else do we spy in those storage baskets

Okay seriously, my little ones LOVED these last year!  My cuties would go to their reading center and pick up a phone and read to themselves.  It was so nice to see. It's excellent for phonemes awareness and the kids are able to monitor themselves as they hear themselves reading on their own.  
What a great buy!  And who doesn't love the bright colors ?

I also added dice to my wish list.

I use these all the time for math centers, roll and cover and bingo.  It's a great way to reinforce number recognition, addition and more. Check out these foam dice here.  The size is perfect for the center bins!

The last item on my list will probably be used daily!  

These will be used so much, I already know.  We work on number lines at the beginning of the year and use it all throughout the year.  I love that you can write on it as you jump up and down the number line and then ERASE!  Easy Peasy!

Okay, so after I received these products and loved them, I had to go back to Oriental Trading for some more supplies.  I can't wait to receive them in the mail and put them to use!  Stay tuned for that next.

To check out the awesome products Oriental Trading has to offer, click here!

What's on your wish list?  

I was provided Back to Schoolproducts featured in this post from Oriental Trading for review purposes. All opinions are mine alone and based off of the experience I had with the products I reviewed.

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