Monday, October 8, 2018

Fire Safety Lap Book

Happy Monday all!  It's October.  My favorite month for work and my personal life.  There's so much to do and enjoy.  I like to make sure my little ones have a great month.  There's a few important topics to review in October.  One being Fire Safety.  


Fire Safety is introduced/reviewed the first week of October.  However I really like to make it a month type of thing.  It's definitely an important lesson to review and I like to take my time with it.   I also feel like my little ones enjoy learning about fire safety because it has them interact with their parents about it and they like coming up with a meeting place or plan when trying to prepare.  

I have created this cute Fire Safety Flap Book and hope to start the conversation with my little ones and see how much they know. I can't wait to get started on it this week.  It's a different and very hands on approach to an important lesson that should really be talked about regularly.  Here's a snipped of whats included and in this set.

The front part is a useful list of the top tips for being fire safe.  You can discuss it as a class, write in on the board or have them come up with it after learning more about fire safety.  Inside is an array of self assessments, vocabulary words, writing prompts, keywords and important information.

I think when learning about fire safety, your little ones know what the important words are such as hydrant, match, smoke detector and fire extinguisher.  These are words they should be remembering as they are discussed more and more.  

The important information includes cards such as where to meet, important names and family numbers, any pets, etc, fire departments, etc. Having these cards are good for your little ones to practice the information so they are prepared in case of an emergency.

The backside to the flap book is an extra few more tips and lessons to secure your kiddos have understood the lesson.  These cute writing prompts can be done in the classroom, during center time or even at home with their parents.  It's an interactive way to put what they learned onto paper.

This flap book includes:
instructions and pictures for the flap book
writing prompts
can have are
self assessments
picture words
importan information
first next last
fireman picture words

You can grab the prompts for the Fire Safety Flap Book here.  Fire Safety should be fun and interactive in order to ensure memory and understanding of the lesson and concept.

Happy Fire Safety Week!

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