Sunday, October 28, 2018

Interactive Thanksgiving Lap Book

Happy Sunday everyone.  I recently completed my Fire Safety Lap Book.  My little ones absolutely loved it.  They had so much fun learning about fire safety then putting their entire book together themselves.  They were so proud of it, they couldn't wait to take it home to show their parents and practice what they learned.

So I had to create another one, just in time for Thanksgiving.  My new Thankgiving Lap Book is just like my last one.  It's full of fun writing prompts, activities and interactive ways for your little ones to learn about what Thanksgiving is really about and why it is they are thankful.

I know my little ones originally believe that Thanksgiving is about having a big meal and spending time with family and maybe some relatives they don't see all the time.  With this lap book, your little ones will be able to express what Thanksgiving is about, who and why they are thankful and even learn how to catch a turkey or two.  It's full of different ways to get your students interest and get them involved and excited for the holidays. 

Here's some pics of what is included in the interactive lapbook.  

This cute book has black and white as well as color versions for your class.  The activities are interactive, exciting and so much fun to complete.  This lapbook has a lot of tasks that can be used for centers, buddy work or even at home with family.  It can take a bit to complete, so starting one day at a time will be exciting and something your little ones look forward to completing.

The cute turkey craft is something your class will enjoy doing.  Have them do it towards the end as a last minute treat to complete the book.  

There are reading prompts, writing prompts and everything in between.  I am so excited for my little ones to really think about who they are thankful for and why.

This book is sure to get your kids excited to learn the meaning of Thanksgiving and wanting to complete this activity with their siblings and family.  Grab this now and have your month set with this activity that can be done a little bit each day.  

This Thanksgiving lapbook includes:
*pictures/how to instructions
*black and white/color version
*acrostic poems
*making lists of who we are thankful for
*turkeys: can have are
*my family: can has is
*turkey picture words
*what does Thanksgiving really mean?
*who I am thankful for
*how to catch a turke (first, next and last)
*what my Thanksgiving meal looks like
*writing prompts
*turkey craft
*who is important to me

Come grab this now and have your little ones be extra thankful this year.

Keep a lookout for next month's lapbook: Christmas!

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