Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dental Healthy Craftivity Packet!

So I was originally going to post today about my 100th day packet that I recently completed.  However, I was going through my TpT Store and realized I have had my Dental Health Packet completed for about 1 month or more now and never told you guys about it.  How embarrassing!  I really loved making this too.  It was so much fun to make!  Well let me tell you more about this.

This is an adorable packet that will get your kiddies wanting to learn more about their teeth.  It's stuffed with printables for the entire month.  It even includes a quiz for them to take (science grade).  Take a look at what's inside.

This a packet can be used all year around. It comes with a cute craft that students can take home with them. The craft comes with a pocket made just for the tooth fairy to leave them a treat. =) This booklet is stuffed with entertaining printables and lessons on what is healthy for your teeth. Take a peak at whats inside.

This packet includes:

Stencils/Directions for the craft
ABC Order
Writing Prompts/Primary/Secondary/Black and White
2 Words of day relating to dental health
Fun Facts Sheet
True/False Quiz (for science grade or can be used as worksheet)
Labeling with Matching Quiz or can be used as worksheet
Can Have Are
Brushing Schedule
Making Words
Certificate of completion

Personally, I love this packet.  I can't wait to make it with my little ones.  You don't have to wait to make it in February for Dental Health Month.  It's really an all year round thing.  

You can grab my Dental Health Packet HERE or you can drop by my { TpT } and check out my other products!  I have some great things for these next couple months.

Lately, I have been giving my first time products for free just for a few hours.  That's my treat for you all. =)  So I will be posting this product free until 10pm EST tonight.  So make sure to grab it now and not later.  Tiny catch?  You become my latest { Pinterest } Follower.  I am trying to make it to 1000 and I am sooooo close.  =)   Okie I am off! Since I didn't get a chance to post my 100th Day Craft, stay tuned this week for it.  You will love it. =)

Wait!  My bloggy gal Tiffany from Rockin Teacher Materials is having a Grade Level Giveaway.  I am donating my Valentine's Day Craftivity!  Hop on over her page to check it out.  Click on the link for the grade level you are looking for and check out all the awesome prizes!


Heather said...

This looks amazing- thank you! I already follow your Pinterest boards. So close to 1000 at 999!

Heather (

Katie said...

Thank you!:) What an adorable packet!!

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Jenna said...

What a cute craft!! :) Love it!!

aaJust Diving In

absees123s said...

Thank you so much!!

~brookeb~ said...

Just added it to my wishlist as I was just too late :)

e Reyes said...

I can't find an e-mail address for you to make sure this is ok, sorry to leave it as a comment! Just so you know, I used your New Years Craftivity for my January bulletin board and am sharing it on my blog tomorrow. Hope its ok I used your picture of the cover, linked to your blog, and to the product in your TPT store. (I'm new to teacher blogging, so I hope it's proper etiquette!) Thanks for the excellent product! My students LOVED it!

Eline said...

All are just cutest.

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