Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Classroom Tips for Organizing Books!

So as you know, this summer I created crates this past summer.  If you want to refresh your memory click HERE to take you to that post on how to create them!  They were easy and fun!  I made them with another teacher friend.

  The kids love coming here and always behave when I mention I will be choosing kiddies to sit down on the crates.  Most importantly, I use this for guided reading.  I sit down on the rug and read with them.  

I have had so many people come in to tell me how much they love it.  I grown a  real big ego from that. hehe  Anywho, this is how my reading corner looks!  

Isn't it awesome? I think so. =) And that chair...

I find myself making excuses to go back there. =)

Well this is what you probably don't know.

I use them for storage!

This is a closer pic of my crate!

This is what I store inside....

My books for each month!

Every month there's a new holiday or person we celebrate.  Whether it's Martin Luther King or Santa, I store them by month.  That way when there is a new month, I go to the bins and grab the month I need.  Take a closer look...

The book are in Ziploc bags.  EASY! Such a great way to get organized and less hectic when your searching for a particular book (been there...not fun). 

Since it's January, I have books for MLK, New Year's and Penguins.  It's such an east strategy move.  I am so happy I came up with it.  

If you don't have crates to store them in you can still put them in Ziploc bags and store them in your closet.  You can store them in cubbies as well.  Wherever you have a small open space would work.  This would save you tons of time and energy.  You can also store other things in there.  I had TONS of pencil holders in the beginning of the year.  I stored the extras (about 50) in one of the crates as well.  

Since I do not have a rack yet for my library, I have to make with what I have.  So this is what I do each month to display my books for the month.

When the kiddies see me walk back to my reading corner and pick out a book, they know it's reading time and they get so excited!  

I hope this was helpful for you today.  It has made my life easier since I have been storing these labeled books   

How do you organize your books in the classroom?  I'd love to hear your ideas. =)

I still have not announced the winners for my giveaway.  Please bare with me.  I was given a new Mac from my honey this Christmas.  At first I loved him and couldn't stop thanking him.  Now I am reconsidering taking all that back.  LoL I get overwhelmed easily and let's just say, I am panicking.  I hate change.  I am still very much exploring this computer so give me until tomorrow to announce! 

Enjoy you night. =)


  1. Hey girl! You are my 100th Day Fun pack giveaway winner! I just sent an email your way :)

    Aren't those crates the best? I made a few two summers ago and my kids love them :) And I love the hidden storage!!! I put all their extra school supplies in them :)

  2. Such pretty tops for your crates. I have a lot of books som I have my seasonal books in bank boxes. I can combine seasons and holidays except for Christmas. Christmas has its own box. I also store my units in plastic file boxes and I try to store the books fir the units in the box.

  3. Love it! Hoping over to the "How to" post to make my own! yay :)

    Primary Teacherhood

  4. I store my themed books in Ziploc bags too and LOVE it! It's so nice that your have 'hidden' storage in your seating; awesome job. Also, isn't it funny how book presentation can make all the difference in developing readers?!? Thanks for sharing :)

    The Brown Bag Teacher

  5. Love your organizing...knew there was something about you I liked!!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  6. You have a special place in the heart of the Teaching Blog Circle! I invite you to stop by and learn more... Your blog has inspired and helped me :)
    The Teacher's Chair

  7. Your crates are super adorable! One of these days I may just need to make a few. I love how they also keep you organized!

    Primarily Speaking