Saturday, October 6, 2012

Product Swap and a Cute Halloween Freebie!

Hey everyone! It's finally the product swap that we all have been waiting for !


I'm so excited to share with you the product I reviewed because your going to love it as much as I did!  First I want to say a big thank you to Jess for setting this swap up!

Okay!  So let's get right to it!  I was paired with an awesome blogger named Kerri

I was given the great opportunity to review an item from her TpT Store and It seriously took me forever to decide.  I truly enjoyed everything she had in her Store.  I did finally wind up choosing her Words that Pop Up Packet (Based on Treasures Reading Series). The reason why I chose this was because we use Treasures Reading for our school and I thought this would be perfect for enforcing words and reading skills in a positive and fun way.  Boy was I super excited when I downloaded it. Take a look at some pics!
I really enjoyed these particular printables.  What I did with these is every week we had new spelling words.  I would send the appropriate worksheet home for parents to read.  This sheet was a reminder to parents letting them know which were the "popcorn" words for the week.  These were certain words that would "pop" up in the readings for the week.  This way the parents can review with their kids the words.  I thought this was great!  Moving on to more worksheets...
Okay.... so because I am a nervous wreck about showing my student's work on here I did these worksheets on my own!  I just wanted you to get a glimpse of how it looks and how simple enough it is for the kiddies to do it on their own. I use these as centers.  I staple one of the pages above with the matching sheet which looks like this...
The kids really enjoy this is as a center.  It's a packet with the words that they are learning for the week.  It looks so pretty when they do the rainbow write it!  You definitely need to use it as a center.  They will have a blast with it.
Finally, I must show you my absolute favorite part of this packet!! It's awesome for centers as I have been using it for the past 2 weeks as the "Stinky Cheese Game".  The kids really do love this and you'd be surprised how much they learn in just playing for 15 min!  I cut and laminate all the sight word cards... This is what the cards look like...
okay so the way this game works is so easy!  There are about 30 sight words cards that you see above.  You can have your kids work in their center and mix all the cards up.  The kids are to pick up a card (taking turns).  They are to sound out the sight word.  If they can sound it out on their own they keep the card.  If they can't, they place the card back.  Whoever has the most cards at the end wins.  Here is where it gets fun!  If a child picks up the stinky cheese card that means they have to put all their cards back in the pile and start collecting all over again!   So the game can change at any minute!  Your kiddies will love this!!
Did you like what you saw? Then hop on over to Kerri's Blog and become her newest follower!  Or get yourself over to her TpT Store and see what else she has in her great store!
Also before I enjoy the rest of my weekend...I wanted to link up with Teaching Blog Addict for Friday Freebies!!
I wanted to share a cute writing prompt for your little ones to dive into for Halloween!  Isn't it so cute?
 You can use this as a center or writing grade.  It's such a great way to get your kiddies practicing on their writing skills!  You can grab your Halloween Freebie here at my {TpT Store} ...don't forget to let me know what you think if you grab it !
I have one more giveaway tomorrow for the end of my 1 week giveaway!  Check back in tomorrow for one last giveaway! =)


  1. I'm telling you I'm about to go broke with everything I've added to my cart lol! Thanks for joining for the swap :) I hope you'll sign up for the next!

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  2. Thanks for the fun writing prompt!