Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Center Staples!

Happy Wednesday!! =)  
 It's finally Mayyyyyyyyy!!

I counted today and we have 36 days until school's out!

Woot Woot!

Recently, I was asked to join a focus group in the city for Scholastic- Teacher Express .  As a gift from the focus group, I was able to choose a few things I would love to have in my class.  So I was searching and searching and I came across these two awesome books. 

So I'm about to buy it and I saw that it was from a bloggy gal!!  The author of these awesome books is the fab Erica Bohrer!  It was too funny I chose her books of all the other ones there was to pick. She definitely knows her stuff!

I got these about a month ago and since then they have been a staple for my centers.  These are awesome reproducible worksheets that enforce spelling, sounding out, writing and reading comprehension.  

My little ones love the Spelling Centers now because of these printables!  It enforces sight words through writing, tracing and coloring... PERFECT!  

The Reading Respongse sheets focus on asking questions about a story you have read in your class, home or with a friend.  These are used in my Reading Centers.  We do 2 centers a day.  One group re-reads the story from last week and when they move to the next center it is one of Erica's reading response worksheets.  It's such a fun way to get the little ones thinking about the story they just read.  Here are just some snap shots on the Spelling printables

My little ones really love writing and then coloring the pictures. 

Take a peek at the Reading response printables.

The little ones the worksheet on the left.  You re-read the story of the week. I have them do it with a partner just for fun and an extra set of eyes.  Every time they catch a word on the Sight Word Quilt, they color the box.  Such a great of reinforcing sight words.

The Reading Response printables are full of fun worksheets to recap a story in different ways.  On the left one of my sweet girls wrote down the title, author and her favorite characters in the story.  

I like to use the Reading Response printables on Thurdays for homework.  After reading the story of the week for 3 days, I think the Reading printables are a great to just work on comprehension, practice their writing and have the students jot down their thoughts about their opinion on the story.  

If your interested in these books you can grab the Super Spelling Workbook by clicking HERE or the Reading Response by clicking HERE

Your little ones will love this!!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am so glad you like my books!!!

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