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Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY Crafts & Engagement Pics!

Last Saturday, I had my "I Do...BBQ"  It was such a beautiful day and so happy my friends took so many pics so I can share them with all of you!  I did grab some cute ideas from Pinterest.  Let's see if you can spot them. =)

This was the table I had "Meet her Maids' and "Meet the Men"  It was so cute and everyone loved it.  I got the "Meet the Men" idea from Liweddings.  My soon to be sister in law set it up and did such a great job!   

 My lovely maid's of honors put this together themselves!!  It says Meet Her Maids up at the top and I couldnt love it anymore.  It awesome!

Here's a better look at it....

"Meet the Guys"

My AMAZING Best friends!!  I love that they ALL get along.  My bridesmaids are teachers, childhood friends, coworkers from high school and sister in laws.  I love how they all get along and laugh with one antoher.  It makes me feel like I have such amazing friends. =) 

I had my bridesmaids wear their black "bridesmaids" tank tops I got for them with white shorts.  Then my MOH's surprised me with my own bride shirt and I had to wear it for a little while.  It looked just too cute!
I ordered the shirts from The Little Bridal Shop.  She offered a discount as well for large orders. =) 

A cute pic of the napkins I ordered!  

I love these.  I made these the favors for the guests when they walked in.
I got the sign idea from (Style Me Pretty)

This was so much fun to make. It's cute mason jars for my guests.

Easy to Make!!
You need:
cupcake wrappers
hole puncher

-The jars were on sale for .90!
-take off the lid and place wrapper over the top
-hole punch the wrapper
-twist the cap until tight  
-place straw through hole
-use a chalk label and chalk marker if you want your guests to write their names
-i added a tag to make it cuter 

Here's a close up look

The heart was a label I got from Charlie Chalk Designs.  It's chalkboard and my friends were able to write on it with a chalk marker I also bought from her.  It was so cute. =)  She was AWESOME!  I got everything so quick and was just so sweet.  You might see a giveaway with her coming up soon. =)

This is something that was a huge hit at the party!  It's a stand up of a bride and groom!  Those are my parents. LoL

These are the tumblers I ordered for myself, the bridesmaids and my mom and mother in law.  They look so cute!

I don't know if you can see it because their glasses were filled to the brim with Sangria but their names are on the back of the cup. 
I ordered the tumblers from De La Design.  She was so easy to work with and so quick!

Here are some cookies I ordered!  So cute... take a look at the picture on the cookie! It's a picture of a boy on his knees proposing!  

If you notice I changed into a dress at night. =)

I got the idea for these cookies from Mutludukkan.  It was so cute when I saw it I had to order them!  On the right were cake pops a friend of mine from school made.

Probably one of my favorite gifts of the night!  My besets teacher friend got me among other things this fabulous frame!

Here'a a pic of my  my honey and I and parents

Cute frame right?  Another gift from bridesmaids!  Love it

The party was amazing as you can see!

I leave with some pics of friends having a grand old time!

Towards the end of the night.. about 2 am LOL 

( Love how she has her tumbler in her hand) 

So much fun!  Now it's a year away from the wedding. Can't wait!  There's so much left to do. =)

Let me know what you think of the pics?  Is there anything from your wedding that went great?  I'd love to hear some ideas!


I am working on such a cute and space effective Classroom Management Pack coming this Sunday!(fingers crossed)

This year we have suggested ideas for what to put on bulletin boards so I have come up with this amazing pack that won't take up as much space as other posters might.  This way I will have room for what needs to be up!  Stop by Sunday. 

Happy Thursday. =)


  1. Your pics are ADORABLE! I got my bridesmaids cute wine glasses with their initials on them! I did a candy bar at my wedding and ONLY had pink candy/pink wrappers!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. Loved looking at the pictures!! Looks like everyone had a great time!!!


  3. What a fun party! The best advice is to hand-select every song that will be played at your wedding. I spent time with our MC from the band the week before and we went over every song they would play. I'm so glad I did, because the music was fantastic.

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  4. WOW...heart your photos! YOU LOOK SO EXCITED!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. aww! What a fun party...believe me, the time is going to go sooo fast! I'm getting married October 12th of this year! 77 more days to go! So exciting! :) have fun with all the planning!


  6. Such great ideas! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  7. Oh my gosh. Sooo many adorable DIY wedding ideas!! I love that they're all compiled into one blog post! Too cute :]

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