Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Feed the Brain with a Healthy Snack - Freebie!

Do you have snack time for your little ones?  I do!  We have lunch (more like breakfast) from 11-11:40am so it's kind of early.  By the time 1pm rolls around ALL of our tummies are rumbling!  So I like to have snack from 1:15-1:30pm.  That gives my little ones time to stretch relax and munch on their snacks!  Although sometimes there are those cute kiddies that forgot their snack at home or mom forgot to pack it.  It happens!  
Everyone is so busy in the morning getting ready.. who can blame them? 

Sometimes I bring in chips or pretzels for kids but that can get expensive!! I'll buy one bag of chips for $3 and it will only feed like 3 or 4 little ones.
Aside from expensive I have to get out plates and napkins and pass it out.  I don't mind that at all, however I need snack myself to re-energize.  By the time I am done passing things out snack time is over and so is mine!  

Well I thought if I got myself organized, I could have snack planned and prepped weekly.  

This is what you need to get this all set and done and not have to worry about it!

I got all of this at Walmart

*bin $1
*zip-locs $ 2 (200 baggies)
*cereal (oversized bag) $4

Now it was $7.  If you don't want to spend that much, you can write a letter to you class parents asking if they can kindly donate a large snack bag or zip-loc bags.  I usually send out a letter to parents for zip-locs at the beginning of the year to store manipulatives, dice and anything small that can get lost quickly.  I always have tons left over so that would be a perfect money saver right there.

What I do next is take a measurement cup (1 cup) and start scooping out the cereal and into the baggies.      Make sure to suck the air out of the baggies before locking them to ensure freshness and to help it last longer.  If you don't do that the cereal will get stale really quick. =*(  

I fit about 20 baggies into each bin.  So I had 40 bags in all. Now I figured if the bag was $4 and I made 40 bags, that's a bag per that .10 cents each bag?  Did I do that correctly?  LoL If I am right, then 10 cents is great.  I feel happy about that when I break it down.

Moving On.  =)

I got these freebie editable labels from First Grade Teacher Lady.  I made up this cute little poem and attached it to the bins.

It's cute right?  

If you think you would want to do something like this, you can grab these tags here for free!

This is how the bins turned out in the end.   =)

Isn't it adorable?  I love it and can't wait to bring it to school.

What do you for the little ones if they don't have snack? 

I'd love to hear your ideas!!


I originally had this post to go live on Thursday.  I was on vacation this week to the wonderful Bermuda!  Such an amazing trip!  I leave you with some pictures of the amazing island. =) 


  1. What a great idea! I love the cute sign - and will definitely be *borrowing* the idea! So much easier to have it ready to pass out rather than having to pull out the big bag, scoop some out, pass it around, etc.

    Bermuda looks beautiful! What was your favorite thing you did?

    Joy in the Journey

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