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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back 2 School Must Haves!

So a week from today we will be meeting our new little ones.  Wow summer time flew time by but I am excited to meet some new kiddies.  

I finally finished my class today.  So that means pics will be coming your way this Sunday!  Woo hoo! I have done a few different things this year and can't wait for you guys to see.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some of my back to school must haves.  Some of the things I just can't be without during the school year.  Maybe some of you share the same ideas with me.  Let's see!

My tumbler!
My absolute favorite must have!!!

This is my wedding one!  I can't wait to bring it to school.  Last year I started to bring a tumbler in with cold water and lemon/lime slices.  Seriously, it was delicious. I don't usually enjoy water, but this kind is just so tasty.  I would bring in another water bottle to refill and by the end of the day I would have drank 2 which I can only imagine being healthy. So I definitely want to continue the same tradition this year. =)

To spare a long post,
 I made a collage of my favorites!

*Aside from regular sized staplers, you definitely need the mini ones!  You can put them anywhere and always have them in handy.  I bought a pink and purple one this year and can't wait to use them.

*Pencils!  Ahh who doesn't need pencils.  
Okay, really, you can never get enough of pencils, especially with the little ones.  They could have 5 pencils on their desk and in a matter of 5 seconds they are crying because they can't seem to find them.  So I always have pencils on hand!

*Colorful pens!  I like to keep grading fun for the little ones.  I think red pens (although I use them at times) can be harsh.  Using colorful pens always make you smile.  So I definitely need those!  Plus they are cute and pretty to look at.

*Sharpies!  Ugh.  I feel like I need all different kinds of sharpies in my life.  Thin, skinny, sharp tip, fat tip, any kind of tips!  Believe it or not, you will definitely need one or the other at some point throughout the year.  So why drive yourself crazy trying to make a think point look cute?  I just buy all different sizes and keep them in my desk for when I need them.  They are life savers!

*Finally, my favorite, chocolate.  I feel like chocolate makes any one feel better.  It's sweet and delicious.  Is it healthy for you?  Some doctors would agree it's great while others say no. LOL  I only listen to the one's that say they are good for ya!  It's good to grab small pieces for a long day.

* I didn't put this up, but I also like to carry a travel size *advil*.  Sometimes I am just not feeling my best and advil does the trick at lifting my spirits to get through the day.  

Whats are your must haves?  I'd love to hear your ideas and see if we have the same things on our list!

Stay tuned on Sunday for my class pictures!

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  1. Yes, yes, and yes! Although I only have a mini stapler at home, not at school...good idea!

    Everyone deServes to Learn