Monday, September 30, 2013

Writing in the Fall - Writing Center Starters with Topics Cards Bundle!

Happy Monday everyone!  Phew!!  I finally finished just in time for Fall.  

A few weeks ago I wanted to give you a freebie and a small sneak peek at my Writing Center Starter Topics!  It is a great resource for writing centers.  Simply print, laminate and cut and your set for a lifetime with this for September centers!  I wanted you to have an idea what my Writing in the Fall Bundle would look like.  

I am so happy so many of you liked my freebie!  I have been getting so many sweet emails on how your little ones enjoyed themselves.  And yes to help you with the fall I have a huge writing bundle to have you set for the next few months.  

This packet includes September-November and EACH month has 30 writing starter questions and ideas with a bonus 24 topic cards for your little ones who have a wild imagination and just want an idea.  Every month is themed to what is happing during that month.  I have also included tons of different writing printables for your little ones to jot down their stories, ideas and drawings.  It has primary and secondary lines for the little ones and the growing ones!  Here are some snippets of what's inside for this month!

Here's what it looks like with book rings...

My little ones used them today and loved it!  They had a blast writing about Frankenstein. LOL

Here are some peeks at whats in this bundle.

The topics section just has an idea for the little ones to write about in their own words.

I have also included some themed printables that would really go great with these starters and topic cards!

Writing Starters and Topic Cards that are included in this bundle are:

*back to school
*grandparents day
*Johnny Appleseed
*making lists
*fire safety

*making lists

*giving thanks

Thats just to name a few! 
There are so many more writing starters and topic ideas!  This is just a general idea of what is included in each month.  

This bundle includes:

*each month has 30 writing starter cards 
*24 topic cards (each)
*7 writing prompts (each) primary & secondary lines
*directions on how to put together using pictures and book rings

If your like me, fabulous and somewhat organized, than this bundle is just what you need for your writing centers. Just simply print, cut and laminate and toss in the writing center for the whole month.  When your done toss in the new month!  Simple.  I used it today and my little ones loved it and were so excited to write about what they wanted!

This  writing bundle would be great for 1st-4th graders. The starters and topics are all set for the little ones to write one or two sentences and for the bigger kids to write a story!

I will be leaving this on sale for the next few days!

I will be also posting a Winter, Spring and Summer bundle so stay tuned for that.

If you grab this let me know what you think!!

You can grab this and learn more by clicking here.

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Good Luck!


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