Monday, September 16, 2013

Leaping to a New Year!

Happy Sunday all!  I'm sooooo poooped.  This week has been exhausting.  We have been bombarded with testing, scores, evaluation papers etc. etc!  It has been such an overwhelming week, I'm a bit scared what this week will bring.

But the little ones and I managed to find some time for a cute little craft.    We complete my Kangaroo craft for the beginning of the year  Look how adorable they turned out,

This is my wall of fame.  So the students who tried their very best and had neat handwriting and great ideas would be on here.  Aren't they so cute.

This sweet little one can't wait to read.  

The little ones loves creating this guy!  I am excited to have them keep writing and see how far they grow this year.  

I am so excited to be sharing with you soon, my Fall Writing Center Starters and Topic Cards.  

Stay tuned, you will LOVE it!!

Happy Sunday!!


  1. Oh this is sooo cute! I'm from Australia, the class would be so much fun with this craft. Can't wait to see it. :)
    Thank you for the comments on my blog. Love yours!
    Yara Sea of Knowledge

  2. Your kangaroos are so adorable!
    I'm moving to grade 1 this year when I come back from my maternity leave and I can't wait! You're giving me little kiddos fever ;)

    Miss Elementary