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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Turkey Talk with a DIY Treat!

Happy Sunday!  I have been neglecting my sweet little blog lately and it's been making me sad. **tear**
 I have so many ideas, I want to share with you, but I never find the time with all the wedding planning!  I did want to share with you my Save the Dates!  I ordered these from Shutterfly with an AMAZING deal!  Originally they were 1.79 which for 95  cards would have been $170.  HMM that's not up my alley.  However with a few coupon codes and a little prayer, I got 95 cards for $95 with shipping.  I was so impressed!  Here's how they turned out.

Don't you just love them?  I am obsessed and can't wait to give them out next week. 


Moving on, I have been reading my little ones Thanksgiving stories from my little holiday section of our class library.

My kiddies love when I grab books from here because they know it's got to be a good story if it's on display.  I got this book rack from Really Good Stuff just for $19.99.  It's  a great way to display your special books.  In my case, I like to take out special books each month.  It's usually whatever the holiday or theme is.  

Do you have any of these books in your class?  These books are just so awesome.  They are perfect for my little ones and so much fun to read.  

My favorite is  The Turkey Saves the Day.  You can grab this book here just for .99 at Amazon.

It's a great book to get your little ones to infer and make predictions.  


Finally, this year I have been on the hunt for going shopping early to avoid being bankrupt at the end of the year.  With my wedding around the corner and in process of house hunting, my fiancé and I are doing a lot of holiday things this year on our own.  That right we are become DIY kind of people.  It's actually lots of fun finding and creating things.  This is just something I created in a blink of an eye thanks to Pinterest.  I can't remember where I pinned this too as I have 1000 boards, so if you please know leave me a comment as I want to leave this fabulous person credit for her amazing idea!

I bought 6 Dunkin Donuts gift cards.  I plan on giving them to the lovely ladies who work at our school in the office.  This is how they turned out.

Isn't it so adorable

It took about 3 seconds to make and I think it's cute and so personable.

Ahh I am off to finish some more products I have been slacking on.  It's been taking me a bit but I am almost FINALLY done with my Penguin and Polar Bears Unit.  But they are coming out seriously awesome.  Hopefully it will be up and out by this week.  

Are you doing anything DIY this holiday?  I'd love to hear some of your ideas!!


  1. Look how cute you are! Congratulations and I love the save the date cards. Also, thanks for the Shutterfly coupon tip. I am also in the process of planning my wedding. Some of it is fun, some of it isn't. Did I mention, I could easily spend a year's salary on one night!? Holy expensive night, Batman! Oh, yeah, and lesson planning, observations...AHHH!

  2. Love the Save the Dates! You guys are so "Jersey!" I am obsessed! Hahaha!

  3. Those Save the Dates are so adorable!!! You guys are so cute :)
    I wish I was a DIYer but sadly I am anything but! Love your little Dunkin Donuts card!
    Miss Elementary

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