Sunday, November 10, 2013

Writing through the Winter - Writing Center Starters with Topic Cards Bundle!

It's done!  Finally!  I have been getting such sweet e-mails asking when I would have out my Writing Through Winter bundle out.  I have been so busy wedding planning but I tried to work on it every free minute, I had and it's done!  Phew.

This is just like my Writing Through the Fall bundle except for the winter. This includes months from December-February.  My little ones loved the last bundle and it was great having the writing center done for the next few months.  All I did was punch holes in the left corner of each card, place a book ring through them, separate for each month and your all set.  I think for this month, I am going to put the topic cards  in a big jar and have students pick out 1 card and whichever they choose will be what they have to write about!  

This is all Common Core Aligned!!





This writingbundle is perfect for the holidays. It’s so simple.  Just toss in your writing center and have it set for the next few months.
 Easy! Your little ones will love using the topic cards to create their own story or use a writing starter to help them stick to a certain idea and work on their skills.

This bundle includes:

*each month has 30 writing starter cards (each month)

*24 topic cards (each month)

*7 writing prompts (each month) primary & secondary lines

*directions on how to put together using pictures and book rings

Some topics and ideas used in this bundle are:





*Gingerbread Boy



*New Years


*Martin Luther King


*polar Bears
*100th day of school
*winter fun


*Groundhog day

*Valentine's Day

*President's Day


*Black History Month
*Abraham Lincoln/George Washington
*tooth fairy

If you grab this, let me know what you think. I love to hear your thoughts!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please e-mail me at

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