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Monday, January 26, 2015

Roll and Cover {Subtraction Bundle} for the Year & Bonus Pack

Just like that January is almost over and on comes a new month full of celebrations and fun in the classroom.  This month, I am introducing my new  Roll & Cover {Subtraction Bundle} for the Year to my little ones.  Let me tell you a little bit more about it:

It is very similar to my Roll & Cover {Addition Bundle} for the Year just with subtraction!  

This bundle is just perfect for your math centers! It's a quick and easy go to center that your little ones will love playing. The rules are simple and easy to follow. All you need to do is print, laminate and toss in your math centers along with some counters and the center is all set. Great practice for your students and important skills to review.

Here's a snippet of what's inside:

There are 3 different versions of it.  So when you think your students have mastered a certain skill, simply swap out and slide in a new mat!

Isn't this penguin so cute.  I have been obsessed with penguins just for this month so I had to include a penguin into this bundle one way or another!!

There's even a recording sheet for your little ones to jot down their subtraction sentences on to paper!

This bundle includes:
3 different math centers for each month (january-december)
*roll two dice and subtract
*roll one dice and take away one
*roll two dice and add. Then take away two
*recording sheet to jot down the subtraction sentences

Have fun all year around with this themed monthly center. A fun math center your little ones will surely love to have in the rotation.


If your like me and you love a good sale, grab the whole pack at a discounted price!

Get both my Subtraction and Addition bundles in this HUGE pack for just $5.  Click here to see the pack.  12 months full of addition and subtraction centers.  I'll take it.  Can't wait to print and laminate and leave in my center bins this week.  Easy!  

Well there's a snow storm coming our way.  So for now I will lay back, throw on some pi's and watch movies the rest of the night. =) My Roll and Cover {Addition & Subtraction Pack} for the Year will be discounted extra today AT $4 because my prayers have been answered and we finally got a snow day!!  Woot woot.  CHEERS!

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