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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Starting Off the New Year with a Sweet Bundle!

Happy New Year! 

I can not believe that it's 2015!  Why does 2000 feel like it was yesterday?  Am I the only one who feels like that?  Jeez..time is passing by. With that said, I have been moping around this break and decided to finally finish something I have been working on for a bit.  

Have you ever walked in on a Monday and said "Ah, I forgot to organize centers"?  Well  this bundle is just for you then.  I am always on working and working on how to make my center rotations better and more fun for my kids.  In addition to that we are always hearing we need to add math center into our rotation.  So I thought this would be perfect!

This bundle is just perfect for your math centers!  It's a quick and easy go to center that your little ones will love playing.  The rules are simple and easy to follow.  All you need to do is print, laminate and toss in your math centers along with some counters and the center is all set.  Great practice for your students and important skills to review.

Here are some snippets…

This bundle includes:
3  different math centers for each month (january-december)
*roll one dice and find the double
*roll two dice and find the sum
*roll one dice, find the double and add one more
36 math center mats for just $3 !

I am so excited the COWBOYS won their first playoff game, I will be making this FREE for the next half hour. Make sure to follow my to stay tuned when I will do another  FLASH FREEBIE!

Have fun all year around with this themed monthly center.  A fun math center your little ones will surely love to have in the rotation. Simply print, laminate and toss in a center or rotate.  This could also work great for buddy work or for those early finishers. Have a student bring it home and work on his doubles! The possibilities are endless.  

Let me know what you think if you grab this set

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  1. Super cute! It's such a great idea to make things for your whole year!