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Monday, August 17, 2015

Teach Me! Compounds

Phew!  Finished just in time.  I have been working on this for quite a bit and so happy with the way it turned out.  Every year when it's time to learn compound words, I do the same thing every year.  I see that I need to go over compounds and think, "Oh this is easy. My students will SO get this."  WRONG!  I teach it over and over again and they are so confused.  They come up with words like sunback  or doorfoot after hearing examples such sunglasses or football.  They really just say anything that comes to mind.  So I made this oh so cute set that could help and assist them in mastering the skill.  

The printables here are so unique and different than some of my other sets.  I had to really think about what different activities my students would really enjoy and would help them understand what compound words are.  

These jam packed worksheets can be used for so many different things: homework, buddy work, centers, independent work, early finishers and ever assessments.  Any way would work.  Practice here is key and there are so many different printables.  Your students will not get bored!

These handouts are so fun.  I love that the kids will be working on a bunch of other skills aside from just compound words.  They will also be working on their reading, writing and sorting skills.  

I did have to include some of my students favorite worksheets.  These I know they will love and simple enough for them to do on their own from seeing the same kind of worksheets from other packs of mine.

This pack includes:
*posters/list of examples for classroom
*name that compound
*abc order using compound words
*making connections using compound words
*sorting compound words
*spin that compound word
*whats your favorite?
*compound word mix up
*word search
*compound word buddies
*find and highlight 
*cut and paste compound words
*cloudy compounds
*riddle me this
*roll that compound word
*mix and match compound words

and more!

To see more on this pack, click here.

In other happy news… look what has finally arrived.

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