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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Teach Me! Adjectives

So this is a tough day for me.  This is my last Sunday before my hubby and I go back to work.  Where did the summer go?  Why did it go by so fast?  Will I have a sweet little class this year?  All these questions are running through my head and I am not happy about summer being over.  I get like this every year around this time, but all those feelings go away on the first day of school when I see those cute little faces.  

I recently posted about my Teach Me Compounds set.  I really think my little ones will enjoy it, especially with all the fun activities and cut & paste games.  I decided to come up with another set.

My students love adjectives.  They like to be silly every year and come up with very very funny adjectives to make sentences: A skinny pig smells like black flowers.  Things like that.  It's fun for them to be silly and understand the concept in their own funny ways.  

This pack has a whole lot of fun activities and printables for your little ones to do and enjoy.
Like many of my packs, this can be done independently, buddy work, centers, homework & even for early finishers.  It's the perfect way to reinforce those skills your students might struggle with.

I always see product previews look great.  I can never make mine look like that.  So this was my best shot. LOL

My students love these making connections printables.  It works on so many skills and they have a blast while doing it.  Here they will be reading, highlighting, finding adjectives and then writing.  These stories are cute and very kid friendly. 

I am loving this cute activity.  Students will read the sentence and color the picture according to the color adjectives given.  Then they have to create their own using number adjectives at the bottom.  Love it. 

I don't know about you, but my students love to sort. These activities work on that and so much more. 

Activities like this make learning so much fun.  I know my sweeties will enjoy these printables because it involves coloring.  They will do anything with coloring. =) 

Why wait?  Grab this set now and be prepared for adjectives.  Your class will enjoy all the fun printables and variety.  

To see more on this set, click here.  Don't forget to click to see a preview!

This pack includes:
*posters/list of examples for classroom
*name that adjective
*abc adjectives
*making connections using adjectives
*whats your favorite?
*word mix up
*word search
*compound word buddies
*find and highlight 
*cut and paste adjectives
*warm up adjectives
*scooping up adjectives
*roll that adjective
*colored characters

and much more!

I am off to print these off and get them ready for school. But not before I do some shopping online.

Happy Sunday!

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