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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Staying Busy in October!

October is my absolute favorite month by far. I love the weather, food, and just the leaves falling from the trees.  It's a great time of the year.  However, I feel like I never have enough things or fun activities to do with my little ones during this month.  The month flies by and I'm left with just a few rink dink printables for my class.  So I created this cute pack that I know my little ones will love.  I think it'll be just perfect for centers.

I really think the printables are full of fun.  

I introduce/review rhyming words with my little ones around September/October.  I think this would be a fun center to toss in and have students practice.  It will keep them on their toes as there are many parts to this worksheet. 

Labeling is always one of those things for me that the kids can never get enough of.  It's another practice guide to review materials they may have not mastered yet.  What better way than to have a fun printable like this one.  

I love when my students read.  I love it even more when they can retell me parts of the story in their own words.  I created this just for that reason.  I think this will go perfect on Thursdays when my students have to read the story of the week.  They can complete this after reading.  I also think you can toss this in your buddy reading center and have students do this after reading the story together.  

We spent a month or so at the beginning of the year reviewing word families.  Sometime there will be students who struggle with them, so this is just another way to reinforce the word families skills and to keep practicing.  It's hard for them to master skills right away, but with fun printables like this, it makes it a bit easier to understand.

Love these for my math centers.  This could take my little ones the entire center.  It will keep them busy for sure.  I even think this would be great for morning work.  As soon as they come through the door in the morning, they could get their minds going with one of these math printables.  I think they would really enjoy it!

I even had the chance to include a cute writing craft!

There are so many more exciting printables in this pack.  I am excited to print and get started once October hits.  I am set for the month and I know my students will be reviewing some important skills.

This set includes:
* going nutty - color coding sounds
* fact families
*abc order
*word search
* carve a pumpkin
*how many syllables?
*halloween writing prompt
*making connections
*roll and cover with halloween characters
*rhyme time
*sentence mix up
*retelling prompt
*let's go in order (math)
*roll and order
*match that number
*pumpkin craft/writing prompt/stencils/directions

You can check out more on this product by clicking here!  Please make sure to download the preview.  It has a much better view on what's inside!

If you grab this and love it,  stay tuned.  I plan on coming out with monthly sets. Perfect to match each monthly theme. =)


s all sorted it out. PHEW!  I will be posting pics on my class finally this week.  Stay tuned!

Happy Sunday!

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